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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 217

Newgrange, FACE ONE, Leo/Aquarius, and more ..

 There's a BBS run by ..
 called "GridPoint" .. that archives many aspects of on-going
 work (in-progress) involving the "Archaeo-sky Matrix" (ASM) ..
 that I recommend to all. This, of course, is directly pertinent to
 Cydonia on Mars.

 One of the recent postings on that BBS is by "Chronos" ..
 having to do with Newgrange, Dowth, and Knowth.
 "Chronos" has, pending confirmed accuracy from him as to
 the_corrected_map-locations of the 3 "dots" representing 'those'
 particular mentioned structures in Ireland .. he has apparently
 found the intended ASM values for those ancient structures. This is a
 major accomplishment, I think. Congratulations, "Chronos" !
 Here's the URL to his series on this (Newgrange) subject ..

 At the bottom of that webpage, are links to other posts on the
 "GridPoint" website.  I have several posts there.
 Here is the URL to my general index .. although this is not complete,
 it does contain currently 216 posts.
 I still need to recover some 'lost' articles and posts.
 [ ]

 Here; I'll paste a copy of my latest post on "GridPoint" ..

                                   Re: "Interesting" .. 
 Yes .. the 24 deg off true north (azimuth 336),
for FACE ONE, at Cydonia on Mars .. thanks to essential
help from Damon Elkins .. decimal harmonic of 240 ..
which is_half_of the very important 480.
And the 480 will be seen to be self-evidently-important
at 2 major places also at Cydonia. (But that's
among 'coming attractions'). 

As Chronos showed .. (240 / 6.666666667) = 36 ..
and 36 has the Cosine of HALF-Phi, just as 54 has
the_Sine_of HALF-Phi , and (36 + 54) = 90 .. the
numerical 'value' of the "Right-Angle" in the 360
system. Chronos calls the repeating 6s "leonine".

If you multiply the Jan.1, 2000 GPV of REGULUS times
0.666666666 .. you get .. 13.15947253 .. GPV of the
Cholula Pyramid of Mexico (Munck, 1993), and ALSO
the azimuth from the Apex of the D&M Pyramid to
the Nose on FACE ONE. That 'Nose' should be on, or 
close-to, the "border" of the humanoid/feline "halves"

Chronos says he finds that Glastonbury Tor is actually
in Aquarius ! Excellent !! The "humanoid" opposite
of Leo. I call the Aquarius number 6*6*6 .. the "Number
of Humankind" .. Cube of 6 .. or, 216.

Using the 656.56127 GPV of FACE ONE (Munck, 1992)..
(656.56127 * 19.7392088) = 12960 .. HALF an Earth
precession cycle in years .. & the zodiacal arc-distance
that separates Leo and Aquarius.
Then; (12960 / 216) = 60 .. not only our current
Earth-human 'consensus' number-basis for time-keeping
and for arc-distance measure .. but ALSO the Sumerian
Pantheon Rank-Number for "King of Heaven/Nibiru" ..
the title of ANU. (Sitchin, "The Earth Chronicles" 
series of books). In a way .. Leo is also "King of
the Heavens", referencing our Sky/Zodiac.

The length in regular feet of The Great Sphinx of Giza
is 240 (Munck, 1992), and its height from paws-to-crown
is 66 regular feet.

(240 + 66) = 306 = (144 + 162) .. a clear reference
to the Bruce Cathie light-speed harmonics.

306 (deg) has the same_tangent_as 666 ..
-1.37638192 .. and tangents are quite imPortant in 
the ASM. And .. (666 - 306) = 360. (Nice).

It would be good to get the ASM values for Glastonbury
Tor, and then see if its GPV has any obviously-direct
correlations with "216". (360 - 216) = 144.

I think the "216" decimal harmonic 2160 has been
intentionally 'planned' as a consensus calendar-marker
for the "regular" beginning of Aquarius. By "regular",
here, I mean using the regular 30 arc-degrees segments
for the 12 zodiac houses. Laurence Gardner, whose
research I greatly respect, has found an apparent
birth date of March 1, 07 B.C. for Jesus the Christ,
giving the 'technical' spread of 8 years between 
07 B.C. and 01 A.D. inclusive. I have proposed (on The
Internet) that this is the same 8-years interval between
2368 A.D. and 2376 A.D. .. which I think is the 'planned'
scenario for the "literal" beginning of Aquarius ..
following the_actual_zodiacal length of Pisces.
This would distinguish between the regular and the
literal. The Greek gematrian number for "Jesus Christ"
is 2368, and the number 2376 is a gematrian number by
definition of having the tangent of +0.726542528 ..
identical to the tangent of 36.

With the "Year One" inclusive, there_are_2376 years
'from' 07 B.C. to 2368 A.D.
And; to accomodate the date of 00 B.C./A.D. .. 
there are (of course) the 2376 years from that date.

Please notice .. 2376 - 2160 = 216.
There you have the "216" Aquarius number, 
by way of the numerical difference between the
"regular" and the "actual" zodiacal lengths of Pisces. 

I see the "2368" referenced redundantly in the ASM,
via the decimal harmonic .. 2368705056 ..
which is indicated by the Jan.1, 2000 GPV of SIRIUS ..
as .. 2.368705056 (Morton, 1999, Internet). 

It is shown at Stonehenge (Munck, 1992) as the Square
of the RADIUS of the Sarsen Circle, in regular feet ..
(48.66934411)^2 = 2368.705056 .. AND .. it is displayed
by The U.S. Naval Observatory in its_centered_Grid LONG 
of 2368.705056 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg) * 12(min) * 1.827704519(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ].
(Morton, 1998, Internet).

Also of note, here, is the Hebrew Calendar year of 5760,
which is year-2000 A.D. on the current "consensus"
calendar used by Earth "civilization".

The ASM, itself, is apparently "calibrated" to 
Jan.1, 2000, as I have discovered .. from the 
observed sky-locations of many prominent 'fixed stars',
as well as the sky-locations of Galactic Center
and Solar Apex on Jan.1, 2000 .. via this database .. 

(5760 - 2160) = 3600 .. not only the (Z.Sitchin)
ideal number of Earth-years for the orbital period
of Nibiru .. but ALSO the Grid LAT of Jan.1, 2000
Galactic Center (Morton, 2000, Internet) ..
05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) South of ecliptic ..
= 3600 South of ecliptic.

Even the mean diameter of The Moon is "encoded" ..
2160 statute miles .. to correlate thusly with these
particular numerical values.
-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.