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Messages from Michael L. Morton

How Orion's 3 Belt-stars Are Spacially In-Synch

How Orion's 3 Belt-stars Are Spacially In-Synch At the January 1, 2000 Time-node With Galactic Center and Solar Apex

--- One of the Revelations From An Ancient Matrix ---


Some of those who have read my posts, or who have read my material

on certain websites .. will already know that the Orion belt-star ALNITAK

is serving as an ecliptic-longitude prime meridian "marker".. in what I have

called, the "archaeo-sky matrix".


One of the best-known geometric parameters is the "right angle" ..

which is commonly known as "90 degrees".

Actually, as some of you know .. the designation of "90 degrees"

comes about only because of our "conventional" use of 360 arc-degrees

on a given circumference. A more "universal" description of the "right angle"

is based on the Radian-arc. Because there are 2Pi Radians-of-arc on one

circumference, the "right angle" is 1/4 of that full arc-circle ... or ...

half-Pi Radians-of-arc. This means .. "half-Pi" .. is an important figure in



In astronomy, there are some important parameters involving our Sun's

orbital path around the center of The Milky Way. Two of these important

parameters are .. Galactic Center and Solar Apex.

Solar Apex is always half-Pi Radians of arc-distance_from_our Sun's location


in-the-direction our Sun is orbiting (moving) .. in terms of our Sun's

orbital path

around Galactic Center.


The locations of Galactic Center and Solar Apex .. relative, of course,

to where "we" are .. 'observing' from Earth, at a given time .. can be


in_coordinates_of latitude and longitude .. such as latitude measured from


ecliptic, and longitude measured from the (now self-evident) ecliptic prime

meridian that appears (from Earth) to "pass through" the Orion belt-star

ALNITAK. Also now self-evident .. based on consistent results from evidence

observed at many, many sacred sites and structures on Earth .. and from

several structures at Cydonia, and elsewhere, on Mars .. are prime meridians

through the centers of 'The D&M Pyramid', at Cydonia on Mars, and The Great

Pyramid of Giza on Earth.


The "time-node" of convergence or synchronicity .. in this "archaeo-sky


is now_also_self-evident .. as .. January 1, 2000 A.D.

This is evident from the sky-positions of many of the prominent stars in our

sky as observed from Earth, using the Orion belt-star ALNITAK as the

ecliptic-longitude prime meridian "marker". I have been using, since March

of 1999 .. when I began calculating these star-positions .. a database that

gives the_January 1, 2000_ecliptic latitudes and longitudes of prominent

"fixed" stars .. the longitudes being given according to the stars' locations

in the sidereal zodiac .. (the true, astronomically-correct,


precession .. zodiac). This database has been very crucial .. in providing a

consistent, accurate set of data regarding this work I've been doing.

Here is the URL for this database ...


This database includes the January 1, 2000 locations of .. Galactic Center

and Solar Apex. These are listed at the end of the list .. as "APEX" and ..



If this "archaeo-sky matrix" is truly valid .. it should logically display


results for Galactic Center and for Solar Apex .. as of the January 1, 2000

"time-node" that it_has_been showing for the prominent "fixed' stars.

This would, of course, be indicated in the latitude and longitude positions

for those two major astronomical parameters involving our Sun's galactic


as of Jan.1, 2000 .. in relation to the ecliptic, and in relation to the


ecliptic-longitude prime meridian "marker" in the belt of Orion.


Next, I will show that not only is this true .. in a dramatic and obvious


and geometric way .. but that_all 3_belt-stars in Orion are involved in this

"display". Keep in mind the (by now) fact that the 3 Orion belt-stars are

positionally represented at Giza by the 3 main pyramids .. as viewed from

above .. from an aerial view .. and from slightly to the_north_of the Giza


{ Bauval's work on this subject is confirmed as true }.


ALNITAK is represented, positionally, by The Great Pyramid.


You can read my article on the methodology of my calculations for these

various sky-locations (Jan.1, 2000) at ...


Jan.1, 2000 Location of ALNITAK

Grid LAT .. 25 (deg) X 17 (min) X 36.95991357 (sec) South (of ecliptic)


= 15707.96327 South (of ecliptic). Notice .. "15707.96327" is a decimal

harmonic (power-of-10) of .. half-Pi. { 3.141592654 / 2 = 1.570796327 }.


Grid LONG .. 360 .. designated number (Munck, 1992) for any prime

meridians in this "archaeo-sky matrix" .. becomes self-evident.


Grid POINT Value .. 15707.96327 / 360 = 43.63323131



ALNILAM is represented, positionally, by The Chephren Pyramid.

Jan.1, 2000 Location of ALNILAM


Grid LAT 24 (deg) X 30 (min) X 46.0016965 (sec) South (of ecliptic) ..

= 33121.22148 South (of ecliptic).


Grid LONG 01 (deg) X 13 (min) X 14.986014 (sec) W.ALNITAK ..

= 194.818182 W.ALNITAK.


Grid POINT Value .. 33121.22148 / 194.818182 = 170.010936



MINTAKA is represented, positionally, by The Mycerinus Pyramid.


Jan.1, 2000 Location of MINTAKA


Grid LAT 23 (deg) X 33 (min) X 31.02096893 (sec) South (of ecliptic) ..

= 23544.91542 South (of ecliptic).


Grid LONG 02 (deg) X 19 (min) X 19.98314869 (sec) W.ALNITAK ..

= 759.3596504 W.ALNITAK.


Grid POINT Value .. 23544.91542 / 759.3596504 = 31.00627668



Orion Belt-star Composite Ratio


This was found when I multiplied the 2 stars on the ends,

and then divided by the star in the middle ...


(43.63323131 X 31.00627668) / 170.010936 = 7.957747155


I'll get back to that resulting figure, soon.


Jan.1, 2000 Location of Galactic Center


Grid LAT 05 (deg) X 40 (min) X 18 (sec) South (of ecliptic) ..

= 3600 South (of ecliptic).


Grid LONG 179 (deg) X 17 (min) X 42.03420079 (sec) W.ALNITAK ..

= 127910.073 W.ALNITAK.


Grid POINT Value .. 127910.073 / 3600 = 35.53057584



Jan.1, 2000 Location of Solar Apex


Grid LAT 53 (deg) X 26 (min) X 27.00111177 (sec) North (of ecliptic) ..

= 37207.53202 North (of ecliptic).


Grid LONG 173 (deg) X 13 (min) X 47.02552383 (sec) W.ALNITAK ..

= 105760.4031 W.ALNITAK.


Grid POINT Value .. 105760.4031 / 37207.53202 = 2.842446068



Ratio of Solar Apex to Galactic Center ..

As of Jan.1, 2000 ...


35.53057584 / 2.842446068 = 12.5


Notice ... 12.5 = 7.957747155 X 1.570796327


You see there that .. half-Pi .. to a high accuracy ..

is a major factor_literally_involved in this January 1, 2000 A.D.

time-node synchronicity among all 3 Orion belt-stars, Galactic

Center as observed from Earth, and Solar Apex.


An isosceles right-triangle is formed, among Earth as observation point,

Galactic Center at the corner of the right-angle, and Solar Apex at

half-Pi Radians (arc) from "us" .. in the direction our Sun is orbiting

around Galactic center. AND .. exactly at January 1, 2000 .. ALL of

these precise, key locations in space, relative to Earth's location

and relative to ALNITAK in Orion's belt .. and relative to the ecliptic ..

are forming_this_equation !!


Even ALNITAK, itself .. the celestial "marker" for all of the "sky"

longitudes in this "archaeo-sky matrix .. has a Grid LAT of half-Pi

Radians (arc) .. times 10,000.


Further .. ALNITAK is within one degree of being precisely opposite

Galactic Center, in terms of ecliptic longtitude. That is probably one

reason why it is was_chosen_to function as the ecliptic prime meridian

marker for this (our) solar system.

