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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Relating GC and SA to Giza_and_to Orion

This is going to pick-up where I left-off .. discussing the Galactic Center (GC) and the Solar Apex (SA) .. and the relation to The Great Pyramid and The Mycerinus Pyramid at Giza. I mentioned the term "apex" .. as not being a 'random' term .. or; not a "random name" for the Solar Apex.


I mentioned the self-evident 2Pi ratio of the base perimeter-to-height (original, including capstones) of those 2 'above-referenced' pyramids.

In other words, those pyramids have the exact same slope angle. And Munck (1992) derived the precise .. at least the 'precisely-intended' .. for certain, slope angle. He found that to be .. 51 deg 51 min 14.30508728 sec.

It was encoded this way ...

51 (deg) X 51 (min) X 14.30508728 (sec) = 37207.53202


I recently found (Morton, 2001, Internet) the Grid LAT of the Jan.1, 2000 sky-location, in the archaeo-sky matrix, for the Solar Apex .. to be ..

37207.53202 North (of ecliptic) ..

= 53 (deg) X 26 (min) X 27.00111177 (sec) North (of ecliptic).

What a match !!


The Solar Apex is the point in space, on the path of our Sun's orbit around Galactic Center, that is half-Pi Radians (arc) of longitude arc-distance right angle .. 'from' where we (at our Sun) observe Galactic Center to be located. And as I said in my last email .. half-Pi Radians (arc) is the exact ratio displayed by The Great Pyramid and The Mycerinus Pyramid at Giza, in their side lengths (one side) to their heights. In our conventional 360 degrees system .. half-Pi Radians (arc) is numerically equivalent to .. 90 arc-degrees, of course.


I've written much, on The Internet, over the last 2 years .. about the Orion belt-star ALNITAK as an ecliptic-longitude prime meridian "marker". This was the theory of Mary Anne Weaver, which I have proven to be correct, over the last 2 years .. through my own work .. as posted on The Internet. I found the Jan.1, 2000 Grid LAT of ALNITAK (Morton, 1999, Internet)

to be .. 15707.96327 South (of ecliptic) ..

= 25 (deg) X 17 (min) X 36.95991358 (sec) South (of ecliptic).


Notice .. "15707.96327" is a decimal harmonic of .. half-Pi.

{ 3.141592654 / 2 = 1.570796327 }.


I have also written on The Internet quite a lot about SIRIUS .. and its prominent 'place' in this archaeo-sky matrix. And, as The Enterprise Mission featured, in a series of articles .. I have emphasized how SIRIUS crosses our sky meridian, worldwide, at almost exactly midnight (local times, of course) on New Year's Eve .. as if to "herald" the birth of the New Year. It so-happens, as described in The Enterprise Mission series of articles, that New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 was the_closest-approach-ever_at midnight, to the sky meridian, by SIRIUS .. at least the closest ever known by our present "civilization" .. and also the_closest-approach-forseeable_as of midnight New Year's Eve, to the sky meridian, by SIRIUS in the future.

Notice the following simple equation ...

37207.53202 / 15707.96327 = 2.368705056


The figure "2.368705056" .. is the precise Grid POINT Value_of_ SIRIUS ... as of Jan.1, 2000 .. in the archaeo-sky matrix !!! (Morton, 1999, Internet).

It so-happens .. that Jan.1, 2000 SIRIUS .. has a Grid LONG in the archaeo-sky matrix (Morton, 1999, Internet) .. of .. a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value of .. The Great Pyramid of Giza !! Munck (1992) found the Grid POINT Value of The Great Pyramid of Giza to be .. 248.0502134 .. the Cube of Double-Pi. Here is the Grid LONG I found, in 1999, for SIRIUS of Jan.1, 2000 ...

19 (deg) X 23 (min) X 56.76206256 (sec) E.ALNITAK ..

= 24805.02134 E.ALNITAK.


And, of course .. notice that ALNITAK, the "lower-left" belt-star in Orion, as viewed from Earth .. corresponds_positionally_ to .. The Great Pyramid of Giza .. as viewed 'from overhead', and to the north, of the Giza complex itself !! This positional correlation was discovered by Robert Bauval, in the early-to-mid 1990s. This correlation is now proven.


U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomers ..

"Do You Know Where You're At ?"

The amazing correlations involving this archaeo-sky matrix are_not_limited to 'ancient' structures. I have already found several prominent examples of certain "modern" buildings .. as being_obviously_in this grand "display". As many of you recall, I found the Galactic Center to have a Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value_identical_to that of The Rock Eagle Monument in Putnam County, Georgia .. 35.53057584


As I've already mentioned, our Galactic Center is directly related to the Solar Apex. One of the most incredible-but-true discoveries I have made, in this work, is the archaeo-sky matrix correlation involving Galactic Center and SIRIUS .. with .. the actual centered location of The U.S. Naval Observatory itself. And before I show these precise correlations, I do invite others to get the official USGS topographical map .. 7.5-minute series quadrangle, scale 1 : 24000, and to check this out for themselves. And while they're at it, they can check my work regarding the 'centered' placements of The White House, The Washington Monument, The Jefferson Memorial, The Lincoln Memorial, The Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple, and The Pentagon. (They will need the map including Arlington, VA, for The Pentagon).


Now .. notice these figures I found (1999) for the_centered_location of The U.S. Naval Observatory ...


Grid LONG 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza ..

= 2368.705056 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].


Grid LAT 38 (deg) X 55 (min) X 17.00027552 (sec) North ..

= 35530.57584 North.


Grid POINT Value .. 35530.57584 / 2368.705056 = 15.


As you can see, I have a decimal harmonic match of not only the Grid POINT of SIRIUS .. but_also_of the Grid POINT of Galactic Center .. as of the very beginning of year-2000 .. "displayed" by ... the_centered location_of The U.S. Naval Observatory !!


You have, here, precisely matching references .. to the brightest star in our sky, and also to the very_center-spot_of our galaxy .. indicated by the exact_placement_of this very prominent observatory. And the prime meridian for this exact placement .. is_not_at Greenwich, but is at the_center_of The Great Pyramid of Giza. This is all .. as I have been saying for years, now .. self-evident. The_numbers_indicated are simply self-evident .. based on empirical evidence. I invite .. and/or I challenge .. anyone .. to prove me wrong.


The evidence is there, period. The evidence includes several structures at Cydonia on Mars .. as I have described on The Internet.


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton