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Theosophy and Ancient Numbers

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Hi y'all Check this out:

Ancient Numbers) Esoteric Hints on Cycles - Purucker

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<< Now, here is another thought. Have you been examining the night-sky for the last year or so? If so, you will have noticed that the planets Saturn and Jupiter have been in near conjunction for some time, and will soon begin to separate. [March, 1941] It was the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which the ancients taught always began notable changes and events on our earth. (Elsewhere in the solar system too, but we are more naturally interested in what is taking place on our Earth.) Just when such a happening will come again, with the other planets as now they are, i. e., as they will be on May 11th, of this year 1941, would require intricate calculations. It may be thousands and thousands of years before the planets all return to the positions they now hold in the sky; but the two planets, Saturn and Jupiter, because 5 years of Jupiter equal 2 years of Saturn, will be, so far as those two planets are concerned, again passing each other in conjunction, near the same place, in 60 years: 5 years of Jupiter = 2 of Saturn: think it over, do not forget these key-numbers. >>


60 years from May of 1941 ... is this_coming_May .. of 2001.


That's when Steven Greer, and Steve Bassett, and those people ... are planning to hold a major "Disclosure" press conference in Washington, D.C. .... regarding the UFO/ET/NASA Cover-ups. Good timing, I'd say !!


<< Now a further interesting thing about this 72: a human being is a child of the Universe, and being its child, its laws are his. Its life is his. Its pulsations are his. The rhythmic periods in Nature must therefore work through man. One of the greatest rhythmic pulsations in man is the pulse-beat. Do you know what the average pulse-beat for a human being is? 72. 72 beats of the human pulse every minute ... >>


60 / 72 = 0.833333333 .... number of time-seconds_per_pulse.

83.33333333 = rate of Earth precession cycle, angular movement / rate of main Earth obliquity cycle, angular movement = 50 arc-sec per yr / 0.6 arc-sec per yr. 50 / 0.6 = 83.33333333


ALSO ... (656.56127 / 7.878735239) = 83.33333333 ... ratio of Grid POINT Value of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars / Grid POINT Value of The White House in Washington, D.C.


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

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