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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Human Experiment, Rings of Saturn (EMV) and the Moon Size writes:

now, may be we could consider human society (and its possible stagnation, regression or evolution) as a collective bio-experiment.In an experience you wont say that beacuse some particle desintegrated another particle, that particular particle is bad, or despotic, or criminal...If human society .with all its turmoils, emotional earthquakes, is an experiment and not (and probably will never be) an "end product" then you have the paradigm shift you need : you no longer become obsessed for a perfect world - since you're seeing it not from the human point of view, but from the illusionist point of view...from the experimenter point of view this experimenter is also the experience - not a dualist experimenter, he's the experimenter, the experience and the experimented...other thing: perhaps we can participate consciously in our personal/collective evolution. May be we have the choice (discreet, however) of evolving towards the unknwon ...not towards a "model"

I've read several Utopias. I found them, though written with the best intentions, totalitarian and boring. because they posited one ideal sort of being and society and procedeed "a osteriori" to re-arrange everybody in order to attain that model.They were "final" I would suggest heterotopias, instead. And a good jump in the unknwon as therapy for outdating "models"

Michael responds:

Intriguing and noble thoughts, Miguel !! I've been thinking recently about the "grand experiment" scenario ... and it is seeming to make more sense to me than it did a few years ago. As to 'why' it's making more sense to me now ... I don't know ... well ... I'm not sure.

It might have something to do with being recently exposed to the book, "Ringmakers of Saturn", by Norman R.Bergrun. Seeing what certainly appear to be genuine NASA photos (in this book) showing objects ("electromagnetic vehicles", according to Bergrun) longer (in length) than Earth's diameter ... literally 'manufacturing' the actual rings of Saturn, has made a strong impression on me.

In working with numbers involving planetary sizes ... I've also been thinking about the idea that maybe some celestial bodies (Earth, The Moon, Mars, etc. ?) in our solar system, have been deliberately and specifically 'sized and shaped'. Reading Bergrun's book, and seeing the actual photos in the book (with his detailed descriptions of said photos), I'm much more inclined to give very serious consideration to this possibility.

Just one example ... would be the ratio of Earth size to The Moon size ... 3.666666667 .... diameters (average) in statute miles of (7920 / 2160). And; that this "3.666666667" ratio would be equal to (5280 / 1440) ... with 5280 then being (logically; harmoniously?) used as a metrology unit on Earth, if not on The Moon and Mars also ... as "number of FEET in a statute MILE". And 1440 ... is 4 times 360 ... with "360" being "number of arc-degrees on one circumference". If a 'round number' for diameter of The Sun is used ... 864000 statute miles ... then we have a nice round ratio of "400" for Sun size to Moon size ... 864000 / 2160 = 400.

If the average circumference of Mars is "13200" statute miles ... we have there a nice 'binary decimal harmonic multiple' of the infamous number "33" ... 13200 / 33 = 400. And ... suppose we subtract "5280" from "13200" ? ... 13200 - 5280 = 7920 ... average diameter of Earth in statute miles !!

So ... there's (I think) some good, self-evident "celestial harmony" here ... eh ?!

Can you argue with pure self-evident celestial geometry ? What are the odds, literally, that all this is simply "random chance" ?

If the machines in the NASA photos, in Bergrun's book, are real ... then I'd say "someone" has been able to literally 'size and shape' planets, moons, and who knows what else ... for a LONG time. The rings of Saturn have been observed for thousands of years, right ? Now it's "possible" that the 'machines' are only a "relatively recent" phenonenon (to replace the rings that 'were previously there only as a 'freak of nature' ?!) ... but I'd bet that Cremo and Thompson's work ... indicating "anatomically-modern" human bones, and artifacts to boot !! ... *in-situ* in rock/lava strata billions of years old !!! ... is good evidence of 'HUMANS' being around our solar system billions of years ago !!! So if 'humans' have been around here for that long ... why couldn't the machines manufacturing the rings of Saturn have been around for billions of years ?

I happened to order the book through someone on The Internet ... at ... ..... I have no "ties" or "interests" .. at least none that I'm aware of consciously ... 'financial' or otherwise ... to/with that person or entity. But that's how I got the book. So maybe that's as good a source as any ... or maybe it's the 'only' source at this time ... I have no idea.

-- Michael L. Morton