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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Prediction: Scottish Stone Serpent

Michael Lawrence Morton
Prediction: Scottish Stone Serpent
Sun Oct 28 14:45:15 2001

This is a prediction .. based on the approximate
coordinates given in the related post, on this BBS,
by "Chronos" .. for the ASM values of the stone
serpent in Scotland. [ Near Loch Nell, Scotland ].

My prediction also uses the information given in
the quote, in Chronos' post, on the *similarity*
between this Scottish effigy and the "Great Serpent
Mound" in Ohio, USA.

I compared possible combinations of Grid LATs and
Grid LONGs.. and GPVs .. for this stone effigy in
Scotland, with the Grid LAT, Grid LONG, and GPV
of "The Great Serpent Mound" in Ohio, USA.

I do_emphasize_here, that this is done in the spirit,
and in the method, of a_prediction_using pertinent
information. This is not a "statement-of-fact" .. 
but is a prediction. In that spirit .. let this be 
noted in the record .. and it will be hopefully found
to be correct, in the not-too-distant future, when we
(hopefully) have much better maps and/or GPS-unit
verification available, etc. 

Given approximate coordinates in the post by Chronos ..
LAT .. 56 (deg) 23.6 (min) North.
LONG .. 05 (deg) 24.6 (min) W.Greenwich.

The only other information I have about this stone
effigy in Scotland, is that it has some remarkable
similarities to the "Great Serpent Mound" in Ohio,

Converting LONG to ASM format ..
= 36(deg) * 32(min) * 36.8(sec) W.Giza, approx.
[ the variance is 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec, from Giza ].

ASM LAT = 56(deg) * 23(min) * 36(sec) North, approx.

So; Approx. Grid LAT = 46368 N.
Approx. Grid LONG = 42394 W.Giza.
(Simply using "nearest-arc-sec" multiplication).

Approx. GPV = (46368 / 42394) = 1.094

The ASM values for the "Great Serpent Mound" 
(Ohio, USA) were found by Munck (1992, "The Code",
Grid LAT ..
39(deg) * 01(min) * 36.44161625(sec) North ..
= 1421.223034 North ..
= 144 * (Pi^2).
Grid LONG ..
114(deg) * 33(min) * 53.40794069(sec) W.Giza ..
= 200920.6729 W.Giza ..
= 6480 * (Pi^3).
Grid POINT Value ..
= (200920.6729 / 1421.223034) = 141.3716694 ..
= 45 * Pi.

I notice the nice Pi multiples .. involving 144, 6480,
and 45 .. and exponents of Pi, as well.
So .. it is logical to use those multiples, and
combinations thereof, in exploring likely correlations
for the "Loch Nell Serpent" ASM values.

ALSO .. there is the likely "Thuban" connection to
consider. (or; shall I say .. to "test" ?).

ALPHA DRACONIS .. "Thuban" .. has been found to be
definitely referenced .. ("Thuban-centric") ..
by the_overhead_(aerial) view of the "Great Serpent
Mound" in Ohio, USA .. by the work of Ross Hamilton 
and Patricia Mason.

I found (Morton, 1999, Internet) the Jan.1, 2000
ASM values for ALPHA DRACONIS ..
using the following database for sidereal zodiac,
ecliptically-referenced sky-positions @ Jan.1, 2000 ..

Grid LAT 66 (deg) * 21 (min) * 25.97402597 (sec) North ..
= 36000 North.

Grid LONG ... we first note its January 1, 2000 position 
"into" the sign of LEO (counter-clockwise) of ... 
12 LEO 13' 27". We then add-up its longitude 
arc-distance relative to the Jan. 1, 2000 position
of Alnitak. We have Alnitak at 29 TAU 56' 50" ... 
so ... the longitude arc-distance between those two 
positions is ... 72 deg 16 min 37 sec ... to the 
nearest whole arc-second. Multiplying ... 
72 (deg) * 16 (min) * 37 (sec) = 42624. 
I recognize that we will have a very significant 
Grid LONG of 42545.1703 ... if we make only a very
tiny adjustment on the nearest-whole-arc-second 
number of 37. If we use ...

72 (deg) * 16 (min) * 36.93157144 (sec) .. 
= 42545.1703 E. Alnitak Grid LONG.

The figure 42545.1703 is a Grid LAT (Morton, 1998) at 
the site of Bethlehem ... historical birthplace of Jesus the
Christ. This spot is only several_feet_from the site
identified by researcher Bruce Cathie, in his book,
"The Harmonic Conquest of Space" (page 109).
I found a Grid POINT Value at this particular Bethlehem 
spot of ... 65.656127 ... a_precise_decimal harmonic of 
the GPV of 'FACE ONE' at Cydonia on Mars (Munck, 1992). 
Now ... to find the GPV for the star Alpha Draconis,
at Jan 1., 2000 .. we form the ratio of ..

42545.1703 / 36000 ... = 1.181810286.

There is a very direct connection between the 
figure 42545.1703 and 'The King's Chamber' 
within The Great Pyramid of Giza. I found that 
the precise width of The King's Chamber, in 
regular inches (not 'pyramid inches') ... is 
apparently 206.2648063 regular inches. This is, 
in fact, the Square-Root of 42545.1703. I also 
recognized the number 206.2648063 as a precise
decimal harmonic of ... 20626.48063 'Square
Degrees' ... as in the standard math formula
we use for the "generic" Area on a Hemisphere. 
That is ... if we use the Radian (deg) as the
'given radius' ... we calculate the Area on
a Hemisphere as follows:

(2Pi) * ("R" Squared) = Surface Area on a Hemisphere .. 
= [6.283185307) * (57.29577951)^2] ..
= 20626.48063 "Square arc-deg".

Here is where I usually point-out to people that 
the work of Zecharia Sitchin has shown that 
"we" are apparently using the (360-degree) system
handed-down to us by 'The Anunnaki' ... The 
Elohim ... the so-called "mythological gods 
and goddesses" of antiquity. In effect, I think
a large part of our "re-discovery of advanced
ancient knowledge" actually involves our 
realization of the fact that "we" are ... 
essentially ... descendants of those real 
flesh-and-blood people we have mistakenly 
labeled as "mythological". Those people are
apparently ancestors of ours.

The work of Laurence Gardner is now enlightening us in 
considerable detail about the "kingship" factor ... a 
very key element in our lost and suppressed history 
as humans. So ... it is appropriate, in the context 
of Gardner's work, that 'The King's Chamber' within 
The Great Pyramid would "relate so closely" to the 
site of the birthplace of the historical Jesus the 
Christ ... a "King of Kings". I think the "Royal 
Cubit" needs to be recognized as ... 20.62648063 
regular inches.

I predict an ASM Grid LONG W.Giza of .. 42545.17031 ..
for the "Loch Nell Serpent" stone effigy.
42545.17031 W.Giza ..
= 36(deg) * 32(min) * 36.93157145(sec) W.Giza. 
[W.Greenwich .. 05 deg 24 min 36.13157145 sec] 

Please refer back, now, to the ASM Jan.1, 2000
72(deg) * 16(min) * 36.93157145(sec) E.Alnitak.

The_decimal-fractional_number of arc-seconds ..
is *identical* in these two ASM longitudes !! 
(36.93157145) .. and, of course .. the rhetorical
question begs to be asked; "What are the odds of
THIS being "random chance" ??!!! 

I predict an ASM Grid LAT for this Scottish stone 
serpent effigy of .. 46656 = (216)^2 ..
46656 North ..
= 56(deg) * 23(min) * 36.22360248(sec) North.

I here predict its GPV .. 
(46656 / 42545.17031) = 1.096622711

How does this GPV compare to the GPV of ALPHA DRACONIS
of Jan.1, 2000 ?
(1.181810286 * 1.096622711) = 1.296

And "1296" is a_very_prominent decimal harmonic in
the ASM.

What about with the "Great Serpent Mound" of Ohio ?
[(141.3716694 * 1.096622711) * 1296] = 200920.6729

I just found the ASM Grid LONG of "Great Serpent
Mound" .. by simply multiplying 1296 times the
multiplied-product of the GPVs (albeit one a 
prediction, at this stage) of these two similar
serpentine effigy mounds !!

And I got the "1296" decimal harmonic .. by simply
multiplying the GPVs of "THUBAN" (of Jan.1, 2000)
and my_predicted_Loch Nell stone serpent effigy !!

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton  ~