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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 199

E = m (c^2) Substitutions; Using "ASM" Nodes

    E = m (c^2) Substitutions; Using Actual "ASM" Nodes

 This will introduce some recent work I've done, regarding the idea
 of using actual (already-ascertained) "ASM" nodes as 'substitutions'
 in the Einstein E = m (c^2) equation. 

 I will use m = Unit 1.
 I will use c =  162000 nautical miles per second (Bruce Cathie).
 So; E  =  1  X  (162000 X 162000)  =  2.6244  X  (10^10).

 Despite the current, and on-going, debate .. over the "relativity" question,
 and, over what seems, to me, to be "relativity semantics" ..
 I will also be using what I call "the cesium light-speed factor" ..
 based on the experiment reported as of July 20th, 2000, measuring
 the speed of a "light-pulse" through a 6 cm length tube .. where said
 tube is filled with a specially-prepared cesium-gas medium.

 The experimenters reported that this light-pulse traveled approximately
 *310 times faster* .. than it does in a "vacuum" tube of 6 cm length.

 In my work, I am assuming this simply means that ..
 this light-pulse traveled 310 times faster-than a light-pulse
 travels (in 0.2 nanosecond, through 6 cm of length) in a *vacuum* ..
 as clearly reported by the experimenters. I am_not_even speculating about
 "relativity" or "time travel" .. whatsoever.
 (0.2 / 310)  =  0.000645161 nanosecond.  Note .. this is a very simple,
 direct calculation.  No "hocus-pocus" here, at all. 
 This has_*nothing*_whatsoever .. to do with "time travel" or with 
 Can we please be clear about this ?    
 Reference ... 

 I have proposed, very recently on The Internet, that this reported "310"
 factor is_actually_a base-ten harmonic of (Pi Cubed) .. 10 times (Pi Cubed),
 or .. 310.0627668 .. and that this 'more-accurate' value reflects an "ASM"
 resonance apparently involved in this experiment. I_think_it will be found, 
 also, that this is an example of the_significance_of the "ASM" to "applied

                               A Beginning Look at Substitutions
                                 Involving Certain "ASM" Nodes .. 
                         Pertaining to the Einstein E = m (c^2) Equation 

 It is now apparent to me that the Jan.1, 2000 sky-location of REGULUS,
 the Heart of Leo .. is a very_crucial_"ASM" node.
 My Grid POINT Value for that particular node is .. 19.7392088 ..
 the multiplied-product of (Pi times the double-of-itself) .. Pi  X  2Pi. 
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 I decided to see how this value would relate to the equation E = m (c^2).

 Notice ..  E  =  [10c  X  (3.141592654 ^2)  X  (180 ^2)]  /  19.7392088

 You have, there, 10 times the 162000 (naut.mi.per-sec) light-speed ...
 times the Square of a very high-precision Pi constant ...
 times the Square of 180 ...
 then .. *all of the above*_divided-by_the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value
 of REGULUS .. "the heart of the king, the ruler". 

 And 180 .. is exactly HALF 360 .. a half-circle.
 So .. this resonates with the *360 system*,
 of metrology, or .. if you prefer .. "of geometry".

 In addition, you have "10 times" the light-speed, as a factor ..
 a built-in reference to base 10.

 In the 162000 nautical miles-per-second Bruce Cathie light-speed ..
 it is assumed that this light-speed is "pure, ideal light-speed" .. meaning
 'un-affected' by any relative-proximity to celestial bodies .. unaffected
 by gravity, magnetism, or by planetary electric fields, or latitudes, or any
 of that type of dynamic. So this is the "theoretical maximum" light-speed
 in the_*ether*_of free-space.
                    Regarding "Kingship/Queenship" and POSITION 

 What makes a King or Queen ?  Their *position*, in society .. right ?

 They were "born into" a certain family .. at "the right time" .. correct ?
 Yes .. surely this involves astrological parameters, as Mr. Rab Wilkie
 likes to say.

 And .. this involves certain DNA, too, does it not ?

 Position is similar to *location* .. which also involves *timing* ..
 time/space interactions.

 A King or Queen is .. or 'was' .. thought of as a "ruler" .. 
 or a "reg-u-lator" .. notice the etymological reference to "regular" ..
 and to the name ('titular' name ?) .. "REGULUS".

 What makes REGULUS so important ?
 Its position .. its location .. as of Jan.1, 2000 A.D.
 Why is 2000 A.D. important ?  It refers, of course, to
 the historical Jesus the Christ .. 2000 years from the
 year 00 B.C./A.D. He was related .. directly descended ..
 from certain lineages that go back to 2 great Anunnaki ancestors
 of ours.  

 According to Laurence Gardner's work, it is becoming more-and-more
 apparent that a *decision was made* .. by certain ancestors of ours ..
 to "time" the mathematical-alignments of the_sky-locations_in the "ASM"
 to correlate according to the current "western calendar" .. as of Jan.1, 
 or New Year's Eve of 1999/2000. I emphasize that this is entirely based,
 at least as far as my own observations and calculations regarding the "ASM"
 are concerned ... on *empirical* observations !!  (And .. of course, on 
 data sources). This is certainly_not_intended as any sort of "religious" 
 statement, or as part of any kind of "religious agenda", whatsoever.
 The major historical antecedent to the_current_"kingship/queenship" legacy
 on our planet Earth, is evidently in the persons of EN.KI. and NIN.HUR.SAG.

 These 2 people were great leaders .. and were Anunnaki ancestors of ours.

 In the earliest days .. the kings and queens were *servants of the People*.
 Yes .. they were *of-service-to* the people .. not "dictators" or "tyrants".
 This we are learning from the work of people such as Neil Freer and
 Laurence Gardner. 

 The very_decision_to orient the ecliptic so that these "ASM" correlations
 would become "self-evident" is .. in-and-of-itself .. a mind-blowing
 scenario. This would mean (unless anyone has a better theory) that
 our solar system, *itself*, was consciously_placed_in a position ..
 literally .. such that these *precise* mathematical "ASM" relationships
 would_appear_AT Jan.1, 2000 !!!  And it also seems that our modern
 calendar was 'adjusted' and 'refined' to correlate with this 
"timed-scenario" !!
 This implies a_project_so consciously long-term .. so *incredibly ancient* ..
 that it is on the scale of_billions_of years.
 Of course, the Anunnaki, then, were_only_the *most-recent* group of
 our ancestors to be involved in the "custodianship" of maintaining certain
 "markers" and other orientation systems regarding the "ASM".
 But, the fact that the Anunnaki *are* the most-recent group is also
 significant, because that is where "we" must *begin* in our 'unraveling'
 and in our 'catching-up' to our own heritage and identity as a planetary
 There may have been_other_major "convergence nodes" .. in-addition
 to this one of Jan.1, 2000. This one may be only 'one' of a considerable
 number of others in the past .. having to do with this same ecliptic.
 That is an unknown, at present. I'd say we've got more than enough to 
 be excited about with this one, anyway.

                   10c is Displayed by The Newark Earthworks
                         Of Newark, Ohio, USA .. 3 Sites

 In 2000, I posted material on The Internet that comprised my
 'second revision' of Munck's assessment of the 3 major earthworks
 at Newark, Ohio, USA.

 I did this from "scratch", using the official USGS topographical
 map series '7.5-minute Quadrangle' of scale 1 : 24000. {Newark, Ohio}.
 I found centered "ASM" Grid POINT Values of ..
 * Observatory Circle .. 90.
 * Great Octagon .. 75.
 * Octagon Circle .. 240.

 I noted the multiplied-product of these .. (90 X 75 X 240)  =  1620000.
 This figure is 10 times c .. the B.Cathie "theoretical maximum light-speed
 in *ether* or free-space".

 So .. I now see the direct reference to the 10c factor in this
 particular "E" substitution equation, as shown earlier in this piece.   
                                     Another "E" Substitution

 E  =  (Newark Earthworks)  X  (Area of a Circle)  X  (Half-Pi) ..
 where the generic Area of a Circle is found by using 57.29577951
 as the numerical value of the "given radius" .. because ..
 57.29577951 arc-degrees_is_the numerical value of The Radian Arc
 on a circumference of 360 arc-degrees. Of course .. this is consistent
 with "our" system of geometry/metrology .. the system handed-down
 to us from deepest antiquity.
 (360 / 2Pi)  =  57.29577951 arc-deg.

 Area of a Circle  =  Pi  X  (r Squared) ..
 =  3.141592654  X  (57.29577951 X 57.29577951) ..
 =  10313.24031 Square arc-deg.

 So; E  =  (1620000 X 10313.24031)  X  (Half-Pi). 

 Half-Pi is an important constant .. because it describes the *right-angle*
 in terms of Radians-of-arc.
 Half-Pi * Radian(arc)  =  90 arc-degrees, where there are_360_arc-deg
 on one circumference.

 (3.141592654 / 2)  X  57.29577951  =  90.

 In the "ASM", the current ecliptic prime meridian "marker" is the
 Orion belt-star ALNITAK. Its Jan.1, 2000 Grid LAT is a decimal harmonic
 of .. Half-Pi.   15707.96327  =  (3.141592654 / 2)  X (10^4) ..      
 =  25 (deg)  X  17 (min)  X  36.95991358 (sec)  South of ecliptic.
 ( Morton, 1999, Internet).

 The Grid LONG of any_prime meridian_in the "ASM" is designated
 as 360.  (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).

 For your info, the actual sidereal longitude of ALNITAK that I use,
 from which I calculate the "ASM" longitudes of all other sky-locations ..
 is .. 29 deg TAURUS 56' 50".
 "West ALNITAK" is clockwise from ALNITAK ..
 and "East ALNITAK" is counter-clockwise from ALNITAK.
 Notice that ALNITAK is_not_defined as exactly on the cusp of
 GEMINI/TAURUS .. but is 03 min 10 sec from that cusp, into TAURUS.

 So; the Grid LONG of ALNITAK .. because it has the role of prime 
 meridian "marker" .. is .. 360.

 Therefore .. its Grid POINT Value in the "ASM" is ..
 (15707.96327 / 360)  =  43.63323131
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

                                    REGULUS and MINTAKA

 MINTAKA is also a belt-star in Orion, as is ALNITAK.
 Positionally, MINTAKA (see R.Bauval) corresponds to 
 The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza .. the smaller of the 3 main
 Giza pyramids, while ALNITAK corresponds to The Great Pyramid.
 Of course, this is appropriate, because Munck (1992) found the current
 Earth prime meridian, in the "ASM", to be self-referentially indicated as
 passing through the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza.

 MINTAKA has an "ASM" Grid POINT Value, as of Jan.1, 2000 ..
 of .. 31.00627668 .. a perfect match of (Pi Cubed).
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 Notice the "decimal harmony" in-evidence .. with the "cesium
 light-speed factor" of 310.0627668 .. as I've been discussing in recent
 email postings.

 Notice, now, the_ratio_of the "ASM" Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Values
 (31.00627668 / 19.7392088)  =  1.570796327 .. exactly Half-Pi.

 This allows us to_recognize_another "E" substitution ..

 E  =  [(Newark Earthworks)  X  (Area of a Circle)]  /  [(MINTAKA / 

                                GALACTIC CENTER / SOLAR APEX

 As I've written previously on The Internet, I found the Jan.1, 2000
 to be in an_exact_ratio of .. 12.5 .. or 1/2 the value of what my friend
 and colleague Gary Val Tenuta calls, "Alphanumeric Pi" .. 25.
 (P = 16, and i = 9 .. and their sum is 25).
 Jan.1, 2000 GALACTIC CENTER .. 35.53057584
 Jan.1, 2000 SOLAR APEX .. 2.842446068
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 (35.53057584 / 2.842446068)  =  12.5

 Notice the relationship between this_ratio_and the B.Cathie
 "etheric light-speed" in nautical miles per second ..

 (162000 / 12.5)  =  12960 .. HALF of the "ideal" Earth precession
 cycle .. 25920 .. in number of years.

                                     MORE "E" Substitutions

 E  =  [(Avebury^2) X (Pi^2) X (10^8) X (Washington Monument^2)] / (Rosslyn 
 Yes .. Avebury Circle's Grid POINT Value is .. 2.771815209 ..
 (Munck, 2000, "Whispers From Time II").
 Washington Monument (in D.C.) has a Grid POINT Value of .. 5.411616169 ..
 (Morton, 1998, Internet). 
 Rosslyn Chapel's Grid POINT Value is .. 2.908882087 ..
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).
 ALSO .. notice .. (Pi^2) X (10^8)  =  (5*REGULUS) X (10^7).

 Again .. REGULUS of Jan.1, 2000 is 19.7392088, or .. (2Pi)  X  Pi.

 Therefore .. I can now recognize an "E" substitution that doesn't even
 need Pi as an_overt_factor ..

 E  =  [(5*REGULUS)*(10^7)*(Avebury^2)*(Washington Monument^2)] / (Ros Ch^2).

 I also must mention that the 5.411616169 Grid POINT Value of
 Washington Monument is a_decimal harmonic_of the Grid LAT 
 of Rosslyn Chapel .. 54116.16169  North ..
 =  55 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  19.29274927 (sec)  North.
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 Using the Grid POINT Value of The Great Sphinx of Giza ..

 E  =  5400 X 12960 X 375.

 This is where 5400 is the (Munck, 1992) Grid POINT Value
 of The Great Sphinx, and where 12960 is the "ideal" HALF-precession
 cycle of Earth.

 The square root of 375 is a factor in the Grid LAT of The Great Sphinx.
 And, in turn, the square root of 375 exposes the factor of [Radian (deg) 
 in the_same_Grid LAT ..
 19.36491673 X (57.29577951* 57.29577951)  = 63571.27163  North ..
 =  29 (deg)  X  58 (min)  X  37.79504853 (sec)  North.

 Note .. (25*15)  =  375.

 15 is the alphanumeric sum of .. "FACE".
 And .. 25 is the alphanumeric sum of .. "Pi".

 So .. (Pi*Face)  =  375.
 (25 + 15)  =  40 .. the Sumerian "Rank Number" of EN.KI.

 Could this be a "clue" that THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars is
 connected with the "Kingship/Queenship" legacy that has apparently
 descended from EN.KI. and NIN.HUR.SAG ?
 Is this also a "clue" to the expression: "Kingship was lowered from Heaven" 

 Using a decimal harmonic of 375 ... 37.5 .. the diameter of ..
 The Miami Circle, in regular feet !! ...

 E  =  5400 X 129600 X 37.5

 129600 .. is the generic Surface Area on a TORUS ..
 where, again, 57.29577951 is the numerical value of the "given radius".

 S.Area on a TORUS  =  (2Pi)^2 X (radius^2) ..
 =  39.4784176 X (57.29577951* 57.29577951)  =  129600 Sq. arc-deg.

 Now .. please note ..

 (Pi*Face)  =  (3.141592654*656.56127)  =  2062.648063

 2062.648063  =  the side-length of "Miami Square" .. in regular feet !!
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 So .. yes .. I've shown_two_(Pi*Face) values.
 One set is "alphanumeric".

 (2062.648963 / 375)  =  (17.28 / Pi).

 17.28 is a decimal harmonic of the Cube of 12.

 1728  =  (12*12*12).

 The 1728 figure is useful when converting inches to feet,
 and vice-versa, when you are figuring volume .. 
 in terms of "rectangular solids".
 ( Volume of a rectangular space  =  L * W * H ).   

 And .. 1728 is a gematrian number with the
 tangent of ..  - 3.077683537

 1728 is exactly 1/8th of the_Grid LAT_of Jan.1, 2000 POLARIS.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 (1728 X 8)  =  13824  North of ecliptic ..
 =  66 (deg)  X  05 (min)  X  41.89090909 (sec)  North of ecliptic.

 What if I now_divide_1728 by 8 ?

 (1728 / 8)  =  216 .. 6*6*6 .. Cube of 6 .. decimal harmonic of the
 Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of POLARIS .. {21.6}.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

   Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.