If you recall, I showed how the Grid POINT Values of the 3

Orion belt-stars are calculated .. specifically for the "time-node"

of January 1, 2000 A.D. I showed the database url for the source

of the January 1, 2000 sky-positions of prominent "fixed" stars ..

plus Galactic Center and Solar Apex.


Again, that database url ...


Now .. I'll show here, although this is_not_the first time

I've shown this .. the calculations from Carl P.Munck,Sr. (1992)

for the_precise_locations of the 3 main Giza pyramids .. so that

you can_then_see their specific relationship indicated to the 3 Orion

belt-stars of Jan.1, 2000. This "display" is, IMHO, more than "worth"

the 'focus-energy' and/or 'the time' it might take you .. to understand it.


The Great Pyramid Location


Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 53.09041429 (sec) North ..

= 89298.07684 North.

Grid LONG .. 360 .. designated numerical value for any prime meridians

in this archaeo-sky matrix (Munck, 1992).

Grid POINT Value .. 89298.07684 / 360 = 248.0502134


The Chephren Pyramid Location


Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 40.34387713 (sec) North ..

= 67858.40133 North.

Grid LONG 11.77245771 (sec) W.Giza.

Grid POINT Value .. 67858.40133 / 11.77245771 = 5764.166073


The Mycerinus Pyramid Location


Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 27.79807592 (sec) North ..

= 46756.3637 North.

Grid LONG 20.67085112 (sec) W.Giza.

Grid POINT Value .. 46756.3637 / 20.67085112 = 2261.946711



3 Giza Pyramids' Composite Ratio


As I did with the Grid POINT Values of the 3 Orion belt-stars ..

as of January 1, 2000 .. I will here multiply the pyramids on the

top and bottom, and then divide by the one in the middle ..


(248.0502134 X 2261.946711) / 5764.166073 = 97.33868822


Some of you might even_already_recognize that figure.


That figure is a precise numerical match of .. the Sarsen Circle diameter,

of Stonehenge .. in regular ("British") feet. (Munck, 1992).


This a prime example of how the designers/builders related Giza to

Stonehenge .. in ways that would be self-evident to .. any intelligent

beings with high-enough technology to 'see' this evidence.

This would probably involve the ability to "fly" .. or to get "airborne

enough" to see the aerial views .. the layouts .. from 'above'.

And this would probably involve "satellite-accurate" mapping ..

of these aerial view layouts .. because_that's_how precise this

archaeo-sky matrix is.



Combining The Composite Ratios


I will now multiply the Orion belt-star composite ratio .. times the

3 Giza pyramids' composite ratio .. to 'see' how they combine.


First, for the benefit of those who do not have access to the calculations

I did, in my previous email, showing the figures for the 3 Orion belt-stars

and for Galactic Center and Solar Apex .. I'll show here a summary ..

of those Grid POINT Values only .. and their ratio(s) ...


(43.63323131 X 31.00627668) / 170.010936 = 7.957747155

Alnitak Mintaka Alnilam Composite Ratio


Again .. keep in mind that the figures for all 3 Orion belt-stars are_as of_a

specific "time-node" .. January 1, 2000. That is very significant.


Now ... multiplying The Orion belt-stars' composite by ..

the Giza pyramids' composite ...


7.957747155 X 97.33868822 = 774.5966693


That figure is the exact_Square Root_of .. 600,000.


Of course .. 600000 is a decimal harmonic of .. "6" ..

and of .. "60" .. the basis of our "conventional" time and

arc-distance metrology.



Relating this to Earth Precession


To test the Square Root of .. 600000 .. for its possible resonance

with Earth precession .. I will use the number "72" .. the number of

Earth years ideally needed for one arc-degree of Earth precession ..


(774.5966692 X 72) = 55770.96019


That figure is a decimal harmonic of .. "The Giza Grid Point" (Munck, 1992).

"5577.096019" .. is "The Giza Grid POINT Value".


That is literally the intersection-point of the_precise_latitude and


marked by two sets of 3 small, heavily-eroded pyramids .. one set-of-3


due north-south, and the other set-of-3 aligned exactly east-west.

