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Messages from Michael L. Morton

A Certain View of Convergence

There are 8 days .. from the beginning of Christmas Eve .. that's midnight, at the junction of 23rd and 24th December .. until ... midnight of New Year's Eve. Now .. keep that in mind. I'll refer to it, later.


Circa 2000 A.D. is the time ... and on the evening time/place of the 16th of December, the very cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius .. is conjunct, longitudinally, with our Sun. Also at that time/place, the center of our galaxy .. longitudinally .. marked by the sky-position of CENTRE-star ("Sagittarius A") .. is conjunct with late morning on the 17th of December .. on our calendar. So; we are projecting our awareness a little bit 'forward' in time, in a sense.

ALSO at that place/time .. "3 times in one place" ... the "APEX"-star is longitudinally-conjunct with midnight of the 23rd/24th of December. The APEX-star is 6.6666666 degrees of longitude_from_CENTRE-star.

And .. the APEX and CENTRE stars are positioned, relative to our Sun, according to the Earth_precession_cycle. The junction of the 23rd and 24th of December .. we can call .. "mid-solstice". So .. APEX-star is longitudinally-conjunct with our mid-solstice point .. just as Christmas Eve starts, at midnight. So; you can envision this .. as an "overlay" or overview, involving our current "daily" calendar, our annual solar orbit, and our precession cycle.


Then; 8 days later on our_calendar wheel_or 8 days after mid-solstice .. SIRIUS is crossing our sky-meridian .. at midnight on New Year's Eve !! Yes .. those_are_the 8 days prior to the beginning of the New Year. So .. you have .. in this "place/time overlay" .. comparing Earth precession cycle with our annual calendar cycle, and_longitudinally_aligning with our sky of 2000 A.D. ... you have .. SIRIUS, APEX-star, CENTRE-star .. our Sun .. our mid-solstice point .. midnight at New Year's Eve .. and Christmas Eve. All these are involved, here, in this scenario .. in visualizing an 'overlay' of our calendar with the circa 2000 A.D. sky ... sky as seen from Earth. And .. we also have both Earth precession cycle, and our annual orbital (Solar) cycle involved.


Would you think there could be a nice, neat "equation" .. a simple, arithmetical equation .. that could "describe" this place/time scenario ?

Well .. there is !!!


It will use the number "8" .. the 8 days .. of Earth axial revolutions .. 'between' midnight of Dec. 23rd/24th .. beginning of Christmas Eve ... and midnight on New Year's Eve. It will use the Grid POINT Values, circa 2000 A.D., of SIRIUS and APEX .. the stars that_are_"8 days apart", from start of Christmas Eve to midnight New Year's Eve .. on our_calendar_wheel.


It will use, also, the number .. 6.666666667 .. the number of ecliptic longitude degrees from APEX-star to CENTRE-star, circa 2000 A.D., on the Earth precession wheel. It will use the Grid POINT Value, circa 2000 A.D., of CENTRE-star. And it will use a power-of-ten.


Here is that equation ...


(8 X 2.368705056) / 6.666666667 = 2.842446068 ...

= (35.53057584 / 100) X 8.

There, you have the_actual_circa 2000 A.D. Grid POINT Values of 3 celestial bodies ...

SIRIUS .. 2.368705056

APEX -star .. 2.842446068

CENTRE-star ("Sagittarius A") .. 35.53057584


You have the number 8 .. appearing twice. You have the (6 & 2/3rds) degrees of longitude between the bodies APEX and Sagittarius-A, on the precession wheel. And you have a power-of-ten .. the number 100.


In a sense .. this is a "multi-dimensional" over-lay, here. Our awareness is "seeing", in a sense, a "convergence" .. of .. Earth precession cycle, Earth orbital cycle, and .. Earth axial-rotation cycle. And this is using both "sky" and "calendar" as the 2 main frameworks, to show the convergence. Both sky and calendar are seen as wheels, or essentially circular modes.

Horus .. New Year's Baby

Our current north pole star is .. POLARIS .. with a Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of .. 21.6 .. decimal harmonic of Earth's_polar_circumference in nautical miles and in latitude arc-minutes.


Using the numbers 8 and 100, again ...

(100 X 21.6) / 8 = 270 .. number of days in our human gestation cycle.

{ This would be 9 "months" of an average 30 days per month }.

In this parameter, "Horus" is the symbolic perennial "New Year's Baby", when our Sun is "re-born" once-a-year. 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton