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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 183

Wakerley Woods & Winter's Down Crop Circles

Hi, All ...
     I'm getting this out to you now .. because I'm so excited.

 This is regarding some recent UK crop formations.

 Some of you know I've been finding correlations to 
 "Galactic Center", and to "Solar Apex", etc., lately ..
 as of their precise sky-locations @ Jan.1, 2000.

 This is corroborating the work I've done involving the
 Jan.1, 2000 sky-locations (in this "ASM") .. of various
 prominent "fixed stars" in our sky .. and all of this has
 used a particular database, as a source, of actual sky
 observations made of these various sky-locations ..
 in the (mid-to-late ?) 1990s .. and then 'projected' to their 
 Jan.1, 2000 positions, by the people who did compile this database. 
 I must say .. which is good for "impartiality's sake", I'd say ..
 that at this moment, I still don't know 'who' compiled this database.
 I think it is probably someone (or some people) who are interested
 in the "sidereal zodiac" work of Fagan and Allen.

 I already reported my "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) findings
 for the first UK crop formation of this 2001 season ..
 on The Internet. Some of you may have read my posting(s)
 regarding what I call the "bull's-eye" formation .. which I
 found to correlate with ALDEBARAN .. the "eye" of Taurus
 the Bull (zodiac constellation).
 I figure my crop-formation "ASM" numbers from Paul Vigay's
 "International Crop Circle Database" on his website ..

 When you get to the page showing the particular formation
 you're interested in .. you 'click' on the Grid Reference Number ..
 which takes you to the latitude/longitude datapage for that particular
 formation. I use the long, decimal-fractional figures, to calculate
 an approximation of the formation's self-evident location.
 Then, I try to recognize appropriate "ASM" Grid LATs, Grid LONGs,
 and Grid POINT Values .. for the given formation. 
 Sometimes Paul Vigay's website doesn't have photographs or
 very detailed reports for 'some' formations .. in which cases I've
 found "The Crop Circle Connector" website to be helpful.    
                 WAKERLEY WOODS, nr BARROWDEN, Northampton
 This was found on 3rd of June, 2001.
 The lat/long grid ref. # is .. SP938995, on the P.Vigay website .. 

 For a photo and a report .. go to "The Crop Circle Connector" website ..
 In the photo .. notice the 18 "glyphs" around the inner edge of
 the circumference ?  Now .. notice the 9 "glyphs", further-in ..
 around in a circle, again ?  Keep those numbers in mind .. 18, and 9.

 Here are my "ASM" figures .. based directly on the lat/long datapage
 on the P.Vigay website ..

 Grid LAT Wakerley ..
 52 (deg)  X  35 (min)  X  4.395604396 (sec)  North ..
 =  8000  North.
 Grid LONG Wakerley ..
 31 (deg)  X  44 (min)  X  57.13143168 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  77927.27281  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  36 min  56.33143168 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value Wakerley ..
 77927.27281 / 8000  =  9.740909103
 Note .. (9.740909103  X  10)  =  (Pi to the 4th power).

 Another researcher has identified "Mayan" aspects correlating
 with this formation. (A certain "Sun-Stone"). 

 Indeed .. the number "18" is very important in the Mayan 
 Calendar cycles.

 Some of the "glyphs" themselves look 'sort-of' Mayan-like to me.

 Using the 8000 N. Grid LAT  .. if you multiply by 18 ..
 (18 X 8000)  =  144,000 .. the Bruce Cathie 'speed-of-light' figure,
 in terms of his "nautical miles per Earth-grid second" ... which
 is_equivalent_to simply 162,000 nautical miles per second ..
 B.Cathie's "max" light-speed .. i.e., before light has a chance
 to be 'slowed-down' by anything .. such as a large planetary body's
 gravity, magnetic field, atmosphere, etc.

 We're looking at a "circular form" here, in this crop formation ..
 which suggests, of course, the number "360" .. our conventional
 number of arc-degrees on one circumference.

 360 - 144  =  162  =  (9 X 18).

 There's the "9" and the "18" shown in the design of this
 formation .. referenced earlier.

 You see a 'Circle' .. suggesting "360" right away.
 Then, you notice a "circle of 18", and then a "circle of 9".

 360 / 18 / 9  =  2.222222222 .. repeating 2s.

 Try multiplying "any repeating decimal" .. by .. 162.
 (That's a kind of "rule-of-thumb" in this work I'm doing).

 OK .. 2.222222222  X  162  =  360.   Nicely self-referential !!

 Notice .. (144 / 162)  =  0.888888889 ..

 That's a decimal harmonic of the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM"
 Grid POINT Value of .. ALDEBARAN.
 (Morton, 2000, Internet) ... (8.888888889).

 This formation was created probably within a day or so
 of ALDEBARAN's annual ecliptic longitudinal conjunction 
 (with our Sun). Probably not a "random coincidence", in my
 opinion at least. Recall .. the_first_UK crop formation of this
 2001 season_is_the "bull's-eye" formation. 
 The Grid LONG of  .. 77927.27281 .. encodes the Grid POINT
 Value (Munck, 1992, "The Code") of The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
 by way of the Pi constant and a power-of-ten ..

 (248.0502134  X  100  X  3.141592654)  =  77927.27281

 Taking the "8" of the 8000 Grid LAT ...
 8 + 18  =  26  =  13 X 2 .... very Mayan-related, in terms of 
 the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar cycle.

                   WINTER'S DOWN, near CORHAMPTON, Hampshire

 This one was found on 18th June, 2001.

 On the P.Vigay website, for lat/long datapage ..
 the grid ref. # is .. SU592206.

 For a good photo by Lucy Pringle  .. go to ..
 Here are my "ASM" figures for this formation ..

 Grid LAT ..
 50 (deg)  X  58 (min)  X  50.81117383 (sec)  North ..
 =  147352.4041  North.
 Grid LONG ..
 32 (deg)  X  17 (min)  X  25.41176471 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  13824  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  01 deg  09 min  24.61176471 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value ..
 147352.4041 / 13824  =  10.65917275

 Note .. "10.65917275" .. is exactly equal to .. the multiplied-product
 of .. the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" Grid POINT Value of GALACTIC CENTER
 times (0.3) ...  (35.53057584  X  0.3)  =  10.65917275
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 Note .. "13824" .. is a numerical_match_of the Jan.1, 2000 
 "ASM" Grid LAT of .. POLARIS .. our current north-pole star.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).
 [ 13824  North of ecliptic ..
 =  66 (deg)  X  05 (min)  X  41.89090909 (sec)  North of ecliptic ]. 
 Now, things get even_more_interesting.

 Evidently, this formation was created within a day, or so, of ..
 the annual ecliptic longitudinal conjunction of POLARIS
 (with our Sun). POLARIS is at an ecliptic longitude .. relative
 to the ALNITAK "ASM" prime meridian marker-star .. 
 of  03 deg  53 min  04 sec E.ALNITAK (to the nearest arc-sec),
 which puts its longitudinal conjunction sometime late on
 the 18th, or early on the 19th, of June 2001. That's why I'm
 saying "within a day or so", of the creation of this crop formation.

 So .. you have not only a numerical match involving the very center
 of this crop formation's W.Giza longitude_location_and the Jan.1, 2000
 Grid LAT of POLARIS .. you_also_have an apparent reference and
 actual_synchronization_of the time-of-creation of this formation,
 to the annual ecliptic longitudinal conjunction of POLARIS !!

 In the "ASM" .. you determine a location's Grid POINT Value
 by_first_finding its Grid LAT and its Grid LONG.
 You then take the ratio (always larger-over-smaller) ..
 which is the Grid POINT Value. Here is the actual "ASM"
 Grid LONG of POLARIS as of Jan.1, 2000 ...
 03 (deg)  X  53 (min)  X  4.025157233 (sec)  E.ALNITAK ..
 =  640  E.ALNITAK. (Morton, 1999, Internet).
 So .. POLARIS Grid POINT Value, as of Jan.1, 2000 ..
 13824 / 640  =  21.6 .. decimal harmonic of Earth's
 POLAR circumference in both nautical miles_and_in latitude
 arc-minutes !!           
 I do suggest that you look again at Lucy Pringle's photo
 of this formation. Can you "see" anything there, that suggests
 Earth's north polar precession-circle ?

 Look at the Grid LAT of this formation .. 147352.4041  North.

 I can factor that into .. [180  X  (Pi Squared)  X  82.944].

 The "82.944" is a decimal harmonic of .. 82944 .. known
 as "Abraham's Number" in certain esoteric circles (pun not intended).
 It's a number that is very Earth-precession related, and gematria-related.
 In fact, it_is_a gematrian number. It is also the Square of 288.

 Two researchers who have written about this number are .. 
 David Leahy and Jerry Iuliano. 
 There is a_link_to some work by David Leahy regarding 82944 ..
 at ..
 (Jerry Iuliano's email address is .. JerryIuliano@a...).