{ }.


Here are the (Munck, 1992) calculations for this latitude and longitude,

intersecting at "The Giza Grid Point" ...


Grid LAT 29 (deg) X 58 (min) X 24.5261363 (sec) North ..

= 41252.96125 North.

Grid LONG 7.396853329 (sec) E.Giza.

Giza Grid POINT Value .. 41252.96125 / 7.396853329 = 5577.096019


Also .. (5577.096019 X 5577.096019) = 31104000 .. exactly.


So .. "The Giza Grid Point" (value) .. is an important Square Root, itself.

How so ? It gives the quotient of the "12" decimal harmonic ..

when divided-by the Earth precession cycle ...

31104000 / 25920 = 1200 .. as in "Great Years".


The "12" references the 12 houses of the zodiac.



Relating to the "Radian-Arc Display" from Aerial View


As I wrote on The Internet a few months ago, as of this writing,

the Giza complex displays "the Radian Arc" .. from an over-head view.

Munck (1992) saw this .. and describes it in his self-published work ..

("The Code", 1993).


Did he actually float in a hot-air balloon, or hover in a helicopter,

over the Giza complex .. in order to "see" this ? No .. not, at least,

as far as I know. He used a very accurate map .. which was prepared

from a satellite photo.


The Radian Arc is probably the most "universal" mathematical and

geometric constant known.


If you go to the webpage whose url I gave earlier in this email ..

you can see a "graphic-drawing" of this over-head view of the Giza complex.

{ }.


The Radian Arc is displayed thusly ...

1) The center of the arc is the_apex_of The Great Pyramid.

2) One 'arm' of the arc matches, 'overlays', precisely .. and then

continues-on ..

directly over the_southwestern_edge of The Great Pyramid.

3) The other 'arm' of the arc_intersects_at "The Giza Grid Point" !!



Relating to The Radian as a Numerical 'Degrees' Value


This "archaeo-sky matrix", as I've emphasized so often in my Internet

writings .. uses a system of_360_arc-degrees on one full circumference.

Yes .. "we" use such a system. I think this is actually somewhat of a

"disappointment" to some people. I know there are people who are

supposedly "open" to the probability of intelligent life having come

from 'elsewhere' to this planet. But for some reason(s) .. many of these

same people who are supposedly "open" to this probability .. don't "want"

to "find out" that certain "ETs" .. who may have come here in the past,

were/are .. "human-like people" themselves; or that they used .."the same

metrology" that 'WE' use. I suggest that this disappointment and/or

incredulity, on the part of most of these "anti-anthropomorphics" ..

is due mainly to a simple lack of "current (up-to-date) knowledge" ..

a simple lack of "good, current information". But I don't want to pursue


particular tangent any further here at this time, simply due to the intended

scope and length of this article.

Getting-back to the Radian Arc .. the actual _angle_itself ..

but in terms of the 360 arc-degrees system .. the numerical value

of that angle becomes ..

(360 / 2Pi) = 57.29577951 arc-degrees. { to 8 decimal places }.


Next .. I'll test the "72" value .. the number of years ideally needed for

one arc-degree of Earth precession .. against this_numerical_value of

the Radian (deg) ...


(57.29577951 / 72) = 0.7957747155


That figure ... is a decimal harmonic of ... 7.957747155 ..

the_exact_Orion belt-stars' Composite Ratio !!


Now .. because the "Radian Arc" is expressly 'displayed', from an

overhead view .. by the Giza complex itself .. I will now test the

Radian (deg) numerical value against the value of "The Giza Grid Point" ...

which (again) is the intersection-point where one 'arm' of the displayed

"Radian Arc"_also_intersects ...


(5577.096019 / 57.29577951) = 97.33868822


And_that_figure .. is a precise match of ...

the 3 Giza pyramids' Composite Ratio .. and also, the diameter

of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge, in regular ("British") feet !!


-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) Copyright 2001 -- Michael Lawrence Morton