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Messages from Michael L. Morton

We cannot trust this image, lets face facts

In a message dated 05/27/2001 10:49:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< To:

Michael L.M.,

I have not studied what you have mentioned in great detail. But from

what I have observed it does present evidence in favor of


But to the average person and the mainstream media that will not

matter. They will NOT view the face as artificial unless it LOOKS


And as of right now, it does NOT!

Yes, it still has a few features which may show a small ammount of

artificial design. But nothing significant enough to make the average

person say, "Hmm.. That looks like a face! I see an eye, a nose, a

mouth, and... Whoa! That side is a lion!".

The key to making this object and all of Cydonia "mainstream" and

accepted is to obtain images that show, visually, CLEAR signs of

artificiality. >>


I have to strongly disagree with you.


I think the key .. or "one of the major keys" .. is ..

our current Earth "civilization" (culture; society) needs

to_elevate_itself .. to a_new_level .. to a_higher_level, if you will ..

to a new consensus level of understanding .. to a "new paradigm".


The "Status Quo" .. or "mainstream" .. is grossly dysfunctional,

obsolete, hopelessly corrupt, and just plain "totally inadequate" for

thinking, intelligent people of integrity.


Let me use this current discussion .. as illustrative of this situation.

I've been saying, on various email lists, and on 3 or 4 websites ..

for the past 3 to 4 years .. that there_is_an ancient "ASM" ..

that has been discovered, and studied in depth .. an "Archaeo-sky Matrix"

based on_latitude/longitude_*locations* .. and also based on a particular

*time-node* .. January1, 2000, in the case of sky-locations.


And .. its PRECISION, and its consistency, and its redundancy,

is beyond question. C.P.Munck has been putting out books, newsletters,

and audio/video tapes about this "ASM" for 10 years now.


This "ASM" obviously indicates that the_main_criteria for judging

as to whether or not a site/structure is "artificial" .. is how the given

site/structure correlates (or; doesn't correlate)_mathematically_

within the "ASM" itself !!! And we're not talking generalities, here ..

we're talking specific, precise mathematical correlations .. based on

the_centered_location .. in terms of latitude/longitude .. of the given

site/structure. And the sky-locations are even_more_precise ..

because we're talking a time-node of Jan.1, 2000.


Look at this equation I found .. relating to "the right angle" ..

probably the most well-known "geometric construct" of all :


The "90" arc-degrees "right angle" .. OK ?


This is taken straight from the next-to-last email I sent, by the way.


(5400 / 90) X (216 / 19.7392088) = 656.56127


"5400" .. Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza (Munck, 1992).

And .. 5400 nautical miles is 1/4th of Earth's polar circumference ..



"90" is 1/4th of 360 .. the number of arc-degrees on one circumference in

"our" conventional system.


216 .. "the number of a man" .. "humankind" .. "Aquarius" .. 6*6*6 = 216,

the Cube of 6. A Cube_has_6 equal sides .. 6*6*6.


19.7392088 .. Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of REGULUS ..

the "Heart of the Lion". The Leo constellation is 180 degrees

opposite Aquarius/"humankind". And there you_have_the "hominoid/lion"

relationship .. right_there_as a ratio in_that_equation !!! ...

{ 216 / 19.7392088 }. THERE IT IS .. right in front of your eyes !!


And, then ... look at the_right-side_of that equation ...

you have the Grid POINT Value .. OF .. 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars !!!

(Munck, 1992, "The Code"). IT's RIGHT THERE in front of you !!!


"5400" .. 1/4th of the polar circumference of Earth itself ..

in latitude arc-minutes_and_in nautical miles !!

"5400" .. Grid POINT Value .. OF .. The Great Sphinx of Giza !!!!!

(Munck, 1992, "The Code").


"90" ... 1/4th of "360" .. the # of equal segments on a circle ..

in "our" conventional geometry !!! The "right angle" !!!!

That equation is_describing_and it's describing it to *perfection* ....

the fact that 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars is intentionally,

and_very_intelligently tied-to .. The Great Sphinx_and_to Leo and Aquarius,

and specifically to REGULUS and to the Cube of 6.



BUT ... BUT ... we also have, involved in this email discussion ..

on this List .. the "old paradigm" thinking .. the "mainstream" mindset.

This mindset wants to "see something that really_looks_like a face".

For one thing .. this mindset seems to be missing the point that Kynthia

articulated the other night on the Art Bell show .. that is .. if winds, and

temperature changes .. and sand .. have been acting on this structure

for many thousands of years, without regular 'maintenance' to clear-away

the sand/dirt/rock/debris build-up .. that "Face" is_not_going to "really


like a face"... anyway !!!


On the other hand ... the_location_of that structure will stay THE SAME !!


Its precise latitude/longitude will stay CONSTANT .. barring any major,

unexpected or unforseen shifts in the landmass or shifts of the entire

planet relative to the ecliptic. It is already_obvious_that whoever designed

this "ASM" .. knew WHERE these structures would be_centered_ as of

Circa 2000, and they knew precisely WHERE the sky-locations would be ..

as of Jan.1, 2000. This is simply an_empirical_FACT !!!


Location .. location .. location. Timing .. timing .. timing.


We're talking PRECISE locations ... right down to the

fraction of the arc-second !!! That's how PRECISE these correlations are ..

involving sites/structures on both Earth and Mars .. *cross-correlations*

BETWEEN major structures on Earth_and_Mars !!!


Then .. you add-in the January 1, 2000 SKY-LOCATIONS ..

of Galactic Center, Solar Apex, and many prominent stars !!!

And it ALL correlates .. precisely !!! ALL of it !!!!


So ... it is the Status Quo .. it is the "mainstream" ..

that must yield, here. If it does not yield ... it will die.

It will be destroyed .. mostly from internal "collapse".

It is_not_going to survive. It is_simply_not going to survive.

It is only a matter of time.


This "ASM" is showing us .. IF we can recognize it ...

that our current "old paradigm" is corrupt, false, dysfunctional,

obsolete, and destined for destruction.

This ASM is showing us .. IF we can recognize it ...

that there_is_a massive "Galactic Community" there ..

but it will not "tolerate" .. because it CANNOT RESONATE WITH ..

the "System" that is currently in-control of our Earth "society".

In a message dated 05/27/2001 5:40:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:


<< In a message dated 5/27/01 10:54:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< In any case, seeing a pattern is in itself not especially impressive.

Until it can be shown as useful and relevant, preferably crucial, to

a next step in certain human developments. What practical applications

might such knowledge have?.

-=Rab >>



Yes.You are right. Although the patterns and correlations are extremely

impressive, the key question is as you ask or many other similar versions of

what you ask - what is the usefulness? How can we use this information to

advance the state of mankind? etc.

Some time ago I had replied to Michael Morton and had asked a very similar

question of him - but with no response. See below that message to Morton.

<<Subj: Re: Can you explain where your pursuit is leading to?

Date: 1/21/01

To: <A HREF=""></A>

In a message dated 1/20/01 7:29:33 PM Eastern Standard Time,


<< milamo >>

Your Work is very Impressive and Needed. I have been following the works of

Bruce Cathie, Dr. Hoagland, and Dr. Peter Plichta. I have just joined the

topica email list and so so in the past several weeks have received several

emails from you about your work which appears to focus on location/mapping

systems out to a celestial reference. Forgive me if I am understating your


For the sake of argument, lets say that all you suspect is proven true about

Giza and the Munck's work, and the Prime meridian markers celestial and


What then do we dowith that knowledge?

How does it help to improve the condition of the human race?

These questions may seem very elementary, but, for the rest of us who are

layman I believe this is the core bottomline questions to enable us to

understand what is the POINT of it all? So I am asking you to show how this

is more than an Acadamic pursuit of knowledge (not that I am criticizing


If you already know or suspect the answers - I think then it is worth

considering to put it on your web site. Of course it wouldn't be very

scientific to do so without have scientific backing for it and you would


criticism for it; but, I think in order to motivate the spreading of your

findings (and accelerate the challenging of status quo knowledge) this

knowlege needs to utilize some PR and marketing tactics. I would think that

you could post such opinions (supported with as much evidence as you have)


you clearly indicate that it is such - such as the function of the


section of a newspaper.


John Franolich


To Rab and John, and to Others ...

First of all .. Rab is_grossly_generalizing and minimizing ..

when he says, and I paraphrase .. "just seeing patterns isn't very impressive

in and of itself". This "ASM" .. ("Archaeo-sky Matrix") .. is_NOT_something

that can be minimized, trivialized, or generalized !!!


It is a grave insult to me .. but it is even_more_of an insult to the


and the builders of this Archaeo-sky Matrix .. for_anyone_to "dismiss"

this as "no big deal". I'm almost at a loss for words, frankly .. to reply

to such gross generalizing and trivializing. In fact .. that's basically the

reason for my not responding (up to this point) to RottyPa's question.

I was just pretty much flabbergasted .. to see that otherwise-apparently-

very-intelligent men .. are (apparently) so .. I'm_still_grasping for words


... so .. "blind" .. ??!! .. as to come back with a question like .. "so


the USEFULNESS of this?". The "usefulness" ???!!!!

I'm still in somewhat of a 'state of shock' .. and depression ..

over the implications of "questions" such as this .. and of "comments"

such as .. "it's just a case of seeing patterns .. not very impressive".

But; unfortunately .. I can also see that the very reality of 'questions' and

'comments' such as these .. pertaining to the discovery and to the


'decoding' of such a tremendous, awesomely-significant thing as the "ASM" ..

is indicative of the very badly-distorted, dysfunctional,


mindset of the "modern mainstream".


How any otherwise-apparently-very-intelligent person could come back

with .. "not that impressive" .. after being exposed to the ASM ..

is truly indicative of a


Not a lack of intelligence, mind you .. but a very_sad_lack-of-awareness ..

an_incredible_lack-of-wisdom. And .. such_is_the state of the modern

"mainstream" mindset. This is seriously obvious. And seriously serious.



So ... RottyPa .. what are you looking for ? A better can-opener ?

A more efficient lawn-mower, perhaps ? A better mouse-trap ?



RabW .. so .. what WOULD "really impress" you, anyway ??!!!

(Talk about "hard to please" !!! Sufferin' catfish !!!).



The specificity and the precision .. of the equations that I've

found within the ASM .. and the obvious significance of the

sites/structures involved (cross-correlating on 2 planets) ..

and the obvious significance of prominent star-positions,

Galactic Center, and Solar Apex all being involved as-of January1, 2000 ..

indicates a massive, profound synchronization and correlation has

happened .. as of January1, 2000 .. on nothing less than

a Galactic scale !!!


We've just been "shown" .. it has just been_magnificently_displayed

to us .. yes .. to "us Earth Humans" ... that .. WE ARE NOT ALONE !!!!!!!

It has just been_awesomely_displayed to us .. that we are ..

and "have been for a really, really long time" ... part of a ..

Galactic Community !!!!!!!


Instead of "them" having to "land on The White House lawn" ...

we (well, at least me, so far) .. have recognized .. we have "figured-out" ..

that the actual_center_of The White House, itself .. in terms of latitude

and longtitude, right down to a fraction of the arc-second ..

is literally part of a precise_equation_connecting it to the precise

LOCATIONS .. as of January1, 2000 .. of .. the 3 Orion belt-stars,

the 3 main Giza pyramids, Galactic Center, Solar Apex, and the

latitude at the_center_of 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars.

( "Not that impressive" .. and, besides, "what's the use of it" ? )



Well .. let's see, now. Hmmmmmm.


How about .. for starters .. the fact that this Galactic-scale "display" ..

and it's "recognition" by_at least_"one of us" .. MEANS that ...

WE ARE NOT ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How 'bout THAT


Just for STARTERS ???!!!!????!!!!?????!!!!???!!!!

AND .. in-turn .... THAT MEANS ... that ....

"we" Earth-humans can now GO-AHEAD .. with the_certainty_that there

ARE intelligent beings_there_in a real Galactic Community ..

with whom "we"_CAN_communicate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AND .. THAT .. in-turn .. MEANS .. that "We, The People" of Earth ..

can DEMAND that the damned_Cover-ups_involving NASA, JPL,

ETs, UFOs, the NSA, the CIA, Big Business, the U.S. Department of

Defense .. the whole stinking lot of it .. BE_ENDED_NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All of us .. all of us .. have RELATIVES .. right_there_in the larger

Galactic Community. It is TIME .. NOW .. to END the "isolation of Earth

Humans" !!!!! Get off your asses, people .. and DEMAND these things

of your so-called "leaders" on this planet !!!!!!!!!!


It is TIME ... NOW .. to END the_suppression_of free-energy technologies,

anti-gravity technologies, anti-aging technologies, hyper-dimensional

physics applications, super-luminal travel technologies, etc., etc.



This "ASM" display .. and its recognition by us ...

means .. that .. "THE UNIFIED FIELD"_is_real !!!!!!!!!!!


If we can begin_"open"_communications with various advanced

civilizations .. we can LEARN almost_anything_including DETAILS

of free-energy applications, anti-gravity applications, hyperdimensional

physics applications, super-luminal travel, reversing the "aging process"

in our own bodies ... and extending our_lifespans_indefinitely


Do you_really_want to "physically" die at age 80 or 90 or 100 ???!!!!!!!!

And, of course .. we'd eliminate poverty, homelessness, fatal diseases,

starvation, etc., etc., etc.


("Not that impressive" . besides .. "of what 'use' is it ?").


Yeah ... "no big deal" .. I'm "just seeing patterns". Yeah ..."of what

use could it be, anyway?" Yeah ... right.


-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001