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Messages from Michael L. Morton

What about the Munck/Morton work ?

Subj: What about the Munck/Morton work ?

Date: 02/27/2001 11:51:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: Milamo



Re: "The Makers of Time Project" ...


Hi ....

What are you going to say to people when they ask you .. "What about the works of Munck and Morton ?" .. ?? Maybe you haven't seen their work yet. Is that so ? Have you not taken their work into consideration, on this project ?



Some apparent (to me) errors I've noticed, so far ... * Royal Cubit is a direct function of Radian degrees measure and the regular ("British") inch (not the "pyramid inch"). (Morton, 1998, Internet). Take the standard math formula for "generic hemisphere surface area" .. 2Pi X (radius Squared). Use the Radian (deg) measure .. assuming the convention of 360 arc-degrees on any circumference, as the_numerical_value of the "given" radius (generic) ...


2Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 20626.48063 Square arc-degrees.

There's the decimal (base 10) harmonic for your_true_length of the Royal Cubit ..

20.62648063 regular ("British") inches .. not 'pyramid inches'.

I've had that posted on The Internet for about 3 years, now.


They (the designers) knew and used the 360 degrees system .. including the (2Pi Radians) in arc-degrees, on one circumference.

360 / 2Pi = 57.29577951 arc-deg.


They displayed the Radian-arc (angle) from overhead (aerial) view.

{ }.


*I noticed you didn't catch that display of the Radian-arc. Just line-up the 2 sets of 3 small pyramids .. direct east-west intersect. See the url above, please.


*Re: Stonehenge latitude ... you state it is 51 deg 10.6 min.

0.6 min means 36 arc-sec.

Munck (1992) found it to be .. 51 deg 10 min 42.35 sec ... and specifically-encoded to display the polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles, and in latitude arc-minutes ...

51 (deg) X 10 (min) X 42.35294118 (sec) North ..

= 21600 North.

So .. you're apparently "off" on Stonehenge's latitude by roughly 640 feet.

*Stonehenge longitude ... is_not_33 deg West of the true prime meridian, that passes through the center of The Great Pyramid. Munck (1992) found Stonehenge's longitude to be ..

32 (deg) X 57 (min) X 28.8173748 (sec) W.Giza ..

= 52562.89164 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 49 min 28.0173748 sec ].

So; you're apparently "off" by well-over a mile and a half, on Stonehenge's longitude. Not too accurate, are you ?

You present the "appearance" of_accuracy_ in the drawings, but you make errors such as 'the above'. By the way ... I found that the designers displayed the precise length of the Royal Cubit .. in regular ("British") inches .. in the_exact_dimensions of "The King's Chamber". (Morton, 1998, Internet).


K.Ch. length .. 412.5296125 regular inches .. 20 Royal Cubits .. or; 34.37746771 regular feet, a decimal harmonic of the exact polar radius of Earth .. 3437.746771 nautical miles. { 21600 / 2Pi = 3437.746771 }


K.Ch. width .. 206.6248063 regular inches .. 10 Royal Cubits.


The latitude line through the middle of the set of 3 small pyramids near The Mycerinus Pyramid ... displays the generic Surface Area on a Sphere .. a decimal harmonic of the numerical value of the exact length of "The King's Chamber" in regular inches.


29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 24.5261363 (sec) North ..

= 41252.96125 North. (Munck, 1992).


4Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 41252.96125 Square arc-degrees.

Well ... I just wish, as I've been saying for quite awhile .. that more people would have noticed my work by now. But .. I guess 'things' just take the time "they're going to take".

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton