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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 206

"ASM" & WTC/Pentagon Attacks ..

I have found what appear to be (to me, at least) significant
 correlations, involving the recent attacks on the WTC and on
 The Pentagon.

 These particular correlations appear to apply_directly_to the
 specific, relatively precise *locations* .. in terms of latitude and 
 according to the "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) .. of ..
 1) the ribbon-cutting at the dedication ceremony (precise location)
     for The WTC on 4th April, 1973, @ 8:30 A.M. EST. 
 2) the_center_of The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.   
 Now, following, here, I will present specific numerical information.

 The 'above' latitude/longitude data for the exact location of the 
 at the dedication ceremony for The World Trade Center .. was provided
 in an email I received on the 12th Sept. 2001 .. from Jack Sirildo Contreras 
                       The Locations for The Pentagon and for The WTC
 I found the indicated "ASM" figures for the_center_of The Pentagon
 in Arlington, Virginia .. as follows ..

 Grid LAT ..
 38 (deg) * 52 (min) * 15.5356364 (sec) North ..
 =  30698.41753 North ..
 =  3110.4 * (Pi^2).
 Grid LONG ..
 108 (deg) * 11 (min) * 22.5500194 (sec) W.Giza ..
 =  26789.42305 W.Giza ..
 =  864 * (Pi^3).
 Grid POINT Value .. The Pentagon ..
 (30698.41753 / 26789.42305)  =  1.14591559 ..
 =  57.29577951 / 50 ..
 =  Radian (deg) / 50.
 (Morton, 1998, Internet).

    My "ASM" figures for The WTC ..

 Grid LAT ..
 40 (deg) * 42 (min) * 41.94270963 (sec) North ..
 =  70463.75218 North. 
 Grid LONG ..
 105 (deg) * 08 (min) * 46.74989068 (sec) W.Giza ..
 =  39269.90817 W.Giza ..
 =  12.5 * (10^3) * Pi.
 [ W.Greenwich .. 74 deg  00 min  45.94989068 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value WTC (ribbon-cutting; dedication ceremony) ..
 (70463.75218 / 39269.90817)  =  1.794344715
 (Morton, 2001, Internet).

 Note:  12.5 is the ratio of the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Values of the
 "ASM" sky-locations of Galactic Center and Solar Apex ..
 (35.53057584 / 2.842446068) .. (Morton, 2000, Internet) ..
 based substantially on the following database ..
 For my methodology concerning calculations of sky-locations,
 regarding the "ASM" .. please see ..
 'Click' on the "SKY MATRIX" articles at the top of that webpage,
 starting with Part One.

 For an example, plus an explanation .. of some of the basics 
 about the "ASM" (Archaeo-sky Matrix) .. please see .. 
 .. the Stonehenge example, in particular.
 Also .. see ..  

 Also pertaining to "12.5" .. this is a decimal harmonic of 12,500 ..
 as in the number of years from 10,500 B.C. to year-2000 A.D.
 Keep in mind, please, that the "ASM" sky-locations are as-of
 January 1, 2000. The 10,500 B.C. time-node is that of "Zep Tepi"
 at Giza, Egypt. Certain alignments are now apparent (with help from 
 computer software programs, such as "SkyGlobe"), as if observed
 from Cairo, between the Giza/Sky of 10,500 B.C and the Giza/Sky
 of the 2012 A.D. December solstice ending of the Mayan calendar.

               Remarkable Correlations Involving "Arecibo-Reply",
          "Milk Hill", and "Chilbolton 2000 August" Crop Formations
 This will involve the "ASM" figures for three important UK crop formations ..
 2 of which appeared in August of 2001 .. the other having appeared in
 August of 2000 in the same_field_(next to Chilbolton Radio Telescope)
 as the "Arecibo-Reply" formation. 
 (Morton, 2000, 2001, Internet).

 I will now multiply the "ASM" Grid POINT Value of the 'above-referenced'
 WTC location .. by the Grid POINT Value of the "Arecibo-Reply" crop 
formation ..
 (1.794344715 * 1.253939659)  =  2.25

 Some of you, at least, will hopefully recognize that 2.25 .. is the *exact*
 Grid POINT Value I found for the magnificent "Milk Hill" crop formation
 of August 2001 .. the one with 409 circles.

 And, please carefully notice this next equation ..

 (1.794344715 * 1.253939659 * 1.745329252)  =  3.926990817

 Now; please refer-back to the W.Giza Grid LONG of the WTC site.
 You will see this figure .. 39269.90817 W.Giza .. a_precise_decimal 
 harmonic of .. 3.926990817 .. the multiplied-product shown just-above.

 The figure .. 1.745329252 .. is the Grid POINT Value of the
 "Chilbolton August, 2000" crop formation .. which appeared in the
 same field as the "Arecibo-Reply" crop formation of August 2001 ..
 and which was "graphically"_depicted_in the lower section_of_the
 "Arecibo-Reply" formation itself. 

 IMO, this constitutes an_extremely_remarkable correlation .. 
 a correlation with very profound implications.

 One of these implications is that the "terrorists" who carried-out the 
 attacks on 11th of Sept., 2001 .. were plausibly connected with people who
 were/are familiar with at least 'some' aspects of the "ASM" itself, possibly
 including the precise figures of the UK crop formations' locations referenced
 earlier in this article. As I state this, I also refer you to the apparent 
 longitude variance in prime meridian locations on Mars, which I discovered,
 between the NASA prime meridian and the ancient "ASM" prime meridian
 that passes through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' @ Cydonia on Mars.
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 This variance in prime meridians, on Mars, is .. 
 09 deg  32 min  0.8 sec ... of longitude.
 This multiplies to ..
 09 (deg) * 32 (min) * 0.8 (sec)  =  230.4 .. which would be the "ASM"
 Grid LONG E.Cydonia .. of the current NASA prime meridian on Mars.

 Here is the longitude prime meridian variance on Earth ..
 31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec  ... between Greenwich, England ..
 and the center of The Great Pyramid of Giza.
 (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).

 I observed the_difference_in the longitude prime meridian variances,
 between Mars and Earth ..

    31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec
  - 09 deg  32 min  0.8 sec
    21 deg  36 min  0.0 sec  ... which is a difference of_21.6_arc-deg.

 21.6 .. is the Jan.1, 2000 Grid POINT Value of_POLARIS_in the "ASM" ..
 the northern pole star of our current time period.
 (Morton, 1999, Internet).

 The ancient Martian "ASM" prime meridian, through the center of
 'The D&M Pyramid' (Munck, 1992, "The Code") .. has a designated
 longitude (Grid LONG) value of .. 360.
 Recall, please .. the Grid LONG of .. 230.4 E.Cydonia .. for the
 current NASA prime meridian on Mars.
 (230.4 * 360)  =  82944 .. which is the "Leahy" (David) number .. closely
 associated with the "Fine Structure Constant" in physics.  

 I wanted to show that information .. because it indicates, IMO, 
 that someone who_knew_at least 'some' of the "ASM" .. was apparently
 involved in choosing the exact place on Mars_for_the "NASA" prime meridian.
 To produce a_variance_in longitude on Mars .. of exactly 09 deg 32' 0.8" ..
 which then correlates with the variance on Earth of 31deg 08' 0.8" ..
 at exactly 21.6 (deg) difference .. is_certainly_not a "random" placement of 
 prime meridians. This implies that "someone" very powerfully-connected ..
 probably covertly .. with the early days of the space program in America .. 
 *knew* something about the "ASM" itself .. at least as far as the Giza and 
 Cydonia prime meridians are concerned.

 I think it is very likely that the suicide attacks on 11th of September, 
 were_orchestrated_by people who are .. and who *have been* .. covertly
 manipulating our society .. totally outside of any constitutional or 
 accountability .. for many decades. They are obviously extremely rich, and 
 are able to manipulate major societal parameters, without the slightest 
 accountability to any government. This is NOT a "band of terrorists" in the
 stereotypical sense, by any means. Yes .. "thugs" obviously do end-up 
 being hired or mind-controlled (or both) to do the "dirty work" .. but these
 heinous deeds are orchestrated "from the top" .. by a very powerful "global 
 This "covert cabal" .. is the_source_of the major cover-ups .. the cover-ups
 involving UFOs/ETs, free-energy availability, artificial structures on Mars,
 suppressed health/longevity technologies, advanced non-combustion propulsion,
 etc., etc., etc.  This secret cabal has been willing to do_anything_including
 this most_recent_atrocity .. to "maintain the status quo" at_all_costs !!
 To them .. the "masses" of humanity are the *enemy*. They don't give a
 damn who they murder .. as long as they can maintain their power, their egos,
 and their money. They are involved at the top .. at the *top* .. of Big Oil,
 Big Banking, Big Insurance, Big Coal, Big Media, Big Weaponry, 
 Big Pharmaceuticals, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, etc., etc., etc.  
 THOSE are the folks to "go after" .. not some "bands of terrorists".
 Go after the true_source_of the problem(s) .. not the symptoms.

 I suggest that "We, The People" .. turn our energies_away_ from this
 hyped-up "rush-to-revenge" .. and instead .. direct our energies toward
 finding-out the truth .. *un-covering the cover-ups* .. toward open 
 hearings on all of these major cover-ups .. involving NASA, JPL, DOD, Mars,
 The Moon, free-energy, ETs, UFOs, suppressed archaeological findings, etc.
 We should no longer allow the covert cabals to manipulate us.
 This "rush-to-revenge" is exactly what the secret cabals want. This is
 why they have stooped to committing this most recent atrocity.
 Do not allow them to manipulate you .. ever again.
 Any so-called "revenge" will surely be answered .. in a matter of years ..
 by more attacks against either you, or against your children .. or against
 your grandchildren. Revenge only perpetuates the old pattern .. the status 
 When will you understand this ?  Who will finally stand-up and say ...
 "Enough is enough !!" .. ??  When will we finally realize that revenge only
 keeps the old pattern of violence, hatred, misery, and suffering .. in place 
 Realize that we have greatness to discover.  

 We have greatness .. connected directly to ourselves .. to un-cover.
 Here is where our energies are needed.
                                   Regarding The Pentagon
 Please refer-back to the "ASM" numbers of The Pentagon.

 (3.926990817 / 1.14591559)  =  (Pi^2) / 2.88

 288 .. is a gematrian number with the classical meaning of .. "double 
 Also .. 288 is the Square Root of .. 82944 .. the "Leahy" number associated
 with the Fine Structure Constant of physics .. and ..
 82944  =  (360 * 230.4).

                                    THE FACE @ Cydonia on Mars

 Munck (1992, "The Code") found the Grid POINT Value of THE FACE
 @ Cydonia on Mars .. 656.56127 .. 
 =  [360 Radian (deg)] / (10 * Pi).
 This is where Radian (deg)  =  (360 / 2Pi)  =  57.29577951 deg.

 [656.56127 / (1.14591559 * 1.794344715)]  =  31104 / (Pi^4).

 (656.56127 * 1.14591559 * 1.794344715)  =  1350.

 (31104 * 1350)  =  (25920 * 162 * 10). 

 Where 25920 is the "ideal" Earth precession cycle in years,
 and 162 is a Bruce Cathie light-speed decimal harmonic ..
 referencing 162000 nautical miles per sec.  

   -- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.