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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 195

Re: Pleiades .."ASM" Significance of, etc. ..

In a message dated 07/31/2001 10:44:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
retlaw144@b... writes:
   .. actually; quoting_Rab Wilkie_here ...
> ... the plain fact is that the center of the galaxy is.. the center of
 > the galaxy -- not the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Alnitak, Zeta Reticuli,
 > or any other star. All stars are in orbit around the Galactic Center,
 > including of course Old Sol. And whichever star may be used as
 > some kind of center, it is in fact just a blind or stand-in or stargate
 > for the real center -- hidden by the great star-fields, dust clouds, &
 > nebulae of Sagittarius & Scorpius.
 > The Pleiades are important, though, because they relate harmonically
 > and exactly with the alpha point of the sidereal zodiac when calibrated
 > according to the galactic nodes. Alcyone's ingress into tropical Gemini
 > in AD 2000 with the Galactic Nodes hitting the solstice points just two
 > years earlier should make this clear. Alcyone is offset from this alpha
 > point by exactly 150 degrees, or -- since the Galactic Center is 3 degrees
 > behind the Galactic North Node -- exactly 33 degrees from the GC's
 > opposite point, the focus of the ancient Egytian 'duat' in Orion/Gemini/
 > Taurus.
 > There are other zodiacal stars that are similarly located in a simple
 > harmonic relationship (30th harmonic * 12 units) with the galactic nodes,
 > but none match the exactness of Alcyone in the Pleiades. However
 > there is one star that comes very close. And It outshines Alcyone in
 > terms of individual brightness, while lying much closer to the ecliptic.
 > (within half a degree):  Regulus, the alpha star of The Lion. Which
 > precesses to the June solstice point in>>> AD 2012.
 > [Actually Nov-2011, but close enough to the Dec solstice to be counted
 > as 2012, considering the 72y/degree precessional rate]. >>

  Yes .. this is_very_important .. to understand this. Thanks, Rab.
 According to my own research, and also according to the
 research of Damon Elkins .. who I have been corresponding with rather
 closely for some time now .. the December 2012 solstice marks the first
 time since *HALF-an-Earth-precession-ago* .. "ideally" 12960 years ago .. 
 that the "upright figure" of ORION is exactly at right angles (perpendicular)
 to Earth's_ecliptic-plane_*relative-to* .. Galactic Center @ approximately
 180 degrees across the zodiac. A point slightly 'above' Orion's upraised
 sword .. will be 180 degrees 'opposite' Galactic Center .. with said point
 above Orion's upraised sword at about 5.65 deg north of ecliptic, and with
 GC at about 5.65 deg south of ecliptic (D.Elkins, private correspondence,
 and also; 2001, Internet).

 And REGULUS is_very_important in this scenario, I agree.

 This is why it is so_significant_that the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value
 for REGULUS (based on the Astrolog ecliptic/sidereal "fixed-star" list), 
 when_multiplied-by_the Grid POINT Value of THE FACE @ Cydonia
 on Mars (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published) .. 
 gives the figure of .. 12960 ... Aha !  ... 
 (19.7392088 X 656.56127)  =  12960.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 And .. of course.. you also have, here, a direct *interaction* of "THE FACE"
 @ Cydonia_and_the 'Heart' of Leo, the Lion in the sky. 
 As Hoagland and Kynthia have shown so well .. THE FACE @ Cydonia ..
 ITSELF .. is an asymmetrical "hominoid/feline" duality-depiction .. 
 which, among other things, represents the opposition of Leo and Aquarius
 across the zodiac. ( 

                                        A "Grid LONG" MATCH ...
                     REGULUS of Jan.1, 2000 and The NAZCA SPIDER

 Early this year, 2001, I discovered a direct numerical match ..
 between the "ASM" Grid LONG of The Nazca Spider's precise
 (centered) location .. and the "ASM" Jan.1, 2000 sky-position
 Grid LONG of REGULUS (Morton, 2001, Internet).

 Grid LONG Nazca Spider ..
 106 (deg)  X  15 (min)  X  14.04057812 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  22324.51921  W.Giza
 [ W.Greenwich  75 deg  07 min  13.24057812 sec ].

 Grid LONG REGULUS Jan.1, 2000 ..
 65 (deg)  X  08 (min)  X  42.93176771 (sec)  E.ALNITAK ..
 =  22324.51921  E.ALNITAK.

 Notice .. this is using the Alnitak star as_ecliptic_prime meridian "marker",
 analagous to the use of The Great Pyramid of Giza as the prime meridian
 "marker" on Earth's surface. This is one of the basic tenets involving the
 "ASM" .. in its "current" phase, from Earth perspective .. that is .. 
 since the last 'shift' of Earth (a turning of the_entire_globe, itself,
 by a_net_30 degrees of latitude relative-to the prior rotation axis) ..
 established a new axial pole at around 10,500 B.C.

 According to Munck's work .. which (on_this_particular point .. being that I
 do_not_agree with 'everything' Munck says, nor even with a few of his
 calculations, by the way) .. I do agree with .. the *net* meridian 
 that *net* 30 degrees of latitude displacement apparently happened ..
 runs through the current_center_of the Akapana Pyramid near Tiahuanaco,
 @ W.Giza  82505.9225 ..
 =  99 (deg)  X  48 (min)  X  17.36235743 (sec)  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  68 deg  40 min  16.56235743 sec ].
 { Munck, 2000, "Whispers From Time, Vol.2" }.

 What is REGULUS' Jan.1, 2000 Grid LAT in the "ASM" ?
 It is .. 27 (min)  X  41.88790205 (sec)  North of ecliptic ..
 =  1130.973355  North of ecliptic.

 And .. 1130.973355  =  (360  X Pi).