 Now .. I'll show you how this correlates directly with my 
 discovery of the_difference_in the prime meridian "variances" 
 between Earth and Mars. The old-paradigm (well; still the 
 "current" paradigm, although it's becoming "shakier-by-the-day") ..
 the old-paradigm thinking is that prime meridian placements
 are "arbitrary".  Apparently .. this is really_not_true, at least
 on Earth, on Mars, and "in the sky" as observed from Earth,
 relative to the ecliptic. 

 In early 2000, I found a_difference_in the prime meridian longitude
 "variances" between Earth and Mars .. of .. 21.6 arc-degrees.
 That's a numerical_match_of the "ASM" Grid POINT Value 
 of the Jan.1, 2000 sky-location of POLARIS.

 Munck (1992, "The Code") had found the Earth prime meridian
 longitude variance .. between Greenwich and Giza .. of ..
 31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec. The Earth "ASM" prime meridian,
 Munck found, is through the center of The Great Pyramid.
 He also found the Mars "ASM" prime meridian to be 
 through the center of The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia.
 However .. he had not found the precise prime meridian 
 "variance" on Mars. Erol O.Torun had indicated to me, via email,
 that he thought the variance was 09 deg 33 min .. to the nearest

 I then discovered that the Mars "variance" is closer to 09 deg 32 minutes.
 Here is how I found this out ..

 09 (deg)  X  32 (min)  X  0.8 (sec)  =  230.4 ..

 Then ... (82944 / 230.4)  =  360.
 But there was even_more_of a confirmation.

 I looked at the DIFFERENCE in my "hypothesized" 
 Mars 'variance' .. compared-to .. the Earth 'variance' ...

    31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec
  - 09 deg  32 min  0.8 sec
    21 deg  36 min  0.0 sec

 This showed a precise DIFFERENCE of .. 21.6 arc-degrees !!
 A flat-out numerical_match_of the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" 
 Grid POINT Value of POLARIS.

 This, I think, is an obvious confirmation of a_non-arbitrary_set
 of prime meridian locations, on not only_both_Earth and Mars ...
 but_also_"in the sky" as observed from Earth, relative to the
 ecliptic .. as of Jan.1, 2000.

 Recall .. earlier in this article .. I found that the Grid POINT
 Value of this crop formation .. 10.65917275 ...
 is closely-correlated with the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT
 (0.3  X  35.53057584)  =  10.65917275

 Notice that you have, in this case, very specific references to
 Earth's precession and also to Earth's exact angle-of-obliquity
 to the ecliptic .. as of Jan.1, 2000. 
 Consider the implications, please.

 This is also why I'm so excited about the correlation
 between the actual_centered_location of THE WHITE HOUSE,
 in Washington, D.C. .. with the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992)
 of THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars !!

 (656.56127 / 7.87873524)  =  83.33333333 ..

 83.33333333  =  (50 / 0.6).

 The "50", in that equation, is the "ideal" number of arc-seconds 
 of annual 'observed movement' in Earth's precession
 cycle of 25,920 years.
 The "0.6" is the "ideal" number of arc-seconds of annual movement
 in Earth's main obliquity cycle of 40,000 years.

 The "7.87873524" is not only the centered Grid POINT Value
 of THE WHITE HOUSE (Morton, 1998, Internet) ..
 but also is a decimal harmonic of the generic Volume of
 a Sphere .. assuming a radius of 57.29577951 ..
 which, in turn, is the numerical_value_in arc-degrees,
 of The Radian Arc .. assuming a_circumference_of 360 arc-degrees !! 

 The standard formula for Volume of a Sphere ..
 (4Pi / 3)  X (radius Cubed).

 (4Pi / 3)  X  (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..
 =  787873.524  Cubic arc-degrees.

 You even have a specific reference encoded, in this case, 
 to the generic Surface Area on a Torus.

 The formula for Surface Area on a Torus ...
 (2Pi) Squared  X  (radius Squared).

 39.4784176  X  (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..
 =  129600  =  (360 X 360).

 Recall .. the "640" alluded-to as the Grid LONG of POLARIS ..
 in the_timing_of this crop formation (date discovered/created).

 Notice .. (640 / 82.944)  =  (1 / 0.1296).

 See the decimal harmonic of 129600 ... "0.1296" ...
 also a decimal harmonic of the 1296 North Grid LAT ..
 of both "The Tholus" and "City Square Center" at Cydonia on Mars ..
 =  41 (deg)  X  03 (min)  X  10.53658537 (sec)  North.
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.