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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Barbury Castle Crop Formation(s) ..

Thanks, again, to Paul Vigay's database .. which has a

page devoted to the precise latitude/longitude (centered)

locations of at least some of the UK crop formations.


While I now wait in hopes that lat/long data will be posted

for the recent UK "Hackpen, near Barbury Castle" formation

that was reported on 29 May, 2001 .. I've been doing some

"figuring" .. in follow-up to recent emails I've posted on The

Internet regarding the first UK crop formation of this 2001

season .. the "Bull's Eye" created on 11 May, 2001 .. and its

apparently-precise AMS ("Archaeo-sky Matrix") correlations to

the AMS location of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.


First .. A Review of the AMS Location and Significance

Of the 17 July, 1991, "Barbury Castle" Crop Formation


Here are the ASM figures I found .. using Paul Vigay's database,

for that 17 July, 1991, "Barbury Castle" formation (its center) ...

but first .. here's the way to get to Paul's database .. to see a

summary, a diagram, and the lat/long data for this formation ..


When you get to that page .. scroll down to the

"search" area .. and simply type-in the year "1991",

and "July" for the month, and click on "search" .. which will

take you to the page showing a diagram, a summary,

and the "grid reference number" for that formation.

Click on the "grid reference number" .. and that will

take you to the lat/long datapage. There, you'll

notice some long, decimal-fractional figures ...

those are Paul's figures, not mine. I have absolutely

no input into the field-collection or determination of

these lat/long figures.


I use those figures to find the "ASM" lat and long

for the center of the crop formation.



Here are my "ASM" figures for that famous formation ..

(Morton, 2000, Internet) ..

Grid LAT ..

51 (deg) X 29 (min) X 20.40642527 (sec) North ..

= 30181.10298 North.

(Note: this is a decimal harmonic of the original base-perimeter

of The Great Pyramid of Giza, in regular ("British") feet ..

as_derived_by researcher Carl P.Munck, Sr. (1992, "The Code",

self-published). [ 3018.110298 regular feet ].

Grid LONG ..

32 (deg) X 54 (min) X 52.77144982 (sec) W.Giza ..

= 91189.06529 W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 01 deg 46 min 51.97144982 sec ].

(Note: "91189.06529" .. is a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT

Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico).

(Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published). [ 9.118906529 ].

Grid POINT Value .. 17 July, 1991 "Barbury Castle Crop Formation" ..

91189.06529 / 30181.10298 = 3.021396048



Relating Directly to the "Bull's Eye" Crop Formation

Created on 11 May, 2001


Very recently, I posted my "ASM" figures for the centered

location (lat/long) of the first UK crop formation of the 2001 season ..

which has the appearance of a "bull's eye".

I have discovered its precise correlation to both ALDEBARAN,

the "eye" (prominent star in our sky) of The Bull in the Taurus

zodiac constellation, and_also_simultaneously .. its correlation to the

ASM location of 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars.

Not only that .. I noticed the "33" days between the taking of

the NASA photo of 'The Face' at Cydonia on 8th April, 2001,

and the creation of this "Bull's Eye" crop formation.

In addition .. I noticed that not only is this a time period of

33 Earth days .. our current_calendar_actually "marks" a

division of those 33 days into sets of 22 and 11 days ..

via the April/May "border". The numbers 22 and 11 are

known as "master numbers" in esoterica.

Yes .. you can go to Paul Vigay's website to see a diagram,

a good photo, and a summary of this "Bull's Eye" formation.

Go to the URL (above), and simply enter "2001" for the year,

and "May" for the month .. and hit "search".

Then .. click on the "grid reference number" .. and you'll

be at the lat/long datapage .. and you'll see, there, the figures

I used to calculate the centered "ASM" figures for this formation.

(Morton, 2001, Internet).


[ Remember .. you must convert the longitude to "W.Giza" ..

by adding-on the longitude variance (prime meridian variance)

between Greenwich and the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza ].

That variance is .. 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec.

Now .. before I give you the "proof" equations ..

keep in mind that 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars has an ASM

Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published)

of .. 656.56127 .. equivalent to .. [36 Radians (deg) / Pi].


I'm going to use the "Tetrahedral Grid LAT" (Morton, 1999, Internet),

the figure .. 8760.48194 .. related_precisely_to the "Tetrahedral Latitude"

(R.C.Hoagland, "The Monuments of Mars") of 19.47122061 (arc-deg)

geometric_ideal_north and south, Hoagland's model of "hyperdimensional

physics" involving energy-upwellings at approximately 19.5 (deg) north and

south latitude on rotating planetary bodies.


Here's how that_geometric ideal_of 19.47122061 (arc-deg) ..

relates precisely to 8760.48194 ...


19 (deg) X 28 (min) X 16.46707132 (sec) north/south ..

= 8760.48194 north/south.


I simply converted the 19.47122061 arc-degrees .. into ..

its_equivalent_numbers of degrees, minutes, and seconds.

Then .. I multiplied those numbers.

That is an example of_how_this ASM ("Archaeo-sky Matrix") is encoded.

( You do_NOT_"worry" about "mixing" those individual units .. because it

has been found that this ASM_is_encoded in this manner !! ).



Via the ASM


[ Recall the Grid POINT Value of the 11 May, 2001 "Bull's Eye"

crop formation .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) .. 4.559453264 ..

which, in turn, is exactly HALF of the 9.118906529 Grid POINT

Value of The Quetzalcoatl Pyramid at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

(Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published) ].


(8760.48194 X 3.021396048) / 4.559453264 / 33 ...

= 656.56127 / 3.141592654 / 1.188


The figure "1.188" .. is a decimal harmonic of .. 1188 .. a very

crucial year in the history of The Knights Templar.

That year saw "The Cutting of the Elm" .. apparently an

actual historical event, in which a_gigantic_elm tree was

eventually chopped-down in the heat of a military skirmish

between French and English royal armies on a field in

Gisors, France .. known as "The Sacred Field" ..

where meetings had occurred between the kings of England

and France for generations.

Also in that year, The Ordre de Sion split-off from

(dis-owned) The Knights Templar.

This elm tree was very ancient .. over 800 years old,

reportedly, and its trunk was so large that it supposedly

took 9 men, linking hands, to encompass it.

("Holy Blood, Holy Grail"; Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln ..

see page 120, paperback edition).



It "so happens" .. that 1188 is exactly HALF of .. 2376.

Please hold that thought, if you will.


My interpretation of "the number of a man" .. involving the

so-called "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" (composite equation) ..

(Morton, 2000, Internet) ..

is .. 6*6*6 .. the Cube of 6 .. or, 216.

I used the number "216" as one of the 4 terms

in the equation I found. I could not find any

mathematically-appropriate star-location in the

January1, 2000 ASM .. regarding the "humankind"

entity in the riddle, so I interpret the Aquarius position

as simply .. 6*6*6 .. 216.


1188 - 216 = 972 .. decimal harmonic of the self-evidently

intended_circumference_of "The Circle of Churches" in the

South of France. I have proposed on The Internet that ..

97200 regular ("British") feet .. is the self-evidently intended

figure for that circumference.

This is precisely resonant with a diameter of ..

18000 Royal Cubits, of exactly 20.62648063 regular

("British") inches for each Royal Cubit.


18000 X 20.62648063 = 371276.6513 regular inches.

371276.6513 / 12 = 30939.72094 regular feet, diameter.

30939.72094 X 3.141592654 = 97200 regular feet, circumference.


And where did I get "20.62648063" regular inches for a Royal Cubit ?


I got it directly from the 360 arc-degrees system.

Yes .. this number was apparently used in very, very

deep antiquity .. as_the_numerical value of choice for one

complete circumference.

The numerical value of The Radian Arc, assuming the

conventional 360 arc-degrees system .. is ..

(360 / 6.283185307) = 57.29577951 arc-deg.


Simply substituting "57.29577951" for the "given radius",

in the standard math formula for "Area on a Hemisphere" ..

2Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) = 20626.48063 Square arc-deg.


There's the decimal harmonic geometric basis for .. 20.62648063 ..

regular inches, for the true and precisely-intended length ..

of The Royal Cubit. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

Getting back, now .. to the "1188" and the "216" ..

I showed that .. 1188 - 216 = 972 .. which, as you can see,

"encodes" the "97200" figure pertaining to the circumference

of "The Circle of Churches" (see the book, "Genisis", by David Wood),

in terms of_regular_feet.


Now .. I'll continue-on .. by using the figure "666" ..

which I have interpreted for purposes involving the

"Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" .. as 6*6*6 .. or 216.


972 - 666 = 306.


That number .. 306 .. is the azimuth-of-orientation,

in arc-degrees, from the_center_of "The Circle of Churches" ..

to .. the location of the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau.

(Morton, Internet, 1999) .. see my work on the following

website ..


Once at that website .. go to the section on "The Circle of Churches",

the "Miami Square", etc.


Also .. 306 = 144 + 162.


