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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 197

Summary of some new findings .. / Speed of light and the meter

This is intended as a summary of some new findings.
 (c) M.L.Morton .. as of Aug.10th, 2001.

 This does "go toward" unifying/integrating several constants and figures
 that have been "worked-on" ... including "Ideal" Fine Structure,
 "Ideal" e Value, Pi, the 360 system, Earth precession "ideal",
 the Leahy 82944, the "Pi to the 7th power", "Pi to the 9th power",
 the cesium (year-2000) light-speed experiment, and several
 "ASM" Grid POINT Values in particular.

 I intend to write more on all of this ... as time goes on .. in the
 not-too-distant future. Feedback is welcome.

 Regarding the Cesium light-speed experiment .. reported in 2000 A.D. ..
 my thanks to Robert Grace .. (MetPhys@a...) .. for sending me
 an update on this .. making it more clear as to what the experiment
 involved, etc. Please refer to .. 

                           Re: Cesium Light-Speed Experiment ..
                               Reported as of July 20th, 2000  
 By the way ... MetPhys .. or anyone:
 What is it, about cesium .. that's important, here ?  I wonder.
 Can you send me some info about cesium, anyone ?
 Like .. its atomic number, # of neutrons, protons, electrons, etc., etc. ?
 Thanks ... I appreciate that.

 Ok ... 

 In the update that Robert Grace sent .. it is explained that :
 light-speed in a "vacuum" is .. 1/5th of a *nanosecond* through
 6 centimeters of distance. This would be .. 30 cm per nanosecond,
 in a "vacuum". 

 It is then explained that :
 the experiment used a *cesium-gas-filled tube* of 6 cm length.
 The results were .. the 'pulse' arrived 62 nanoseconds faster ...
 than in a vacuum tube of same length and size.
 This "62 nanoseconds faster" .. is equivalent to .. 310 "times" faster.
 This is because of the "1/5th" nanosecond in the 6 cm length tube
 parameter, of light-speed in a vacuum.  62  X  5  =  310.

 The net result was .. that in the cesium-gas-filled tube of 6 cm length ...
 the "pulse" of information .. *arrived* 310 times faster than *light-speed
 itself* .. in a vacuum tube of 6 cm length. 

 Here is a key proposal of mine :  I do_propose_that the "62" is .. 
 actually .. "Double (Pi Cubed)" .. 62.01255336, to 8 decimal places.
 I also propose that ... the "310" .. is actually .. [10 X (Pi Cubed)] ..
 or  310.0627668, to 7 decimal places.  

 I do_predict_that it will be found that this reflects a natural 
 harmonic parameter.

 I might refer to [10 X (Pi Cubed)] as "the cesium light-speed factor".
 { 310.0627668 }

                           With the "Ideal Fine Structure" constant .. 
 Recall that I found what I am calling the "Ideal Fine Structure" constant,
 to be "ASM"-resonant ... of .. {[72 / (Pi Squared)] / 1000} .. or ..
 0.007295125222 ... with the reciprocal of .. 137.0778389

 Also .. a significant ancillary finding was, that ..
 (137.0778389 / 43.63323131)  =  3.141592654 ..
 where 43.63323131 is the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of 
 the Orion belt-star ALNITAK .. the ecliptic prime meridian "marker"
 in the "ASM" itself.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).  And, of course .. where 3.141592654 is a
 precise 9-decimal-place rendering of the Pi constant.  

 Now in relating the "cesium light-speed factor" with the
 "Ideal Fine Structure" ..
 (310.0627668  X  0.007295125222)  =  2.261946711

 2.261946711 .. is equivalent to .. (0.72 X Pi) .. (0.72  X  3.141592654).

 This is also a decimal harmonic of ..
 1). The Grid POINT Value of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza ..
      (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published) .. 2261.946711 
 2). The original and precisely-intended_height_in regular ("British") feet ..
      of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza .. (Munck, 1992, ditto) ..
      226.1946711 feet. 

                        Notice the "MINTAKA" Decimal Harmonic ..

 Please recall .. that the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value for the
 Orion belt-star MINTAKA is .. 31.00627668 ... exactly Pi Cubed.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 MINTAKA corresponds_positionally_to The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza,
 in the "ASM".  (See the work of Robert Bauval, regarding this positional

 The "cesium light-speed factor" .. 310.0627668 .. is_precisely_10 times
 the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of the Orion belt-star MINTAKA.
 Here, in this equation, you have these exact_locations_of The Mycerinus
 Pyramid of Giza (plus its original height in_regular_feet), and the Orion
 belt-star MINTAKA .. directly_united_via the "Ideal Fine Structure" constant,
 and base-10 harmonics ..

 310.0627668  X  {[72 / (Pi Squared)] / 1000}  =  2.261946711

              Including the Bruce Cathie 162000 Light-speed Number ..

 I predict that B.Cathie's work will be vindicated as an integral part of
 this "ASM" and its design. His 162000 nautical miles per second
 light-speed is very important to know. 

 Because the cesium light-speed experiment involves nanoseconds and
 millimeters, it's nice to know that 162000 is a_decimal_harmonic in
 the "ASM".

 162000  /  (0.72 X Pi)  =  71619.72439

                      Including the 25920 "Ideal" Earth Precession Number ..

 25920  /  (0.72 X Pi)  =  11459.1559

 (71619  /  25920)  =  2.763106651

 (11459.1559  /  2.763106651)  =  4147.2

 Special Note .. 4147.2  =  (82944 / 20) .. where 82944 is the
 "Leahy" figure related to Fine Structure.
 20 is a decimal harmonic of "2" .. the binary number ..
 the number of duality and polarity.
 The same applies to "2000" .. as in 2000 A.D.

 Notice .. 4147.2  =  (4  X  1036.8)  =  (25920 / 25).

 Regarding 1036.8 ... it's a decimal harmonic of 103680 ..
 which, in turn, is 4 "ideal" Earth precession cycles of 25920 years.

 ALSO .. 103680 is the Grid LAT for not only The White House in
 Washington, D.C. .. but_also_for the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau
 in the South of France.
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 Notice the "25", above, in the equation .. (25920 / 25)  =  1036.8

 25  =  (7.957747155  X  3.141592654)  =  (12.5  X  2).

 Now you have all 3 Orion belt-stars involved .. as of their exact "ASM"
 locations @ Jan.1, 2000 .. as well as the exact Jan.1, 2000 locations of
 Galactic Center and Solar Apex.

 7.957747155 is the Composite Ratio of the 3 Orion belt-stars,
 at Jan.1, 2000 .. (Morton, 2000, Internet) .. in terms of their
 Grid POINT Values .. 
 =  [(43.63323131 X 31.00627668) / 170.010936]  =  7.957747155

 12.5 ... is the Ratio of Galactic Center and Solar Apex,
 at Jan.1, 2000, in terms of their Grid POINT Values ..
 (Morton, 2000, Internet) ..
 (Galactic Center / Solar Apex) ..
 =  (35.53057584 / 2.842446068)  =  12.5
                             Including the "Ideal" e Value
 I recently found what I call the "Ideal" e Value ..
 to be "ASM"-resonant .. as .. 2.718263905 ...
 in lieu of the 2.718281828 value.

 Here is where I will also bring-in the importance of the number 7 ..
 in terms of "Pi to the 7th power".
 (1036.8 / 2.718263905)  X  (Pi to the 7th) ..
 =  (381.4199196  X  3020.293228)  =  1152000.

 1152 is a gematrian number, with the classical meaning of .. "Witness".
 Do you see what I'm showing you ?  I have witnessed it. 
 Are you witnessing this ?

 The figure 1036.8 also interacts significantly with the David Leahy
 number of 82944 .. also known as "Abraham's Number" ..

 (82944 / 1036.8)  =  80.

 And 80 .. is the_ratio_of (Pi to the 9th) to the ratio of "Ideal" e Value
 and "Ideal" Fine Structure ...

 (2.718263905 / 0.007295125222)  =  372.6137417 ..
 Then .. (Pi to the 9th) / 372.6137417  =  80,
 where (Pi to the 9th)  =  29809.099933

                        Back to the Cesium Light-Speed Experiment

 As explained in the update on this experiment, and as I mentioned
 earlier in this article .. this experiment involved a known, or "given",
 of the light-speed in a "vacuum" over a length of 6 millimeters ..
 1/5th of a nanosecond .. or a rate of 30 mm per nanosecond. 
 The decimal value of the fraction 1/5th .. is .. 0.2 .. which is,
 in turn, another decimal harmonic of "2" .. the binary number
 of duality and polarity .. which also refers to the year "2000" A.D.
 This is significant, in terms of the "ASM" .. in which the *sky-positions*
 are_as of_Jan.1, 2000.
 Notice .. 0.2  =  (72 / 360).

 72 is the Grid POINT Value of the "final resting place" of
 the amidships-centerline spot, between bulkheads # 5 and # 6 ..
 of the remains of "Noah's Ark" .. actually The Ark of ZI.U.SUD.RA.,
 the pre-Sumerian king. 
 (Morton, 2000, Internet) .. figured-out from actual GPS-unit readings
 taken on-site .. by Michael Bonilla of Long Island, New York, USA 
 on the 11th of October, 2000. 
 AND .. 360 .. is the_Grid LONG_of that_same_"final resting place" spot ..
 (Morton, 2000, Internet) .. 360 E.Giza ..
 =  13 (deg)  X  06 (min)  X  4.615384615 (sec)  E.Giza.
 [ E.Greenwich  44 deg  14 min  5.415384615 sec ].

 AND .. as I have written several times already on The Internet ..
 the Grid LAT of that_same_"final resting place" spot is .. 25920 North ..
 =  39 (deg)  X  26 (min)  X  25.56213018 (sec)  North.

 Now .. the odds that this particular "final resting place" ..
 of "Noah's Ark" .. at amidships-centerline, between bulkheads
 #5 and #6 .. which is the *Phi* spot on the centerline-length of the vessel,
 by the way .. the odds against this "detail" ALONE being "random
 coincidence" .. must be truly astronomical.

 If either the latitude_or_the longitude of that "final resting place" ..
 is off by even a quarter-of-an-arc-second .. then we_don't_have this 
 spectacular "HIT" .. of exactly "360" and "25920" for a Grid POINT Value
 of exactly 72.  This_must_have been planned.

 Consider, now, the 5280 regular ("British") feet in one statute mile.

 Using the decimal fraction of 0.2, again .. 

 (5280 / 0.2)  =  26400.

 26400 is the_Grid LAT_at the *center* of the huge limestone boulder,
 that is still lodged, to this day, in the western side of the vessel's 

 26400 North ..
 =  39 (deg)  X  26 (min)  X  26.03550296 (sec)  North.

 I have noticed that 5280 is directly resonant with the geometric
 structure of DNA.  
 (5280 / 1440)  =  3.666666667  =  *HALF* of  7.333333333 ..
 where 1440 is exactly 4 times 360.

 What is special about 7.333333333 ?  
 It's the "DNA/RNA Un-Zip Angle" (deg) .. found by Buckminster Fuller.
 That involves the precise way in which the double-helix is "coiled".

 I noticed that the 3.666666667 figure is_also_the ratio of the mean
 diameters of Earth and The Moon.  
 In statute miles .. (7920 / 2160)  =  3.666666667

 Notice .. there's that "216" decimal harmonic popping-up, again ..
 2160 .. the total number of corner-angle degrees on the surface of a Cube.

 More and more, I'm finding that the "ASM" is very mathematically-recursive.
 This makes very good sense, according to the nature of Nature. 
 Now .. notice what happens when I divide the 0.2 decimal fraction
 into the "ideal" Earth precession cycle in years ..

 (25920 / 0.2)  =  129600 .. the generic Surface Area on a TORUS ..
 (Morton, 2001, Internet) .. in "square arc-degrees" .. using a "given"
 radius of 57.29577951 .. which, in turn, is the numerical value of
 the *Radian-Arc* constant, where_360_arc-degrees are used for one

 Using the standard math formula for Surface Area on a Torus ..
 (thanks, again, Tom Mellett) .. [(2Pi) Squared] X  (radius Squared) ..
 =  39.4784176  X  (57.29577951 X 57.29577951)  =  129600 sq. arc-deg.

 Again; I have to ask, as I come across these figures ..
 What are the odds .. of all these correlations, here ..  
 and please, do acknowledge that there_are_many that I've
 shown, just in this article alone .. what are the odds that ALL
 these correlations, in this_article_here, alone .. 
 are .. "random coincidence" ?    

 Please recall, now, the number .. 1152000 .. from earlier.

 Comparing it with the :ideal" Earth precession cycle ..

 (1152000 / 25920)  =  44.44444444 ...

 The original and intended height of The Washington Monument,
 in Washington, D.C. .. is .. apparently .. 555.5555555 ... regular feet.

 (555.5555555 / 44.44444444)  =  12.5

 Please recall .. that_12.5_is the *ratio* of GALACTIC CENTER and
 SOLAR APEX of Jan.1, 2000 .. in terms of their Grid POINT Values in
 the "ASM" .. (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 The figures of *repeating 5s and repeating 4s* are involved in the  
 Hal Puthoff (physicist) experiments with monoatomic gold !!
 (David Hudson, mid-1990s, from a public lecture).

 D.Hudson made the statement that, in certain experiments with
 monoatomic gold, conducted by Hal Puthoff at the behest of D.Hudson ..
 an "anomalous weight change" did occur .. such that .. a 44% loss of
 weight was measured, so that the net weight was 56% of the original

 What I propose .. already proposed, in some writings on The Internet ..
 is that the percentages were actually 44.44444444% and 55.55555555%.
 Repeating decimal 4s and 5s.
 Again; this would be very "ASM"-resonant. 

 And, here, I take the opportunity to say that I think one of
 the "reasons" or "meanings" of this "ASM" itself .. is ..
 to convey information to 'The People' .. ancient, advanced information,
 which may have been lost, distorted, or suppressed.
 I think part of this information involves "life" maintenance ..
 as in "maintaining physical life" .. as in our own "lifespans" on
 this planet, or off-planet. One way, according to the work and research
 of Laurence Gardner, to enhance and to extend_humanoid_lifespans and
 humanoid quality-of-life .. is to use the ancient alchemical technologies
 involving monoatomic elements. Yes .. such as monoatomic gold.

 Think of The Washington Monument .. a great obelisk, in the Egyptian
 tradition. It is a symbol of "the highward fire-stone" .. of the 
 "shewbread cakes" that were eaten by the initiates and by the
 priest/kings/priestesses/queens, to *literally* enhance their lives. 
 (L.Gardner; "Genesis of the Grail Kings"). 
 It's a symbol of the "Ben-Ben Bird" .. THE PHOENIX.

                                      The Phoenix Connection

 The sky portion of the "ASM" .. the sky-positions of certain prominent 
 stars as observed from Earth .. including the exact positions, at 
 *Jan.1, 2000*, of GALACTIC CENTER and SOLAR APEX .. 
 reveals SIRIUS to be_very_prominent in terms of its Grid LAT, Grid LONG,
 and Grid POINT Value. I found its Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value to be ..
 2.368705056 .. (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 SIRIUS "signals" the_end-and-beginning_of every Old Year/New Year
 on Earth .. at *midnight on New Year's Eve* .. when it appears to "cross"
 the sky-meridian. (See the series of articles by Mike Bara, on TEM's
 website, entitled "The End of Days" .. written in 2000).

 As I've mentioned several times, The Washington Monument was
 outfitted with a dazzling "surprise display" of incredibly bright white
 light(s) .. that was *set-off* just at the stroke of midnight on 1999/2000
 New Year's Eve, on *national television* (USA), with the Clintons gazing
 on as well. SIRIUS is a "white" star .. the brightest in our sky. It 
 the sky-meridian_at_midnight. The connection becomes quite obvious.
 The renovation of The Washington Monument was still in process at that
 time, so the_scaffolding_around it made it "convenient" to install the 
 "surprise" light-show equipment. 

 As I mentioned earlier in this article, the original and intended height of
 The Washington Monument is .. apparently .. 555.5555555 .. regular feet.
 The Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value, in the "ASM", of SIRIUS .. 
 is .. 2.368705056 ..

 (555.5555555  X  2.368705056)  =  1315.947253

 That figure .. 1315.947253 .. is a decimal harmonic of exactly_1/3rd_ of
 (2Pi) Squared.   (39.4784176 / 3)  =  13.15947253

 The Grid LONG of The White House_and_of The Jefferson Memorial ..
 is .. 13159.47253 W.Giza ..
 =  108 (deg)  X  10 (min)  X  12.18469679 (sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  77 deg  02 min  11.38469679 sec ].
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 Now .. the direct "Phoenix Connection" .. is the actual *hover-spot*
 over which the *PHOENIX UFO*, on the evening of March 13, 1997 ..
 'parked itself' in the air .. over the_center_of the intersection of
 Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue .. in Phoenix, Arizona.
 The Grid LONG of the center of that intersection .. is .. 
 and_was_precisely *intended* as .. 1315.947253 W.Giza ..
 =  143 (deg)  X  13 (min)  X  0.707879103 (sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  112 deg  04 min  59.907879103 ].
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 1315.947253 .. the precise multiplied-product of the exact height of
 The Washington Monument (in regular feet) times the Jan.1, 2000
 Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS.  Now .. go ahead, anyone .. 
 and tell me that's all just .."random coincidence".
 [ 555.5555555  X  2.368705056  =  1315.947253 ].  

 On the contrary .. this is a cosmically profound display .. to say
 the least .. for Everyone on Earth. It is for *Everyone* .. not just the 
 so-called "movers and shakers". The "ASM" is the *proof* that we,
 on Earth, are not alone. Please .. allow this to sink in.
 This_is_the *proof* that "we've been waiting and hoping for" .. in a
 display so grand and glorious .. so very awesome .. that many people
 have not been able, or willing, or ready .. to even_accept_it, yet. 

 Yes .. us .. lil' ol' we, here on planet Earth .. have been so conditioned
 and so brainwashed, for so long .. by religious dogmas, by "scientific"
 dogmas, by "political" dogmas, and by "economic" systems ..
 that we still (consensually) think of "ourselves" .. a planetary 'people' ..
 as .. "unworthy", or as "insignificant", or as "trivial" .. in the so-called
 "larger scope" of .. "The Universe".  How very, very sad.

 Please .. wake-up .. and smell the coffee.  

 We .. "we" .. here on this planet Earth .. are very "worthwhile".
 We are_essentially_*good*. Yes !! 
 We are NOT "inherently sinful" .. and ..
 We are NOT "inferior and separate-from God",
 where God is "The Source of All That Is". 
 We need a consensual change-in-self-image.
 This is_part_of a needed mass-elevation in consciousness,
 in awareness, in understanding.
 The "ASM" is_literally_showing us .. yes .. us, right here
 on planet Earth .. us "Earth Humans" .. ALL of us ..
 that we are not alone .. and that we've_never_been alone.
 We are_preceeded_as Carl Munck has said .. by greatness.
 We are preceeded by great genius, by great understanding,
 and by *great-and-awesome* technologies. We have many, many 
 ancestors who have been extra-terrestrial_AND_*extra-Martian*,
 simultaneously. Neither we_nor_our ancestors  
 "originated" on Mars .. nor did we or our ancestors "originate"
 on Earth. We_through_our ancestors .. came from other star systems.          

 The_basic_thesis/paradigm of Sitchin is correct.
 That much has become more-and-more obvious, as the years go by.
 No .. I don't think Sitchin is correct about every detail ..
 but, he shouldn't be "expected" to have "all the details", anyway.        

 And so; I propose that "we" need to really acknowledge the reality
 and understand the truth of the "ASM" .. and its major implications ..
 before "we" go rushing-off to "colonize" Mars, or to "colonize" The Moon,
 or any other celestial body.
 We need a collective "ASM" - 101 .. as in "first things first".
 As in .. before we start "extra-terrestrial colonies".

                          Yes .. A BOOK Would be Nice ... But ..

 But ... I have layed-out the essentials, and I have presented many
 details and specifics .. of the "ASM" .. Archaeo-sky Matrix ..
 ALREADY .. on *The Internet*. So .. because you are probably reading
 this article on a computer .. you likely have a way to easily access
 the material I've written on The Internet_about_the "ASM".
 There is a LOT .. of good info that I've got posted on The Internet,
 all about the "ASM".  And I will list_several_URLS at the end of this
 So .. yes, a book would be nice. I'll try to get-it-together to write one.
 I understand that many people think they "have to have a book".
 OK .. I do understand. BUT .. at least, in the meantime .. please ..
 try to use The Internet to access my material.  Print out the stuff ..
 for other people, as well as for yourself. Download it. Forward it to
 people. Please don't simply "wait for the book" .. because I don't know
 if I will do the book. I feel as if I can't explain "why" I say that.  
 Well .. maybe I could .. but it would take a book, maybe.

