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"Valentine's Day" .. historical & New Science Info .. ??

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Of course Dan Winter wrote the book on this. . . One cool thing is that you can make a heart out of the two halves of the yin/yang symbol. Auricles and ventricles. Or, use two phi spirals. Heart as Torus. . .except that February 14th is Aquarius ;-)


St. Valentine was a Roman martyr, but I have always suspected that the name related to "valence"--which is, roughly, the capacity of something to unite-react-interact strongly with something else. Yin/yang. The Latin "valentia" means "strength". In terms of the date and numerology and calendars, try counting the number of days from the winter solstice and fool around with that a bit.

Michael writes:

Yes ... I know Dan Winter has done a lot of work on the human heart physiology relating to Phi. Very impressive work. I'm just wondering all about the "Valentine's Day" history .. St. Valentine .. dates .. astrology .. alphanumerics ... "consciousness metaphors", etc. ... having to do with it.

Yes ... always "count the number of Days" ... definitely !! "Valence" ... yes ... like in chemistry. Chemical compounds have "valences". They have a tendency to be very attracted to certain other compounds.


"Chem" .. "istry" ... Khem ... like the Eqyptian alchemist. Laurence Gardner has written about him. His "depiction" is often_as_the "Goat of Mendes" ...the "Baphomet" of The Knights Templar.


In our current place on the Earth precession wheel (cycle) ..Aquarius_begins_ around Valentine's Day. This is_not_the "Tropical" zodiac that most people are still following .. including most "astrologers" themselves. This is the real, correct, true .. zodiac .. as it is, in our sky. Remember, folks .. in case you hadn't noticed .. our vernal (northern) equinox,"nowadays", is_not_at zero degrees Aries !! Rather, it is at approximately 05 degrees Pisces.


Aquarius .. the "human" sign.


Leo ... has the "Heart of the Lion". The Grid POINT Value for REGULUS, circa 2000 A.D. (Morton, 1999) .. is .. 19.7392088 .. a "Pi Fractal" ...of .. (2Pi X Pi). That's a 'nice fractal' .. very geometric ... 'blissful', in fact, I feel.


I found an equation, that I think (and feel) relates to "The Riddle of The Sphinx", which I posted on several email lists, not too long ago. The "number of a man" I found .. was .. "216" .. 6*6*6 .. Cube of 6. Nice, eh ?!


(19.7392088 X 216) = 4263.669101 .. exactly 1/10th of .. the Grid LAT that I (Morton, 1998) found for "Coral Castle" (built by Ed Leedskalnin near Homestead, Florida). He called it his "Sweet 16" castle. (Romance involved .. his sweetheart). 42636.69101 North ..

= 25 (deg) X 29 (min) X 58.80922898 (sec) North.


I also found, recently, and which I posted on The Internet .. a SIRIUS Grid Apex LAT .. at the Apex of the_inferred_capstone of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. of .. 85273.38202 North ..

= 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 50.69761119 (sec) North.

How might this figure relate to .. say .. the Grid LAT of Ed Leedskalnin's "Coral Castle" ? 85273.38202 / 42636.69101 = 2. Exactly.

Recall .... above ... "valences" ... uniting strongly .. coming together .. feminine and masculine uniting ... wham !! .. as one. Romantic.

One way of resolving polarity .. into .. bliss. Ahhhh !!


Yes .. following-up on my "Valentine's Day/Coral Castle/Baphomet/ SIRIUS Apex Grid LAT/ etc." .. post ...


I .. counted the Days !! Yes ... I counted the days ... from .. northern winter solstice to Valentine's Day .. 54 Days. And then .. from Valentine's Day to .. vernal (northern) equinox .. 36 Days.


54 and 36 .... both are prominent numbers in the "archaeo-sky matrix".


The right-triangle of 54 deg, 36 deg, and (of course) 90 deg ... is (was) very sacred to the Egyptians. And ... cosine of 36 and sine of 54 are_each_exactly HALF of Phi .. nice .. blissful .. cool. Yeah ... I like it. Golden Section ... can't beat it.

COS 36 = SIN 54 = (1.618033989 / 2) = 0.809016995


Watch, now ... as I multiply .. those angles together .. (90 X 36 X 54) = 174960


Abracadabra .. Open-says-uh-me .. Fu-Man-Shoe ... "Divide, I say ... by half a precession" .. and lo and behold ...

174960 / 12960 = 13.5 ...


And now, before your very eyes .. 13.5 = (33 - 19.5) .. and that ain't all ... Bliss, man .. bliss.


13.5 = (4.353957149 X 3.100627668) = "ISIS TEMPLE" X "OSIRIS" ..

as in ..... those two amazing structures in the Grand Canyon .. their Grid POINT Values that I figured-out for Barry McEwen. Look it up !! Yeah ... cool.

Valentine's Day .... I like it .. yeah.


Continiuing with this 'thread' .. yes .. but one segment of a great Matrix-Web .. twixt-and-tween "Heaven and Earth" .. of which we are all parts.

54 and 36 ... along with 90 .. beautiful right-triangle angles ... so resonant with Phi, the Golden Section.


And Valentine's Day .. a time-node .. at the junction of 54 and 36 .. on the way from northern winter solstice to vernal northern equinox .. a 90-day journey.


Polarity can sometimes be so sweet !!



But .. the reciprocal is also true.

(54 X 36) = 1944 .. the "Apex" of Hitler's "glory" .. and the height of the horrible holocaust of the Jews. Always .. count the 'numbers' of days.


Think of the right triangle ... 90 is always there. (54 X 36) / 90 = 21.6 ... the *place* of the north pole star, "nowadays" (in time).

POLARIS .. its Grid POINT Value at 21.6 .. so self-referential to Earth's *polar* circumference in nautical miles (21600). Way beyond "random coincidence", at least. And that_alone_carries .. significance. Instructional .. yes .. as applicable to the whole fractal nature of this wondrous Web.


The ones with that 'mantra' of .. "everything's inside" .. are often the ones who ask .. "but .. what does it all mean". Makes me want to reply ... "well .. look inside .. look inside, as you keep saying. Why do you ask me ? "


Of course ... the Matrix_is_the Message. Significant .. meaningful .. in and of itself, by virtue of its very existence. Its very "existence" is of such utter magnificence .. it carries the greatest of all possible weight and credibility .. something the Old Guard reductionists need to notice.


Could there be_other_ancillary ... "meanings, warnings, signs, mileposts" .. involved with what seems to be looming as the great "Apex" time-node of this cosmic 'Great Pyramid' .. the "end" of the Mayan Calendar at northern winter solstice of 2102 ? Yes ... yes .. yes. But .. return to what seems to be, IMHO, the_primary_significance .. the_primary_"meaning"_of this wondrous matrix .. with its capstone-in-time of 13 years .. January 1 of 1999/2000 .. to January1 of 2013 .. its formal 'celebration' at the glorious Apex of December 21, 2012.


"Oneness" .. having become a 'buzzword' of the "New Age" .. still, of course, has genuine_primary_meaning.


It can be a one-word "sum" of the "Message" of this archaeo-sky matrix. We are_not_alone. We Earth humans are_not_alone. We have a whole 'host' of relatives all around us .. in the "heavens".


Implicit in all of this is the need, as Neil Freer has said so well and so completely, in his books .. to rid ourselves of the obsolete, oppressive baggage of the "godspell".


Of course .. I can hear them now .. "It's proof of God !!" ... "God did it !!" Ohhhh, my. Well .. I suppose it's natural, considering our particular cultural history on this planet .. that there would be .. now .. a considerable number of folks still under the old godspell. They need to be informed. "Educated". It's part of "what needs to be done", on the way up this 13-year capstone.


Get back to the_primary_meaning .. We-are-Part-of-It-All .. not separate, not inferior. Not "born sinners". (what a 'crock'_that's_been !!).

"God" is_not_separate from "Us" ... and "God" is_not_superior to "Us". Yes .. in essence .. "We"_are_"God".


OK .. We .. You .. are .. *a-true-fractal-part-of* .. God. You can't "separate" a fractal from its macro-micro selfhood. We are being initiated .. into .. the Galactic Community. Hopefully .. heh-heh !! (-;


{ fast-forward .... the minnions of Earth are hanging on meat-hooks in the huge freezing chambers of gigantic mother ships .. (-; ... just kidding !!! }

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton