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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Count-Up .. Count-Down ..

I think "Zep Tepi" time has an ideal numerical value of .. 10,497.6 (B.C.) .. Yes .. I know it's not customary to express years (circa) using any decimal places. But .. this 'works', in this case.


Yes .. I agree that 10,500 B.C. is the 'general' Zep Tepi time .. as discussed in the book, "The Message of The Sphinx", by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. It's just that in looking at some major "archaeo-sky matrix" figures, I've found what I think are some_specific_correlations that are too interesting to keep to myself.




I've been finding 'doubles and halves' all over the place, in my work, involving the "archaeo-sky matrix". This is very basically "geometric" .. suffice to say, here. If I 'double' the .. 10,497.6 (B.C.) figure .. I get .. 20995.2

I happen to recognize that figure .. it is the Grid LAT that I found for .. "Earthface" in Middletown, New York, USA ..a "Cydonian Analogue" site, originally discovered (and reported-on in_considerable_detail) by Dr. Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., geologist and paleontologist, on The Internet in 1998.

By the way .. also notice that 10,497.6 is exactly .. 2.4 .. years from 10,500.

20995.2 North ..

= 41 (deg) X 24 (min) X 21.33658537 (sec) North.


Here is my Grid LONG (Morton, 1998) for "Earthface" .. 105 (deg) X 31 (min) X 7.963133641 (sec) W.Giza .. = 25920 W.Giza.


Yes ... that W.Giza Grid LONG is an exact numerical match of Earth's precession cycle in years.

W.Greenwich translation .. 74 deg 23 min 7.163133641 sec.

{ Greenwich/Giza variance is exactly .. 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec }.


So .. Grid POINT Value for "Earthface" is .. the ratio of the encoded latitude and the encoded longitude .. 25920 / 20995.2 = 1.234567901


It "displays" all of our base-ten integers, except for "8". A bit later, here, I will "find" the "8" for you. Hang-on. Now; getting back to "doubles and halves". Half an Earth precession cycle, in years, is .. 12960.


12960 / 10497.6 = 1.234567901


A perfect numerical match of the Grid POINT Value of "Earthface" .. a genuine analogue of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.


One of the archaeo-sky matrix figures I've been working with for awhile, is .. 103680 .. equivalent to 4 Earth precession cycles in years. I have found this figure (Morton, 1998) as encoding the exact (centered) latitudes of both The White House, in Washington, D.C. .. and .. the Church at Rennes-Le-Chateau, in South of France.

White House latitude .. 38 (deg) X 53 (min) X 51.4796425 (sec) North .. = 103680 North.


Church @ Rennes-Le-Chateau latitude ..

42 (deg) X 55 (min) X 44.88311688 (sec) North .. = 103680 North.


These two buildings are very culturally important, in our society. They are not "just any two buildings". And I'm only discussing their latitudes, here. Their longitudes, and their resulting Grid POINT Values .. are extremely significant .. but that is beyond the scope of this brief email/article.


103680 / 10497.6 = 9.87654321


Nice 'countdown' .. displaying all of our base-ten integers.


In the "count-up" .. 1.234567901 .. the "8" is missing. How to find it ?


103680 / 12960 = 8.


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton