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Messages from Michael L. Morton

"The Sphinx Angle" ..

Re: .. also, see_other_pages at that website, regarding main Giza measurements, geometry, etc.

Hi ...

Sorry .. I can't let this one pass, either. Your_longitude_distance from The Great Pyramid 'apex' to the 'face' of The Great Sphinx .. "666" Royal Cubits .. ??

Notice .... keeping in mind my previous email .. using 656.56127 (Munck's 1992 Grid POINT Value for 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars) ..

656.56127 X 20.62648063 = 42545.17031 / Pi.

The figure "42545.17031" is the Square of ..

"206.2648063" .. which, in turn, is a numerical_match_of the precise

width, in regular inches (not "pyramid inches") .. of "The King's Chamber". (Morton, 1998, Internet).


So .. the Grid POINT Value of none-other-than 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars .. is "encoded" in the number of regular ("British") inches of longitude-length .. from the apex of The Great Pyramid to the *face* of The Great Sphinx !!!


Therefore; it is quite obvious .. that the exact (and intended) number of regular inches of longitude-length, from the apex of The Great Pyramid to the 'face' of The Great Sphinx .. is .. 13542.54832 ..

the multiplied-product of .. (656.56127 X 20.62648063).

And "20.62648063" is my proposed (Morton, 1998, Internet) true length in regular ("British") inches, for the Royal Cubit.


Please see ..

And ..


You have helped to confirm the_precise_empirical connections among certain artificial structures at Cydonia on Mars, and the main structures at Giza on Earth. I am assuming you_will_credit me .. and Munck .. with this observation !! If this assumption of mine is true .. then, congratulations !!


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton