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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Mayan Tzolkin connection to "CENTRE"-star

In aYes, I have just discovered a correlation involving the_number_of days in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar cycle .. with .. the Grid Point Value (Morton, 2001, Internet, in the "archaeo-sky matrix") of the "CENTRE"-star .. also called "Sagittarius A".


If you will recall, in a recent email, I described how I found the apparent circa 2000 A.D. "archaeo-sky matrix" figures for the rather anomalous 'star' called "Sagittarius A" (you might check out Dr Paul LaViolette's work).


Now, I have found a direct numerical link .. tying-together the actual precise location of this anomalous "Sagittarius A" body .. as_of_circa 2000 A.D. (this 'time-node' .. of 2000 A.D. .. is very critical to this whole correlation .. and set of correlations) ... tying this together with the number_260_the number of days in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar cycle !!


As usual, in my work, this precise correlation is expressed in a simple mathematical equation.


Recall the Grid POINT Value I just recently found for "Sagittarius A" ..

or "CENTRE"-star .. circa 2000 A.D. .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) ..

35.53057584 ... which is, by the way, a decimal harmonic of ..

the Grid LAT (Morton, 1998, Internet) of the_centered_location of ..

The U.S. Naval Observatory, itself. 35530.57584 North ..

= 38 (deg) X 55 (min) X 17.00027552 (sec) North.


Now; notice that I am simply multiplying the figure "35.53057584" ..

times .. the number of days in the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar cycle ...

(35.53057584 X 260) = 9237.949718


I know that figure does not (probably) ring any bells .. by *itself*.

But; the key is the_relationships_to other numbers in the ..

"archaeo-sky matrix".


You can factor that "unfamiliar" figure into .. 13 X 72 X (Pi Squared).

There you have the major Mayan number of 13.

You also have there the number associated directly with the Earth

precession cycle in years .. 72 .. the number of years it takes for one

arc-degree of Earth precession. And, of course, 72, in terms of arc-degrees,

is a major number in Platonic solid geometry.

And, you also have there the Pi constant .. a very accurate rendering of it,



The Mayans, as researchers and authors such as Jose Arguelles and

J.M.Jenkins have discussed in detail, were very aware of our "galactic


I will now "test" the very important number, to the Mayans, of .. 52.

As Zecharia Sitchin has written, and talked about on radio,

the number "52" was also sacred to the Egyptians .. being associated

with Thoth. Sitchin makes a very impressive case, by the way, for Thoth

and Quetzalcoatl being identical .. literally the same 'flesh-and-blood'


In this case, I will simply divide "52" into that "unfamiliar" figure ...

(9237.949718 / 52) = 177.6528792


If you 'test' the term "177.6528792"_itself_by dividing it by Pi,

and by Pi again ... (177.6528792 / Pi / Pi) = 18.

Yes, as some of you know, the number "18" is a major factor

in the Mayan Haab Calendar cycle .. 18 "months" of 20 days each,

making a 360-days cycle .. and then the 5 "Days-Out-of-Time" ..

July 21st through July 25th .. making 365 days. The leap-days

are then accounted-for once every_52_years .. with a "jubilee"

celebration lasting_13_days.


And; as I mentioned back a few years ago on The Internet ..

July 20th is always .. Day Number "360" on the Mayan Haab Calendar.

And I think RCH might smile as he reads this .. because most all of

you are aware that July 20th has been a very important calendar day in

NASA's history.


You have 18 "months" of_20_days each "month", in the Haab Calendar,

and you have 20 periods of_13_days each period, in the Tzolkin Calendar.

Notice the numbers, there .. "20" and "13". When does the current long

Mayan calendar cycle end ? Yes .. as the 'modern Western' year "2013"

approaches, at December solstice of 2012.

And what is "20" + "13" .. ?? ... 33.

From New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 . to .. 2013 .. is_13_years.


The Decimal Harmonic of .. 1776528792


As I have discussed in previous Internet articles and email posts over

the past few years, the decimal harmonic figure .. "1776528792" ..

appears to be very, very important.

You can visually (graphically) 'horizontally' divide that figure into ...

1776, 528, and 792. All of the digital order is retained.


I think each of those 3 "sets" of figures is encoding some very key information.

The "1776" is the year of the USA "Declaration of Independence".

Notice .. 1776.528792 = 180 X (Pi Squared).

"180" is HALF a circumference, assuming our conventional 360 arc-degrees

on any circumference. This can also refer to "HALF a Great Year" .. or,

HALF an Earth precession cycle .. 12960 years.


How many days are there from July 4th .. the calendar day of The Declaration of Independence .. to .. New Year's Eve of the_next_year ? 180.


Please ... bear with me.


How many days are there from the_center_of our December solstice time ..

December 23rd .. to .. July 4th of the following year ? 193.


Notice ... I will now multiply the_decimal-fractional_portion .. of the figure

"1776.528792" ... meaning the "0.528792" portion .. times .. the number

of_days_in our current year, which I will say is .. "365.24" ..



(365.24 X 0.528792) = 193.136 ... or, "193" days, to the nearest day.


What is .. "193" - "180" .. ?? ... 13.


How many days are there from December 23rd .. to .. New Year's Eve (midnight) ? 8.


As some of you will notice ... 8 and 13 are each "Fibonacci nodes". Of course, the Fibonacci Series is directly associated with the Golden Section, or the Phi constant.


(9237.949718 / 8) = 117 X (Pi Squared).


And .. 117 ? That number can be factored into .. 6 X 19.5 ... referencing,

I think .. the 6_places_where a double-tetrahedron ("3-D configuration") touches

the surface of a circumscribing sphere, according to the R.C.Hoagland model,

at approximately 19.5_degrees_north-and-south_latitude_assuming two of the

8 corners of those interlocked tetrahedra are touching the north and south poles.


As for more 'encoding' significance involving the "528792" portion of the

"1776528792" figure ... you have the 528 and the 792.

The "528" refers to the_number_of feet .. regular ("British") feet .. in a

statute mile .. 5280. The "792" refers to the_number_of statute miles ..

in the_mean_diameter of Earth, itself .. 7920.


Getting back to the Fibonacci Series, for a minute.

If you project 'backward' in time .. from the 23rd of December, the middle

of our 'current' December solstice time .. by "5" days .. you will be at Dec.18th.

Notice that I am 'following' the Fibonacci progression .. 5, 8, 13.


It just "so happens" .. that late on December 18th, during the decade of

the 1780s, was the 'time of year' when our Sun was "at" the_cusp_of the

zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius .. only about half-a-degree from the

ecliptic longitude of "CENTRE"-star, or "Sagittarius A" .. the celestial

body that 'marks' our galactic center.

Again .. the "18th" .. the number 18 .. decimal harmonic of 180.


The decade of the 1780s involved the ratification of the United States

Constitution, and the first term of office of the First President of the United

States .. a Freemason named George Washington.


Getting back to "52" and "117", for a moment.

If you add them .. 52 + 117 = 169 .. the Square of .. 13.

And if you subtract them .. 117 - 52 = 65.

Well .. (65 - 13) = 52.

Then .. (52 - 13) = 39 .. and thanks to Daniel Perez, I know that

39_degrees_north .. is the latitude of the northernmost city limits

of Washington, D.C.

And .. of course .. 39 degrees is_exactly double_19.5 degrees.


A Precise 'Synch' with the "Aboriginal Stonehenge"


Thanks to Bruce Raphael, who emailed me the approximate coordinates

of an Australian site known as the "Aboriginal Stonehenge" ..

I have found a precise_matrix-connection_between the 'longitude locations'

of this important ancient "aboriginal" site in Australia, and the circa 2000 A.D.

sky-location of the "CENTRE"-star.


These 2 entities_share_the identical Grid LONG .. of .. 127910.073


"Aboriginal Stonehenge" .. Grid LONG ... 127910.073 E.Giza ..

= 100 (deg) X 53 (min) X 24.13397604 (sec) E.Giza.

[ E.Greenwich 132 deg 01 min 24.93397604 sec ].


"CENTRE"-star .. Grid LONG ... 127910.073 W.ALNITAK ..

= 179 (deg) X 17 (min) X 42.03420079 (sec) W.ALNITAK.


I should give the Grid LAT of "Aboriginal Stonehenge", here, too.

Grid LAT .. 28 (deg) X 58 (min) X 42.59236014 (sec) South ..

= 69169.99286 South.


So .. its Grid POINT Value .. 127910.073 / 69169.99286 = 1.849213332


Recall, now, the Grid LAT of "CENTRE"-star ... 3600 South (of ecliptic) ..

= 05 (deg) X 40 (min) X 18 (sec) South (of ecliptic).


I will now show you something about the multiplied-product of the Grid LATs

of these 2 entities ..

(69169.99286 X 3600) = 25920 X 10 X Pi X 305.7985077


I know most of you are familiar with 25920, 10, and Pi.

What about "305.7985077" ?

That is .. the circumference, in regular ("British") feet (Munck, 1992) ..

of .. the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge, in England !!


And, by the way, I can't ignore the "3600" Grid LAT of "CENTRE"-star,

in terms of the proposed 3600-Earth-years 'orbital period' that Z.Sitchin

has put forth, for a possible "12th planet" in our solar system.



ALNITAK is the prime meridian "marker" for our ecliptic longitude

measurement of prominent stars in our sky .. circa 2000 A.D.

This theory was proposed by Mary Anne Weaver, and I have proven

her theory as correct, according to my work over the last 2 years ..

or, since February of 1999.

{ }


My Grid POINT Value for ALNITAK, circa 2000 A.D., is .. 43.63323131


Recall that the Grid POINT Value, circa 2000 A.D., for "CENTRE"-star .. is .. 35.53057584


Taking their reciprocal ratio .. 35.53057584 / 43.63323131 = Pi X 0.2592


And there you have a very "precise rendering" of the multiplied-product .. of .. the Pi constant and a decimal harmonic of the Earth precession cycle in years !!


So .. both the celestial-body "marker" for ecliptic longitude of prominent stars,

at circa 2000 A.D., in the sky_observed_from Earth, and the celestial-body

"marker" for our galactic center .. are_precisely-related_to the number of years

of Earth's precession cycle, a power-of-ten, and the Pi constant.


The Mayans, of course, were known as "sky-watchers".

They observed the heavens, and they worked with time-cycles.

One of our prominent modern observatories, is The U.S. Naval Observatory,

in Washington, D.C.


I found the Grid POINT Value of The U.S. Naval Observatory ..

to be .. centered at .. 15.

Its Grid LAT .. a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of ..

our galactic center "marker" .. 35530.57584 North ..

= 38 (deg) X 55 (min) X 17.00027552 (sec) North.


I found the Grid LONG of The U.S. Naval Observatory to be ..

a decimal harmonic of the circa 2000 A.D. Grid POINT Value of ..

SIRIUS .. 2368.705056 W.Giza ..

= 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].


Grid POINT Value .. U.S. Naval Observatory ..

35530.57584 / 2368.705056 = 15.


Notice .. as I take the ratio of the circa 2000 A.D. sky-locations,

in the archaeo-sky matrix, of SIRIUS and CENTRE-star ...

35.53057584 / 2.368705056 = 15.


I have just discussed some aspects of certain space/time locations of ..


I will now multiply their circa 2000 A.D. Grid POINT Values ...

(43.63323131 X 2.368705056 X 35.53057584) = (Pi Squared) X



You have seen (Pi Squared) turn-up rather consistently, in this article.

What of .. "372.0753202" ?


That is .. a decimal harmonic .. of the archaeo-sky matrix_format_of the

base slope angle of The Great Pyramid of Giza (Munck, 1992) ..

37207.53202 = 51 (deg) X 51 (min) X 14.30508728 (sec).


Just the Correlations Alone ...


I emphasize .. that just these correlations_alone_and the other correlations

I've been finding and posting on The Internet over the last 3 years or so ..

are_extremely significant_in-and-of-themselves. That is_regardless_of

whether or not the "ultimate meaning" of all of this is 'malevolent', a 'dire

warning', simply 'benign', or 'benevolent' ... the primary "message" ..

is .. the very_existence_of this archaeo-sky matrix as it is_now_ revealing

itself .. to us on Earth !!! Its very existence .. is the greatest story of all time.


Certainly .. at the_very_least .. this is showing us that we, on Earth ..

are not alone. This means we now have_proof_of extraterrestrial intelligence !!

Not just some microbial fossils !! In fact .. the very advanced intelligence

that must have put all of this together .. has done it in "our language" ..

using basic mathematical constants, fundamental geometric numbers,

and familiar "modern" metrologies !!!


Maybe "nothing really" .. will "happen" .. at December solstice of 2012.

Maybe not. We don't really "know" .. do we ?


Or .. maybe "a hell of a lot" will "happen" .. at year's end of 2012.

Do we really know ? I don't think so. Many people thought the world

as we know it would end at midnight of 1999/2000 .. with a "Y2K" disaster.

It never "happened". Somehow .. and I still really wonder about this ..

all those_embedded chips_"somehow" .. turned-out to be 'no problem'.


But .. we_do_know .. that these correlations, involving the archaeo-sky

matrix, are real !!! They cannot be refuted. They simply .. "are" ..

as empirical evidence. And_that-alone_is by-far .. the greatest story of

all time, as far as we (in this world) know. There's nothing that can even

remotely compare with the self-evident significance of this.


Therefore .. I urge you .. to help, in putting this evidence forward .. in

public forums of various kinds. I urge that this evidence be made an integral

part of the "Disclosure" process about to take place this Spring of 2001,

concerning ETI, UFOs, and the related cover-ups.

After all, this is the most dramatic, most "openly-displayed" evidence

of ETI, itself !!! But it is "openly-displayed" and yet_ignored and suppressed_

and also not_yet_recognized .. by the "status quo" or by the "consensus

consciousness". And this_needs_to change. You can help get this evidence

out there .. to The People. Remember the United States Constitution ?


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton