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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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 From:  milamo@a...
 Date:  Fri Jun 22, 2001  3:26 am
 Subject:  Re: MARS: 'Face on Mars' in Peru 
 It seems to me that Kathy Doore ( 
 is doing some very good work .. regarding sites in the Peruvian/
 Bolivian Andes. She mentioned this skyward-looking face to me ..
 and I did ask her if it would be possible for her to put out a feeler
 regarding someone getting an aerial photo of it.  Also .. of course ..
 if someone can pinpoint it on a good map .. I can probably get
 its "ASM" figures.  

 There is a "carved" full-head sculpture (massive) at Marcahuasi, Peru ..
 that Munck has already found to be in the ASM. I've mentioned
 it a couple of times, as I recall.
    -- Michael L.M.

In a message dated 06/21/2001 9:36:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
ancient_vizier@y... writes:

<< > I can't believe that none of us knew about that
 > Peruvian face!  It's the only terrestrial face aimed
 > skyward that I know about.  Wow.  The similarity is
 > unnervingly close...
 > Mac
 Well the Face II at Cornet's "Cydonia II" site probably used to look 
 up, and have a "natural" face out here at Bandon, Oregon that's 
 mostly horizontal that I'm still hoping interested 
 archeocryptographers will find some success with, or even 
 archaeoastronomers since astronomical lore seems to cling to it 
 supposedly of Native American origin (Face Rock is in the USGS GNIS 
 database but not probably no "good" coordinates for that kind of 
 thing). Enough of a resemblance seems to be present that a lookout 
 point has devoted to it. Munck has found that several of these 
 "natural" faces tested (the Old Man of the Mountain and now Sphinx 
 Rock that was seen in Carlotto's book) may have deliberate placement 
 according to the matrix. And of course, they seem to "talk" to the 
 Cydonia Face mathematically. The Marcahuasi face's appearance is 
 especially impressive in this context, though. 
 BTW, the Marcahausi face was shown by Hoagland during his U.N. 
 Address ("Terrestrial Connection" Hoagland's Mars V.3 video). I wish 
 I had more info, and am not sure how much is in Bill Cote's video 
 since I don't have yet. Cote is also the one who provided Munck with 
 his map for Peruvian faces.
 Robert >>

        Yes ... indeed ..

 As some of you may recall, I did work with Bruce Cornet's website
 material in 1998 (Spring) .. re: his "Cydonian Analogues", as he called
 them. I did find, actually, quite spectacular results .. using Dr. Cornet's
 USGS map-overlays that he did have on his website. I ordered those
 maps from USGS, and I did find exciting results.

 Yes .. Dr. Cornet did go into (in my opinion) a kind of "denial" reaction
 over my results, unfortunately .. although I do not "blame" him for this.
 I have found ... as many of you, also, have found .. in "this work" ..
 that many people_do_go into a "denial" reaction when "confronted"
 with results that are not possible to dismiss. This is just how many people
 in our current paradigm react to this sort of thing .. and you really don't 
 who is going to react this way, and who isn't .. until it happens.

 But I'm not going to let Dr. Cornet's reaction stop me.
 And .. who knows .. maybe he'll "come around" some day.
 Sometimes it's not a question of the science involved .. its a
 question of the psychological/emotional gestalt and situation
 of the person(s) involved.

 I'm trying to understand this "denial" thing better .. and I'm
 realizing that "a book is needed", as well.

 Here, again, are the "EARTHFACE" figures I found for the
 heavily-eroded structure in Middletown, New York, USA ..
 with the Wallkill River literally running just under its nose.
 Its size is quite similar .. in terms of length and width ..
 to that of THE FACE @ Cydonia. Of course, it's hard to
 tell what its "depth" was. (I just hope it's still there ...
 meaning I hope it hasn't been destroyed and moved away
 in dump trucks). 
 I would think an aerial photo might "reveal it" fairly well.

 (Dr. Cornet really_did_have a very, very detailed website on
 this and other "Cydonia Analogues" in that lower Hudson Valley
 vicinity .. very comprehensive analyses).

 41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.33658537 (sec)  North ..
 =  20995.2  North.
 105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  25920  W.Giza.

 Grid POINT Value .. "EARTHFACE" ..
 25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 Notice the "25920" .. matching the Earth precession cycle in years.

 Also .. Dr.Cornet mentioned, I recall .. that he thought the "EARTHFACE"
 was a "mirror-image" of THE FACE @ Cydonia.
    -- M.L.Morton  

In a message dated 06/29/2001 9:32:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
Westoo@h... writes:

<< Subj:     [cydonia] The Earthface
 Date:  06/29/2001 9:32:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
 From:  Westoo@h... (westoo)
M.L. Morton...I never did thank you for your post of 6/5/01 regarding the 
EARTHFACE in Middletown, NY.  If it's at the south end of the runways at 
Stewart Airport, then I know exactly where it is.  The last time I flew into 
Stewart was 2 or 3 years ago.  From Dallas/Ft. Worth, I flew American 
Airlines to Chicago's O'Hare Airport where they (American Airlines) have 
several flights a day to Stewart.....just in case anyone wants to take a trip 
out that way to investigate.  I don't know the extent of the erosion or if 
there's anything left there to look at, but if Dr. Cornet was correct and 
it's the mirror image of the Face on Mars, maybe it's not too late to 
investigate.  If we want to take action and spur public interest in Cydonia, 
maybe this is the place to start.  You were concerned about Dr. Cornel's 
going into denial.  It sounds like pressure was brought to bear on him and 
very likely, someone scared him into dropping the entire project.  I know of 
other investigators like him who have at the very least been 
'decredentialed', forced into hiding, or worse so it is apparent that 
somebody is seriously hiding something.  As far as I know, there is 
construction going on around the airport.  Whether it's only in the planning 
stages, or already started, I don't know.  Neither am I sure if the EARTHFACE 
is being threatend, has been obliterated, or not.
   Perhaps, instead of trying to finance a private trip to Mars, it would be 
more realistic to take steps to save the EARTHFACE, assuming it's not too 
late, and see what we can learn about the Face at Cydonia from there. 
 Thoughts, anyone?            Betsy    >>

     Betsy ...
   Much thanks for posting this !!   I need to correct an apparent 
 mis-understanding .. that I notice in the 'above' copy.

 It is the "Tholus II" analogue that is closely associated with Stewart
 Air Force Base. And it is "EARTHFACE" that is located in Middletown, NY.
 Those are 2 separate structures .. 2 separate locations.

 "Tholus II" is situated just south of the runways of Stewart Air Force Base.
 This must be a_different_place than "Stewart Airport" .... yes/no ?? 

 "EARTHFACE" is_in_Middletown, NY.  The Wallkill River literally runs
 right under the 'nose' of "EARTHFACE". 

 OK .. is this clear ?

 Here, again, as I've mentioned several times on this list ...
 is the relationship ... the "ASM" relationship ..
 between "EARTHFACE" and "Tholus II" ....

 (1.111111111) Squared  =  1.234567901

 1.111111111 .. is the "ASM" Grid POINT Value of "Tholus II".

 1.234567901 .. is the "ASM" Grid POINT Value of "EARTHFACE".

 To Betsy, and to "bergerlehman" .... much, much thanks, again ..
 for your interest !!!  YES .. of course, I agree .. this is something
 sitting right in our "back yard" .. literally and_purposely_analagous-to ...
 THE FACE_and_THE THOLUS @ Cydonia on Mars !!!

 YES ... let's at least make a serious_attempt_to *recognize*, and
 to *save* .. the remains of these structures !!! 

 Because of the critical importance of this subject, I will again
 post, here, following .. my "ASM" figures for Dr.Cornet's discoveries
 of these "Cydonian Analogues", as he called them, in his original,
 very detailed descriptions of them on his former webpages.
 (Again, as I've said before .. I do not blame Dr.Cornet for removing
 the webpages. The combination of his detailed work at these sites,
 and my "ASM" findings for their centered latitude/longitude locations ..
 presents a very paradigm-shattering scenario, indeed). But .. I maintain,
 as I always have .. that uncovering "The Truth" is more important than 
 anything involving the "preservation of untruth". 
  "EARTHFACE" in Middletown, New York, USA

 Keep in mind, that these are very heavily-eroded remains ..
 seen and recognized from aerial view. I stress the need
 for aerial photos, of course. The length and width of this
 structure is comparable to the length and width of THE FACE
 @ Cydonia. It's "depth", of course, is now 'hidden' .. from
 movements of soil and rock, from erosion, and possibly even
 from an ice-sheet 'movement' during the end of the last "ice-age".

 But it was clear, on Dr. Cornet's original webpages, that there
 is a "recognizable" correspondence to THE FACE @ Cydonia ..
 as seen from 'above'. Dr. Cornet actually described "EARTHFACE"
 as a "mirror-image" of THE FACE @ Cydonia.

 41 (deg)  X  24 (min)  X  21.33658537 (sec)  North ..
 =  20995.2  North.
 105 (deg)  X  31 (min)  X  7.963133641 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  25920  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value "EARTHFACE" ..
 25920 / 20995.2  =  1.234567901
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 Yes ... one of the keys to my recognition of the center
 of this site/structure's location, as_significant_to the 
 "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) .. was the "25920" ideal 
 Earth-precession cycle number .. (years) .. 'encoded by'
 the W.Giza longitude.       

 I really, seriously, wish someone would go up in an airplane
 and purposefully take some photos of that site.
 I can't do it myself .. I'm too poor financially.
 But surely someone knows someone who knows someone ...
 you know how it goes.

 Grid LAT "Tholus II" ..
 41 (deg)  X  29 (min)  X  26.64423886 (sec)  North ..
 =  31680  North.
 Grid LONG "Tholus II" ..
 105 (deg)  X  14 (min)  X  23.94557823 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  35200  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  74 deg  06 min  23.14557823 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value .. "Tholus II" ..
 35200 / 31680  =  1.111111111 ...
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 YES ... (Square Root of "EARTHFACE")  =  "Tholus II".

 (Square Root of  1.234567901)  =  1.111111111..

 Notice the very gematrian "3168" decimal harmonic .. "31680".

 According to Dr.Cornet's original webpages ..
 the remains of "Tholus II" is about 1.6 regular (statute) miles
 in diameter .. possibly referencing the Phi constant of 1.618033989 .. ??

 Its radius, then, could be referencing "half-Phi" ..
 or, the Cosine of "36" .. or, the Sine of "54", in terms
 of statute miles.
 Also .. again, according to Cornet's original webpages ..
 the remains of "Tholus II" include a "large elliptical hill
 at its pinnacle .. about 200 feet high at its apex".
 This structure's remains are located just to the south
 of the runway(s) at Stewart Air Force Base.

 "Tholus II" is about 17 miles east, and about 6 miles north,
 of "EARTHFACE".  

 -- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.