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Preliminary TVF Analysis

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<< Subj: Re: [cydonia] Preliminary TVF Analysis

Date: 06/03/2001 6:12:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Nathan)




I too disagree with Dr. Van Flanderns placement of the western eye.

I have looked at were he indicates the eye should be and I have yet

to spot what he is pointing to...the eye is either in one place or

the other...and if it is discovered that the eye was never in the

place that Dr. Van Flandern points too then his artificiality

hypothesis would have been wrong the whole time regaurdless of the

face being artificial.

There should never be so much conflict about something so important

as to were the eye should be located on the face...It can only make

this topic look less credibal in the eyes of the sceptical world, I

find that even though Van Flandern makes many good points in his new

statements about the face, His credibility to me is not as high as it

could be...especialy in light of were the "matching" features on the

eastern side of the face are...mainly the eyebrow and mouth. >>


None of you have really, yet, addressed the issue that I've brought up

many times on this List .. that TVF has_never_at least never publicly,

nor on any email list I know of .. addressed the PRIME MERIDIAN issue ...

the "ASM" prime meridians ("Archaeo-sky Matrix") that Munck identified

10 years ago (and which he self-published in "The Code", 1992).

Then, in 1999, I (Morton, Internet) identified the_ecliptic_prime meridian

as passing through the Orion belt-star ALNITAK (as observed from Earth).


The prime meridians Munck identified pass through the center of The

Great Pyramid and through the center of The D&M Pyramid.


In fact, the ENTIRE "ASM" .. at least as far as Munck and I have found,

to-date .. is organized_according_to those 3 prime meridians !!!


And, yet ... TVF has_still_not changed his statement_nor_defended it ..

that .. "The Face at Cydonia is not 'currently' in any culturally-significant

location on Mars". Yet .. at the same time, he gets-away with saying ...

"Oh, but The Face_was_at the Mars equator".


This is an outrage, and this continues to be a major insult to the works

of Munck and myself. There is now a_tremendous_amount of empirical

evidence which_proves_beyond any reasonable doubt .. that these 3 prime

meridians are self-evident and_currently-functional_in the "ASM".


None of you ... no one .. anywhere .. has really addressed this issue,

other than to make vague, disingenuous comments .. to the effect that,

"the ASM hasn't been proven to exist" .. or some such debunking remark.

Yes .. the ASM_has_been proven to exist .. despite the attempts to ignore

it and the attempts to dismiss it out of hand. The ASM has been proven

by the sheer weight of its empirical evidence, its consistency, its

specificity, and its precision.


When is it going to receive the critical-mass acknowledgement that

it deserves .. and that We, The People of Earth_also_ deserve ?


It must come from .. "us" .. from 'The People' of Earth.

We, The People, must create our own critical-mass acknowledgement !!

Who is with me on this ?


-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001