Those numbers .. are referencing the_speed_of light,

in terms of nautical miles per "Earth grid second" .. 144000 ..

and, in terms of nautical miles per second .. 162000 ..

(Bruce Cathie, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space").

Amazingly .. the_radius_of "The Circle-of-Churches" is

equal to its circumference divided-by .. the Grid POINT

Value of the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau !!!

I have found the Grid POINT Value of the_church_

at Rennes-le-Chateau to be encoding a self-evidently

intended value of .. 6.283185307 .. 2Pi.

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

Notice the inverse ratio of 144 and 162 ...

144 / 162 = 0.888888889 .. decimal harmonic of ..

January1, 2000 ASM Grid POINT Value of .. ALDEBARAN.

(Morton, 2000, Internet). [ 8.888888889 ].

Correlation to "Volume of a Torus"


Thanks to Tom Mellett .. I now can recognize the encoded

reference to "Volume of a Torus" .. in the diameter of "The Circle

of Churches", in terms of regular inches. A special thanks to you, Tom.

Tom sent me the standard_formula_for "Volume of a Torus" ..

(2Pi X Pi) X (radius Cubed).

Notice .. (2Pi X Pi) = 19.7392088 .. the January1, 2000 Grid

POINT Value, in the ASM, for REGULUS !!!

(Morton, 1999, Internet).


The diameter in regular feet of "The Circle of Churches" ..

is .. (97200 / Pi) = 30939.72094 .. so .. just multiply

by 12 .. to find its diameter in terms of regular inches ..

30939.72094 X 12 = 371276.6513 regular inches.


Now .. to find the_generic_numerical value for any

circle/sphere based geometric form .. assuming the

360 arc-degrees "convention" .. you substitute

"57.29577951" arc-deg for the "given radius" in

the standard formulas for surface-area and volume.


So .. 19.7392088 X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..

= 3712766.512


That's exactly_10_times the diameter, in regular inches,

of "The Circle of Churches".

Another decimal harmonic correlation.

So .. you see that the "Volume of a Torus" .. based on the 360

arc-degrees system of the ancients .. is encoded in the diameter

of "The Circle of Churches" .. in terms of_regular_inches !!

Plus .. the link to The Royal Cubit is_also_evident, there ..

in terms of 18000 Royal Cubits of_20.62648063_regular inches

in each Royal Cubit.



As I noted, earlier in this article ..

1188 is HALF 2376.


Researcher/author Laurence Gardner (see his books,

"Bloodline of the Holy Grail", and "Genesis of the Grail Kings") ..

has apparently found the correct year-of-birth of Jesus Christ as ..

07 B.C.


From 07 B.C. to "Year One" .. is 8 years. ( 01 A.D.)

This, I think, is referencing the figure "8" as associated with

'kingship" and with "enlightenment" (L.Gardner).

Recall .. that I found the Grid POINT Value of what I termed ..

"a stylized ouroboros" .. the_first_UK crop formation of the

year-2000 season .. to be .. 8.

The actual "design" of that first UK crop formation of 2000 ..

was truly in the form of a "stylized ouroboros" ..

which, according to L.Gardner ("Genesis of the Grail Kings"),

is an_extremely_ancient symbol/emblem denoting both "kingship"

and "enlightenment".


So .. 2376 years from the birth-year of Jesus Christ ..

07 B.C. .. would be .. "2368 A.D." .. if you count from

the "Year One" or, from 01 A.D.


I think_that_year .. 2368 .. marks the actual zodiacal

end of Pisces, in terms of March equinox, according to

Earth precession .. and also the actual_zodiacal_beginning

of Aquarius. But .. I also think that "2160" A.D. will

be the standard "30 arc-degrees" beginning of the

"Age of Aquarius". That is .. the "ideal" number of years

for each of the 12 zodiac ages is 2160 .. 30 arc-degrees

times 2160 years = 25920 "ideal" number of years for one

Earth precession cycle.


The number "2368" does_have_the classical gematrian 'meaning'

of .. "Jesus Christ".

It "so happens" that the Grid POINT Value of January1, 2000

SIRIUS .. in the ASM .. is .. 2.368705056 .. (Morton, 1999, Internet),

which is a decimal harmonic of the Grid LONG of ..

The U.S.Naval Observatory !!!

(Morton, 1998, Internet).

2368.705056 W.Giza ..

= 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza.

[ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].


There, you have the first 4 digits .. the digits, in order,

to the left of the decimal point, in the Grid LONG of

The U.S.Naval Observatory .. as .. "2368".

