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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Fun with Cubit, Which Cubit??

After sending my most recent post, I thought about Raphiem's "18.24" inch CUBIT ... the 'Babylonian' or 'Hebrew' cubit of ... "about 18 inches" .... as opposed to The Royal Cubit ("Egyptian") of my proposed 20.62648063 regular inches.

Apparently, there WERE two different "CUBITS" used ... and they were probably each important. Could the "18.24" regular inch cubit, mentioned by Raphiem ... have been actually .... Radian (deg) / Pi regular inches ??!!!!

Radian (deg) / Pi = 18.23781305 ... regular inches !!??

I think this is quite likely !! We need feedback on this .... please.

Watch what happens when we multiply the two different CUBITS .... 20.62648063 X 18.23781305 = 376.1818977 ... and then divide by Radian (deg) ...

376.1818977 / 57.29577951 = 6.5656127 ... a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1991) of The Face at Cydonia on Mars !! (656.56127).

NOW ... multiply 6.5656127 by ... Pi ... 6.5656127 X Pi = 20.62648063 .... regular inches; The Royal Cubit !!!

The figure "18.23781305" is the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1993) of The Akapana Pyramid at Tiahuanaco, near the Peru/Bolivia border in South America.

I have to say that Munck's work clearly shows that The Great Pyramid shows the specific "2Pi" ratio between its original height and its original perimeter.

This would be ... 480.3471728 (Feet) X 2Pi = 3018.110298 Feet. This means each side-length was 754.5275746 Feet.

So ... 754.5275746 Feet = 9054.330895 regular inches. Now ... divide by 18.23781305 ... 9054.330895 / 18.23781305 = 496.4592447 ... and divide that by Pi ... and then divide by Pi four more times ... 496.4592447 / (Pi to the 5th power) = 1.62231147 ... which is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of "The Water Well" at the southwest corner of "The Miami Square". THEN ... 2Pi / 1.62231147 = 3.872983346 ... the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) of The Miami Circle at the northeast corner of "The Miami Square".

In a message dated 12/28/1999 6:50:20 AM Pacific Standard Time, Gordon Tibbles ( writes:)

Good question. I personally had never given it much thought. But most assuredly would render all mathematical speculation based upon cubic measurement problematic. Unless agreed upon basic units are utilized in research projects (measurements of pyramids, ancient monuments, biblical quotations or extra planetary phenomena (Cydonia), results would most always reflect personal differences and allow for the use of differing systems to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Here's a nifty site in reference to Biblical measurements.


Raphiem wrote:

As always, Michaels passion for numbers relating to grid, is always inspiringand leading edge ......and when ever i read Michael's new updates, a couple of things now and then trigger me to get my calculator out..the one below i have submitted before.....but Michael just posted some stuff to me based on the Cubit and Miami i thought i'd re-post my old number-play from the old days when earth grids were more appealing to me than the female body (not anymore though ;o)....

....thought I'd do one on the Cubit as Pyramid maths was one of my favourite past-time maths fun with the little scientific calculator...

1x Cubit = 18.24 standard-Inches (this is textbook measurements, although Michael's or others may differ in their imperial/metric measurements of the cubit

Base of the Pyramid measures 756 feet = 9072 inches = 497.3 Cubits It is probably safe to say that the original design before erosion set in was 500 Cubits.

Dimensions of the Pyramid are accurately related to the size of the Earth.> Simply add all four base sides = 4x 500 = 2000 Cubits = 36480 inches

36480 Inches is precisely one-half nautical mile, or 30 seconds of arc.

Now let's take the Earth's equatorial circumference = 21,600 nautical miles = 1575936000 Inches.

Now Divide 1575936000 Inches by 18.24 = 86400000 Cubits. Does this number stick out......perhaps there are 86400 seconds in a 24-hour period...

...also 864 is a gemetra number. If circumference of the Earth is 86400000 Cubits
1-degree of arc = 240,000 Cubits
1-minute of arc = 4,000 Cubits = one nautical mile

a 24 hour period = 360 x 240, 000 Cunits = 86.4 million Cubits.
One hour = 3600000 Cubits
One minute = 60000 Cubits
One second = 1000 Cubits
The Sun's passage over the Earth = 1000 Cubits per second.

For those into radian = 57deg 17min 48.8seconds = 57.29degrees.

Now let us take 57.29 and divided it by 18.24 (1-Cubit) = 3.141 and low and behold we have Pi....!!!

A little more fun take a circle of 360 degrees and divide by (18.24 x 2) = 9.868

Now Square Root 9.868 = 3.141 ( Pi)

Now take one cubit and multiple by 180 = 18.24 x 180 = 3283

Now the square root of 3283 is 57.29 = one radian.

As you can see the designers of Pyramid had one hell of a scientific calculator and thus used units measurements to make things easy to calculate and have fun with, like the Cubit.