 That is a very good example of how the "ASM" encodes the
 sky-locations of Jan.1, 2000_with_the ground-locations of circa 2000,
 in terms of the 360 system_and_a relatively-precise Pi constant.  
 Then .. to calculate the REGULUS "ASM" Grid POINT Value
 for Jan.1, 2000 ... you take the ratio ..
 (22324.51921 / 1130.973355)  =  19.7392088  =  (Pi X 2Pi).

 What are the odds (of "random coincidence") .. that ..
 (19.7392088 X 656.56127)  =  12960 .. under_these_circumstances,
 under_these_parameters, in_this_particular context ?

 Notice .. Jan.1, 2000 .. to .. Dec. 21, 2012 .. is_13_years, minus_10_days.

 The number 13 is, of course, very sacred to the Mayans.
 And 10 .. is the base number of 'base 10' .. and "base 10" is very important
 in our civilization. The number 13 indicates a 'chromatic' scale in music ..
 including the first tone of the 'next' chromatic scale.
 This "ASM" uses *decimal harmonics" all over the place, as you've
 probably noticed in my Internet postings.  
 Isn't there some statement, allegedly or 'reportedly' made .. by
 some "ET" person, such that .. he (the ET person) "will return to the
 place of The Nazca Spider, on .. {can't recall} .. date, in November of 2011 

 Yes ... The Pleiades is_very_important .. no doubt about that.
 But .. the key alignments, involving the "ASM" of Jan.1, 2000 ..
 and involving the 10,500 B.C and December solstice 2012 A.D.
 times .. focus on the juxtaposition of Orion .. through Sol and Earth ..
 to Galactic Center .. with the upright-standing Orion's "vertical axis"
 at_right-angles_to the ecliptic plane. 

 At 10,500 B.C. ... the vertical "tilt" of Orion, himself, was_also_at 
 to the ecliptic plane .. but at the_"inverse"_juxtaposition.
     -- Michael L.M.

From:  milamo@a...
Date:  Thu Aug 2, 2001  2:39 am
Subject:  Addendum and clarification ..

I'm posting this additional info and clarification, just received from 
 Damon Elkins, regarding the scenario I was trying to describe during
 my previous email post. 
 Damon has been working with this, graphically, so he really does
 know how it 'presents itself'. 

 My thanks to Damon Elkins ... 
Subj:  Re: FWD: Re: [EGH] Pleiades .."ASM" Significance of, etc. ..
Date:   08/01/2001 5:02:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:   dle33@s... (Damon Elkins)
To: Milamo@a...

> "upright figure" of ORION is exactly at right angles (perpendicular)
>  to Earth's_ecliptic-plane_*relative-to* .. Galactic Center @ approximately
>  180 degrees across the zodiac. A point slightly 'above' Orion's upraised
>  sword .. will be 180 degrees 'opposite' Galactic Center .. with said point
>  above Orion's upraised sword at about 5.65 deg north of ecliptic, and with
>  GC at about 5.65 deg south of ecliptic (D.Elkins, private correspondence,
>  and also; 2001, Internet).

Actually, Michael, I think one of the key factors in all this is the Earth's 
axis being tilted furthest away from Orion in the Age of Leo and furthest 
Orion in the Age of Aquarius as it precesses around the precession circle.  
the two points on the circle which are seen as "upright" or at right angle to 
plane of the ecliptic from Galactic Center and from Orion even though not 
from the "side view".  Orion makes a sweep which would put him "upright" at 
hour during the night when the Earth is on the Orion side of the Sun (fall and
winter).  So it's not the fact that Orion is's that Orion "sees"
Earth's spin axis "upright" twice in the precession cycle with Earth and Sun
aligned on the line connecting Galactic Center and the spot over Orion's 
 { M.L.M.} .. Ahhh, yes .. there we are !

 In addition .. I want to mention a couple more math/"ASM" correlations
 regarding this.  

 Recall from my previous email, please .. I was describing the Grid LAT
 and Grid LONG (in the "ASM", as of Jan.1, 2000) of REGULUS.

 And; we (Retlaw144, rabW, and Milamo .. on the "egh" list) had been
 discussing The Pleiades.  Rab Wilkie found, very recently, to my
 great gladness .. that the "ASM" Grid POINT Value for "PLEIADES"
 of Jan.1, 2000 that I found  .. using the *Astrolog* sidereal/ecliptic
 database .. 1.260507149 .. is actually pin-pointing PLEIONE .. 
 the Mother of the 7 daughters, at Jan.1, 2000.

 I showed the Grid LAT of REGULUS (Jan.1, 2000 in the "ASM")
 as .. 360Pi .. 1130.973355  North of ecliptic ..
 =  27 (min)  X  41.88790205 (sec) North of ecliptic.

 Now .. notice the following ..

 (1130.973355  X  1.260507149)  =  33  X  43.2

 The number 33 .. very, very important, esoterically, as many of you know.

 And 43.2 .. decimal harmonic of the "43,200" figure that reflects the
 relationship of the dimensions of The Great Pyramid (perimeter to height)
 to the polar dimensions of Earth itself.

 Recall, please, the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza ..
 5400 .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").  That's exactly_1/4th_of the
 polar circumference of Earth in nautical miles_and_in arc-minutes 
 of latitude.

 Also, please, recall the Grid POINT Value of (Munck,1992, "The Code")
 The Great Pyramid of Giza .. 248.0502134 ..

 And .. please recall the Grid POINT Value of Jan.1, 2000 MINTAKA,
 in the belt of Orion (Morton, 1999, Internet) .. 31.00627668

 Now ... 

 (43,200 / 248.0502134)  X  31.00627668  =  5400.

 Speaks for itself_so_well .. as I like to say !!

   -- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.