And .. you have the brightest star in our sky .. SIRIUS ..

as of_midnight_on New Year's Eve of 1999/2000 ..

at a Grid POINT Value of "2.368705056" .. decimal

harmonic of the Grid LONG of this prominent observatory

in Washington, D.C.


What about 2012 December solstice ?

End of the Mayan Calendar ?


December solstice is only 10 days .. there's the number "10" again ..

from .. 01 January.


Ten days after December solstice of 2012, is Jan.1, 2013.


"2013" .. do you see the numbers "20" and "13" there ?

Both "20" and "13" are very sacred to the Mayans.

In fact .. 20 X 13 = 260 .. the number of days in the Mayan

Tzolkin calendar cycle.


20 + 13 = 33.


20 - 13 = 7 .. a very sacred number to many traditions.


2013 - 1188 = 825


825 X 4 = 3300 .. decimal harmonic of 33.

Why "4" ? The 4 cardinal directions .. symbolized by the "cross".

The "cross sign" is a symbol of the_intersection_of lat/long ..

the essence of this ancient "ASM", itself. I think of it as a symbol

of "self-referential awareness". This "ASM" is truly, I think, a legacy

for us Earth humans, bequeathed to us by our star-traveling ancestors.

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene were direct descendants from long

lineages of "keepers and carriers of advanced ancient knowledge".

Again .. I recommend, here, the works of Laurence Gardner ..

and also the books of Zecharia Sitchin.

Additionally .. the books of Neil Freer provide much insight into

the "modern ramifications and implications" of Sitchin's detailed

and comprehensive scholarship.

3300 X 8 = 26400 .. Grid LAT .. at the center of the large

limestone boulder still wedged/lodged in the western side of the

remains of the Ark of Ziusudra .. (based directly on the GPS

readings taken atop that boulder by Michael Bonilla of Long Island,

New York, USA on 11 October, 2000).

(I have written about this subject in more detail in a recent

email posting).

26400 North ..

= 39 (deg) X 26 (min) X 26.03550296 (sec) North.


The D&M Pyramid, The Face,

(Precession/Obliquity), and The White House


Notice ..


(3.021396048 X 27.58106915) = (656.56127 / 7.87873524).


Then ...


(656.56127 / 7.87873524) = 83.33333333 = (50 / 0.6)


The annual angular rate-of-movement of Earth's precession cycle ..

which is .. ideally .. 25920 years long .. is .. 50 arc-seconds.

The annual angular rate-of-movement of Earth's_main_obliquity

cycle .. which is, ideally, 40000 years long ..

is .. 0.6 arc-seconds.


Obliquity refers to the angle of Earth's rotational-axis equator ..

to the plane of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is Earth's orbital path

(its plane) around the Sun.


Notice the ratio of those 2 parameters .. 50 / 0.6 = 83.33333333


Incredibly, and yet_empirically_true ..

the precise_RATIO_of the ASM Grid POINT Values of ..

The White House and 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars ..

is also .. "83.33333333" ... again ..


(656.56127 / 7.87873524) = 83.33333333



Notice that the_multiplied-product_of the 17 July, 1991,

"Barbury Castle" Crop Formation's Grid POINT Value ..

times the ASM Grid POINT Value of ..

'The D&M Pyramid' of Cydonia on Mars ..

is precisely equivalent-to .. again .. "83.33333333" ..

(3.021396048 X 27.58106915) = 83.33333333


Munck (1992, "The Code", self-published) found the ASM

values of 'The Face' and of 'The D&M Pyramid'.


Some Comments on the "Kingship" Issue


It happens (L.Gardner's research is very thorough and compelling

in this area, in my opinion) ... that ...

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene established genealogical roots and

descendants in the area of the South of France.

This is, apparently, historical fact.

And it does now seem to be factual that a "suppressed

kingship/queenship" legacy and culture developed out of that

geographical area. Naturally .. the bloodlines coming out of that

development were involved in the "keeping and carrying-forward"

of advanced ancient knowledge. And_that_is the real issue, here ..

keeping_alive_the advanced knowledge .. yes .. preventing it from

being totally "wiped-out" by forces such as "organized religion" ..

the corrupt "church" Establishment. But now there's also the corrupt

"scientific" Establishment .. as well as the corrupt "financial"

Establishment .. as well as the corrupt "media" Establishment ..

as well as the corrupt "corporate-big-business" Establishment.

These, of course .. are all allied.


Anyway .. the legacy and the culture of this "suppressed kingship/queenship"

came out of that geographical area .. South of France .. and from there

into England, Scotland, Germany, etc., etc.

