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Messages from Michael L. Morton

More on 'Rennes', 'Circle of Churches' ...

This is in follow-up to my recent post on significant findings, having to do with Rennes-le-Chateau and 'The Circle of Churches' in the South of France.

I refer you to Bruce Cathie's book, "The Harmonic Conquest of Space", in which he writes about the *speed-of-light* values of 144,000 nautical miles 'per grid second' and the equivalent 'speed' of 162,000 nautical miles per second. These numerical values form a ratio of 8/9 ... or 24/27. Think of Earth rotating 360 arc-degrees in 24 hours, or one Day. Because the "grid time" is shorter than "real" time, 27 "hours" of "grid time" would have elapsed in 24 hours.

Bruce Cathie has figured out that this ratio, involving light speed, is a key toward understanding the relationships of what we call "gravity" ... to electricity, light, and magnetism.

There are 24 hours in one Earth Day. This is equivalent to 86,400 time seconds, which is equal to 97,200 "grid time" seconds ... or "grid seconds", in terms of B.Cathie's research. This is the 8/9 ratio, again. (86,400 / 97,200) = 8/9.

In my recent article involving 'The Circle of Churches', I showed how I had found the circumference for 'The Circle' to be exactly "97,200" Feet. I also stated how I have found the azimuth (from True North) from the "vulva-point" on the axis of the 'Extended Pentagram' (refer here to the book, "Genisis", by David Wood) ... to be "306" arc-degrees.

Here, now, I correlate this "306" figure with B. Cathie's work regarding the light- speeds of "144,000" and "162,000" ... referenced above.

144000 + 162000 = 306000.

And I give you this equation ... 306000 / 2000 = 153.

I'm going to suggest that the "2000" refers to "New Year's Eve" of 2000 A.D., having to do with the fact that the star Sirius appears *right-on* the 'sky meridian' every New Year's Eve. ["The Stargazer", Jack Herkimer, actually pointed this out recently on TV ]. The number "153" is mentioned in The Biblical New Testament, involving "the net and the fishes".

The number "153" is referenced (encoded) at Giza in Egypt. 'The Grand Gallery' in The Great Pyramid is 153 Feet in length. And, the 153rd course of stones (from the ground up) on the outside of The Great Pyramid, is exactly "360" Feet from the ground. Mathematically-speaking, not only is "153" exactly "9 times 17" ... but "153" is also the *sum* of the consecutive whole numbers "1 through 17".

And the number "17" is discussed by David Wood, in his book, "Genisis", as being frequently associated with important events and persons involved with the 'Rennes-le-Chateau' intrigue.

Recalling the specific 'azimuth-number' referenced above ... "306" ... we can see that "153" is exactly HALF of 306. And, if we add the integers 8 and 9, we have 17. The "8 and 9" are, of course, the integers forming the 8/9 light-speed geo-magnetic "grid harmonic" researched by Bruce Cathie.

Here are some more very 'synchronistic' numbers I found, regarding this subject :

(97,200 + 86,400) = 183,600 ... and ... (97,200 - 86,400) = 10,800.

Then ... (183,600 / 10,800) = 17.

Notice, also, that "10,800" is exactly HALF the POLAR circumference of Earth in nautical miles. And, it's also the 'Grid Latitude' of The Miami Circle (Morton, 1999).

Also ... "10,800" is HALF the Grid LAT of Stonehenge (Munck, 1992).

There's even more information, having to do with the actual 'sky-position' of the star Sirius, which I won't go into here, at this time. But I will be covering this later, at an 'appropriate' time ... before too long.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
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