                            Back to Cesium and Light-Speed

 Please recall, from earlier in this article, the "cesium light-speed factor"
 of .. 10 X (Pi Cubed) .. or .. 310.0627668

 Its reciprocal is .. 0.003225153443

 Also, recall the Bruce Cathie light-speed of 162000 nautical miles per 
 (in "free-space" .. or .. in "the ether" .. and also 'free' of the gravity 
of any
 'close-by' celestial bodies). 

 (16.2  X  0.003225153443)  X  (Pi Squared)  =  515.6620156

 515.6620156 is the precisely-intended length of "Noah's Ark" ..
 (please recall this, from earlier in this article) .. in *regular feet* ..
 or exactly 300 Royal Cubits of 20.62648063 *regular inches* per
 Royal Cubit. 
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 You know that the number "60" is the basis of "our" time and
 arc-distance measurement systems .. such as .. 60 seconds in
 a minute, etc. 

 (310.0627668  X  60)  =  18603.76601

 18603.76601 .. is the Grid LONG of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland ..
 =  34 (deg)  X  17 (min)  X  32.18644638 (sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  03 deg  09 min  31.38644638 sec ].
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 Rosslyn Chapel, as many of you know, is very much associated
 with the Knights Templar heritage .. which, in turn, directly involves the
 historical Jesus the Christ, The Madalene, and their bloodlines that
 are descended directly from one of the very greatest leaders in our
 ET heritage .. E.A./EN.KI. .. arch-rival to his half-brother,

 The Grid LAT of Rosslyn Chapel .. is .. 54116.16169 North ..
 =  55 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  19.29274927 (sec) North.
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 54116.16169 .. is a decimal harmonic of the Grid POINT Value
 of .. The Washington Monument.  Yes. { 5.411616169 }.
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

 Please recall .. that the Grid POINT Value of the amidships-centerline,
 between bulkheads #5 and #6, of the remains of The Ark of pre-Sumerian
 King ZI.U.SUD.RA. .. is .. 72.

 (18603.76601 / 72)  /  (Pi Cubed)  =  8.333333333

 8.333333333 .. is a decimal harmonic of ..
 the_ratio_of the Grid POINT Values of The White House
 in Washington, D.C. and THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars ..

 (656.56127 / 7.87873524)  =  83.33333333

 Further .. 8.333333333 .. is the ratio of the Grid POINT Values
 of The White House and the "Bethlehem site" ..
 (65.656127 / 7.87873524)  =  8.333333333

 Further .. 18603.76601  =  600  X  (Pi Cubed).

 600 is the "number of The Great Anunnaki", according to Sitchin,
 in his book, "The Cosmic Code".

 I also should point out, here, that 7.87873524 is
 a decimal harmonic of the generic Volume of a Sphere.
 Assuming a numerical value for "given radius" of 57.29577951 ..
 which, in turn, is the numerical value of the *Radian-Arc* in our
 system (handed-down to us by The Anunnaki) of 360 arc-degrees
 on one complete circumference .. and using the standard formula for
 Volume of a Sphere ...  (4Pi/ 3)  X  (radius Cubed) ..
 =  4.188790205  X  (57.29577951 X 57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..
 =  787873.524 .. Cubic arc-degrees.

 (Cesium light-speed factor)  X  (B.Cathie light-speed) ..
 =  (18603.76601  X  2700).

 Or .. (310.06267668  X  162000)  =  (18603.76601  X  2700).

 2700 .. is exactly HALF of 5400.

 5400 is the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza.
 (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).

 5400 is also exactly 1/4th of the polar circumference of Earth,
 in terms of nautical miles .. (21600 / 4)  =  5400. This is the arc-distance 
 on Earth's surface, from either pole to the equator.
 Here, I will reveal a personal detail .. involving the figure 18603.76601 ..
 because I frankly find it extremely interesting within the context of
 this material I've been studying.  
 I was born on March 11th of 1950 .. at George Washington Memorial
 Hospital in Washington, D.C.
 From that day to Valentine's Day of 2001 ..
 is 18603 days, including leap days.

 If you then add-on the 0.76601 of-a-day, from the time of my birth ..
 it would be into mid-to-late morning (EST) on the 15th .. 
 the day after Valentine's Day, of 2001. 

 Valentine's Day "happens" to mark a point on our solar year ..
 of "about" 54 days past December solstice_and_36 days before
 March equinox. Yes .. (54 + 36)  =  90 .. the "right angle", in terms
 or our 360 system. 

 A right triangle of 36/54/90 .. was very sacred to the Egyptians.
 This particular triangle is very resonant with the Phi constant ..
 The Golden Section.  The cosine of 36, and also the sine of 54 ..
 is equivalent to_exactly_HALF of Phi.
 COS 36  =  SIN 54  =  (1.618033989 / 2). 

 Again; using the "cesium light-speed factor" and the B.Cathie
 light-speed in nautical miles per second ...

 [(310.0627668 X 162000) / 25920] / 12.5  =  (35.53057584 X 4.363323131) ..
 where 12.5 is the_ratio_of Jan.1, 2000 Galactic Center and Jan.1, 2000
 Solar Apex sky-locations in the "ASM", where 35.53057584 is the
 Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of Galactic Center, and where 4.363323131
 is a decimal harmonic of the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of ALNITAK ..
 (43.63323131) .. and please recall that ALNITAK, in the belt of Orion, 
 is the ecliptic prime meridian "marker"_for_the "ASM" itself.

 Notice that the "ideal" Earth precession figure {25920} is in there, too.

                    Integrating with Einstein's "E  =  m (c Squared)" 
 Where c is the speed-of-light .. I will use 162000 for c.

 I will use m .. mass .. as unit 1.

 So .. E .. energy  = 1 X (162000 X 162000)  =  26,244,000,000

 I'll get back to that figure soon.

 This article has involved mention of "kingship/queenship" ..
 in the sense that is discussed in detail by Laurence Gardner
 in his books, "Genesis of the Grail Kings" and "Bloodline of the
 Holy Grail". The star REGULUS, in Leo, is known as the "Heart
 of the Lion". (See the connection to Valentine's Day ? .. hearts).

 I can't help, here, bringing-up the *feline* side/half .. of THE FACE 
 @ Cydonia on Mars .. thank-you, Richard C.H. and Kynthia.

 The Grid POINT Value of Jan.1, 2000 REGULUS is .. 19.7392088 ..
 (Morton, 1999, Internet). {19.7392088  =  2Pi X Pi}.

 (310.0627668 X 162000) / 19.7392088  =  (90 Squared) X (10 Squared) X Pi.

 Interesting, eh ?! 

 Rather metaphorical, too, I'd say.

 90 "Squared" .. a_square_has 4 "right-angles" .. 4 X 90  =  360.

 10 "Squared" .. 100 .. as in the 'exalted' expression .."100% right".

 And "Pi" .. well .. need I say more about Pi ?
                         What's the Formula for Area of a Circle ?

 If you don't know the answer to this .. well .. 
 you'll be rounded-up by the nearest 'mother-ship'. {Just kidding}.

 Many of you will remember this from your school days.  {Right}.

 A  =  Pi X (r Squared).

 What is r ?  Yes.. a lower-case English letter ..
 occupying the 18th position in the alphabet. 

 r is "radius", here, so .. if we substitute 57.29577951
 as the "given radius" .. being that 57.29577951 is the
 numerical value_of_the *Radian-Arc* in our 360 system ..

 3.141592654 X (57.29577951 X 57.29577951)  =  10313.24031 Sq. arc-deg.

 I wonder what would happen, if I multiplied that generic Area of a Circle ..
 by .. that_ratio_of .. 
 [(cesium light-speed factor) X (B.Cathie light-speed)] / (Heart of the Lion) 
 [(90 Squared) X (10 Squared) X Pi]  X  10313.24031 ..
 =  26,244,000,000  =  E.

 So .. therefore ...

 E  =  (90 Squared) X (10 Squared) X (Pi Squared) X [Radian (deg) Squared]. 

                                           A List of URLs

 To get to the Astrolog 'Fixed-Star' List .. that I've been using 
 for all of my *sky-locations* .. go to ..

 The 'Astrolog' list is sidereal .. that is .. it uses the sidereal zodiac.
 And .. it uses_ecliptic_latitudes.
 Also .. I translate the given sidereal longitudes into longitudes
 *from* ALNITAK .. because ALNITAK is the ecliptic prime meridian 
 "marker"_for_the "ASM". I use a longitude position for ALNITAK of ..
 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50".  I use an ecliptic latitude for ALNITAK of ..
 25 deg  17 min  37 sec .. South of ecliptic. 

 To see how I calculate the sky-positions, and the reasoning behind it ..
 please go to ..
 When you get to that webpage .. you'll see my "SKY MATRIX"
 articles at the top of the page.  Just 'click' on those .. starting with
 Part One.

 Also on that website are a lot of articles I've written, having to do
 with various and sundry topics and details involving the "ASM"
 and related things.

 To see how I calculate the ground-positions, and the reasoning behind it ..
 please go to ..

 To see a good "over-head" view and assessment/correlation of Giza 
 and of THE FACE and 'The D&M Pyramid' at Cydonia on Mars .. 
 and several related subjects, including Miami Circle, "Miami Square",
 and "The Circle-of-Churches" in South of France .. please go to ..

 --  Michael Lawrence Morton


Dave Leahy discovered the connection between the speed of light in meters per 
second and the original definition of the meter using 1/4 of the polar 
circumference of the earth. The number that connects these two seemingly 
disparate measures is PHI the Golden Ratio.

When the metric system was established in France during the French 
Revolution, the meter was defined as exactly one ten millionth of the 
distance from the North Pole to the equator. That is one quadrant of the 
earth's surface or 21600/4 = 5400 nautical miles.  (One nautical mile = 
1.15078 statute miles = 6076.115 feet)

Now the metric conversion figure I have is 1852 meters in one nautical mile. 
Multiplying this figure by 5400 you get 10,000,800 meters from equator to 
North Pole. That's a discrepancy of 800 meters or just about a half mile from 
the original ten million definition, so clearly another figure was used for 
the earth circumference. (The 1959 standardization of the English yard to 
meter conversion accounts for only 6 meters.)

Be that as it may, let's now calculate the radius of the earth in meters 
using the figures we do have.

21600 n miles / 2*PI = 6,366,707 meters = 6.366707 Megameters (Mega=million)

This figure falls between the most recent measured values of the polar radius 
of the earth and the equatorial radius (which differ by about 13 statute 

Equatorial radius = 6.378140 Megameters
        polar radius = 6.356755 Megameters

If we take the average of the above 2 figures, we get a mean earth radius of

6.367448 Megameters

Square this number and you get 40.54439403

Now take PHI, the Golden Ratio. (It is best calculated by taking the square 
root of 5, adding 1 to that and then dividing by 2 to give you:) 

PHI = 1.618033989

Take PHI as your base and raise it to the exponential power of the earth 
radius squared in Megameters squared. i.e.,

1.618033989 ^ 40.54439403 = 297,356,362

That number is 99.2% of the accepted value of the speed of light in m/s in a 

So why should the speed of light itself, measured in meters/second, be 
connected with the actual square of the radius of the earth measured in 
millions of meters and through PHI the Golden ratio, no less?  For a very 
complicated answer, please go to Dave Leahy's site and have your ever-lovin' 
mind turned inside out, upside down and pinned like a WWF villain.

especially the section on the Golden Bowl Structure from which I found his 

Now let's take it the other way as Dave Leahy does. Starting with the speed 
of light in a vacuum c=299792458 m/s, let's calculate the radius of the earth 
from that.

Take the log of c, divide it by the log of PHI and you get 40.56134943 as the 
exponent of PHI. Taking the square root of that gives an earth radius of 
6,368,779 meters, a figure slightly higher than the average of the measured 
equatorial and polar radii. 

I'd like to see what your ASM calculations come up with. 

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.