So .. it's NOT a situation, as some people will 'decry' ..

of .. "ignoring the rest of the world" .. or of "being Eurocentric" ..

or of "ignoring" Islamics, or "ignoring" Asians, or "ignoring" black


It's simply where the_latest_or .. "most-recent" .. nest of advanced

"civilization" came from .. as purely historical fact.


So .. I guess what I'm trying to say, here, regarding this "Jesus Christ"

(and Mary Magdalene) issue .. is .. that I certainly am_not_intending ..

not in the least .. to advance_any_sort of "religious agenda" in this work

I'm doing. I am only trying to explain, as_part_of the work I'm doing ..

why the date of January1, 2000 is_precisely_indicated .. as the

time-node for the_sky-locations_invlved in this "Archaeo-sky Matrix".


The ground-locations, if you will, are indicated as correlated with ..

"circa 2000". But the_sky-locations_including GALACTIC CENTER

and SOLAR APEX .. are clearly correlating precisely to January1, 2000,

which is the exact change-of-the-millennium .. and SIRIUS actually

"signals" the transition by appearing (from Earth) to "cross the sky-

meridian" at_midnight_on New Year's Eve !!

(See the series of articles by Mike Bara on TEM website ..

entitled, "Has the End of Days Begun") ..


Of course, the modern "Western" calendar is "dated"

from the birth-year of Jesus Christ.

And .. the number "2000" is a decimal harmonic of "2" ..

the number of duality and polarity.

(Notice the "duality" involving 'The Face' at Cydonia on Mars !!)


Opposites in the zodiac .. Leo and Aquarius .. "feline and humanoid" ..

180 degrees apart. Could it be that the figure .. 12960 .. is being

alluded-to ? Half an Earth precession cycle in years .. 12960 ..

and it might be referencing the "when" of the last "polar shift"

of Earth itself.


Here, again, I thank Tom Mellett .. for emailing me the standard

math formula for .. "Surface-area on a Torus" ..

4Pi X (radius Squared) X Pi.


Substituting the 57.29577951 arc-degrees_numerical_value for

The Radian Arc, assuming the 360 arc-degrees system,

in place of the_"given radius"_ in the standard formula ..


(4 X 3.141592654) X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) X 3.141592654 ..

= 129600 = (360 X 360).


Exactly a decimal harmonic of the "ideal" number of years in HALF

an Earth precession cycle !!


So .. you can see that the_generic_surface-area on a Torus ..

is a decimal harmonic of_HALF_an Earth precession cycle in years !!??


What is the_generic_Volume of a Sphere ?


It is .. (4Pi / 3) X (radius Cubed) ..


(4Pi / 3) X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..

= 787873.524 Cubic arc-degrees .. decimal harmonic of ..

the Grid POINT Value of .. The White House in Washington, D.C.

(Morton, 1998, Internet). { 7.87873524 }.


And the Surface-area_generic_on a Sphere?


2Pi X (radius Squared) ..


2Pi X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..

= 41252.96125 .. Square arc-degrees.

That figure .. is a decimal harmonic of .. the precise and intended

length of .. "The King's Chamber" inside The Great Pyramid of Giza ..

in terms of .. regular ("British") inches !! [ 412.5296125 ].

(Morton, 1998, Internet; proposal and prediction).



Somehow .. somehow .. this "ASM" is synchronized_perfectly_

on an apparent GALACTIC SCALE .. to January 1, 2000.

This is proven by the empirical evidence observed.


I think we are now into a very_GRAND_"Jubilee" period, if you will ..

a 13-year period, including the_10_days from December solstice of

2012 to New Year's Eve of 2013.


The number "13" is known as the "tones of creation" by the Mayans.


That is referencing the chromatic scale in music.


There are 8 tones in the diatonic musical scale ..

including the_first_note of the_succeeding_octave.

So .. there are 7 notes in the diatonic musical scale ..

not including the first note of the next octave.


And .. there are 12 notes in the_chromatic_musical scale ..

not including the first note of the succeeding scale.

This 13-year period should be a time of great awakening ..

and of celebration.


But_we_need to create a critical-mass awareness .. to have the joy ..

to have the elation .. the elation of a NEW consensus consciousness

on this planet Earth .. a NEW consensus paradigm .. based on this

enlightenment .. based on this_enlightenment_that ..

WE ARE NOT ALONE !!! In fact .. We are apparently VERY SPECIAL !!


-- Michael Lawrence Morton (c) 2001