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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 192

Bulletin .. Yonaguni "Pyramid/Temple" ASM-Significant !!!!


 Please refer to the below email from Raphiem .. Raphiem@o...
 At around 4:15 PM or so .. EDT today .. July 23rd, 2001 .. 
 I worked with the 'below'-noted latitude/longitude coordinates
 reported to me in an email (arrived earlier today) from Raohiem.
 I have found what appear, to me, to be unmistakably-significant 
 "ASM" Grid LAT, Grid LONG, and Grid POINT Value .. for this
 "temple/pyramid" complex, underwater near Yonaguni Island. 

 From what I have found, today, plus photos I have very recently seen ..
 again, courtesy of Raphiem .. I think there is a VERY "ASM"-significant
 "temple/pyramid" complex there at that site .. and it is certainly, without
 any question whatsoever .. **ARTIFICIAL**. And it was obviously, 
 (in my opinion), very carefully and deliberately_centered_at the following
 prominent "ASM"-significant location .....

 Grid LAT "Yonaguni Pyramid Complex" ..
 24 (deg)  X  30 (min) ..
 =  720  North.
 Grid LONG "Yonaguni Pyramid Complex" ..
 91 (deg)  X  25 (min)  X  35.2 (sec)  E.Giza ..
 =  80000  E.Giza.
 [ E.Greenwich  122 deg  33 min  36 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value "Yonaguni Pyramid Complex" ..
 80000 / 720  =  111.1111111

 Note:  111.1111111 would be, in terms of arc-degrees, the 
 apparent-arc-length-of-movement through our sky, along the ecliptic,
 of (ideally) 8000 Earth years, at_72_years per (average and ideal)
 arc-degree, of the Earth precession cycle. This is mentioned in the
 book, "The Message of The Sphinx", by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval,
 as relating directly to the time-period from "Zep Tepi" to the circa 2500 
 time when 'final' construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza was apparently

 The "repeating 1s" is a very "ASM"-significant figure, in-and-of-itself.
 I have identified the_centered_location of what I call, "Tholus II" .. just
 south of the runways of Stewart Air Force Base in the lower Hudson River
 Valley in New York State, USA .. as having a Grid POINT Value of ..
 1.111111111 .. *Square Root* of the Grid POINT Value I found for "EARTHFACE"
 of 1.234567901 .. located in Middletown, New York, USA. 
 I have written extensively of these sites/structures on The Internet over
 the last few years. And "EARTHFACE", by the way .. again, as I have
 mentioned_numerous_times on The internet .. is_literally_a *mirror-image*  
 of THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars.
 So .. there you have "Yonaguni Pyramid Complex", and its "ASM" figures,
 based on the (see below) email report_from_Raphiem.
    -- Michael Lawrence Morton
 P.S.  Thanks to Raphiem !!!!   (-;    

Subj:    Re: And these are extraordinary ..
Date:   07/23/2001 12:32:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From:   raphiem@o... (Raphiem)
To: Milamo@a...
CC: CodeUFO@a..., bcornet@m..., Zohshow@a..., 
neil@n..., JMason4557@a..., T0Leo@a..., TomBuoyed@a..., 
Peace2go@a..., MetPhys@a..., JerryIuliano@a..., Raphiem@o...

who ever is saying that these formation are natural needs to seriously
re-think .... or go for a dive yourself under there ....!!!

folks download this MPEG video approx 2.5MB
windows mediaplayer will play it ...

it is underwater video shoot of the Yonaguni step-temple pyramid ...
it goes for a couple of minutes ...

and after you see the steps and sharp block points .... dare you to 
come back and tell me it is natural ..

natural my ass!!!

i had email correspondence with a japanese diver who was under their
and led me to this mpeg video ... and he has no reason to lie ... it
is artifical huge temple/pyramid as he called it, based on the south
american step pyramids ...

Michael here are the exact co-ord given to me ... do something with them...
24 30 N
122 33 36 E

this diver assures me these are the exact according to their GPS

soon ... i will have more pictures .... but i am waiting for more people
to come out and tell me it is natural ... i have seen far more structures
that looked more natural than yonaguni, being called artificial.... what
gives ...?

--- Milamo@a... wrote:
> In a message dated 07/22/2001 11:31:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time, Code
> UFO 
> writes:
 << I heard the Natural Elements Hypothesis regarding these blocks shortly
> after they were discovered. I heard it from at least two different
> geologists 
> on TV specials. I'm not a geologist (although I play one on TV), so
> I can't 
> say they're wrong. But so far no one has shown me a photograph of any
> other 
> naturally occurring formations similar to these by which to make even
> a 
> layman's judgement. Maybe they're right. Maybe they are nothing more
> than 
> unusual natural artifacts. But where can I see something else like
> it? If 
> this is a naturally occurring phenomenon then surely there must be
> examples 
> of this phenomenon elsewhere to be seen. I'm not saying such natural
> structures don't exist. For all I know, they do. I just want somebody
> to show 
> them to me. Otherwise, what am I to think?
>  -Gary- >>
> You're very right to demand that if these geologists say that
> there
>  "are" examples of this in "nature" .. then we should be SHOWN such
> examples 
> !!
>  I'll bet there are_NOT_any 'such examples' in the world.  If there
> are ...
>  then .. geologists ... show it to us !!!
>    -- M.L.Morton

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.