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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 220

Scottish Serpent w/Conjunction-of-Axes ..

From:  milamo@a...
Date:  Mon Oct 29, 2001  7:06 pm
Subject:  Scottish Serpent w/Conjunction-of-Axes ..

 Hello, Everyone ...
      I just discovered the following.

 This involves not only a "Conjunction-of-Axes" GPV @ Cydonia,
 but also the UK crop formation on summer solstice sunrise, on
 June 21st of 2001, along_with_a total solar eclipse .. that I called, 
 the "Solar(Pyramid)Apex" crop formation ..
 because the depiction/design of the formation was that of a "pyramid" seen
 in the 'foreground' .. with the edge (of one of its corners) obvious ..
 and; with a "sun" directly behind the Apex of the 'pyramid' .. with "rays"
 emanating from the "sun". Some people debunked this formation, but I
 did not. In fact, I found significant ASM values for its centered location,
 and I reported those values. See Paul Vigay's website .. he may have a
 report from me on it. I did send out an email-report to my usual "mailing 
 at the time, on this case.

 The GPV of the centered location of that "Solar(Pyramid)Apex" crop formation,
 I found to be .. 1.16105524

 Notice, please, the multiplied product of this GPV and the 'predicted' GPV
 of mine for the Scottish "Loch Nell" Serpent Effigy ..

 (1.096622711 * 1.16105524)  =  1.273239545

 That product is the TANGENT of the base slope-angle of The Great Pyramid
 of Giza .. TAN  51.853974 (deg) = (4 / Pi) = 1.273239545 

 So; we have a crop formation in the UK, on the early morning of summer
 solstice of June 21st, 2001 .. including a total solar eclipse ..
 that depicts a_pyramid_with a "sun" directly behind the_APEX_of the 
 Please keep that in mind.
 I found that the GPV (Grid POINT Value) of the centered location of that 
 crop formation .. "finds" the TANGENT of the base slope-angle of ..
 The Great Pyramid of Giza .. when said GPV of said crop formation is
 multiplied-by .. my predicted GPV for the Scottish "Loch Nell" serpent 

 Serpents in the ASM are very_knowledgeable_creatures.
 They really_know_the ASM, itself .. extremely well.

 Damon Elkins recognized a very important "spot" at Cydonia, on Mars,
 that he calls .. the "Conjunction-of-Axes".
 I found the ASM values for it, in early September of 2001 ..
 and the GPV for it is .. 9644.192303

 If I multiply that GPV by my predicted GPV for the Scottish "Loch Nell"
 serpent effigy ..

 (9644.192303 * 1.096622711)  =  (105760.4031 / 10).

 105760.4031 W.ALNITAK .. is the Jan.1, 2000 Grid LONG of *SOLAR APEX*,
 itself, in the ASM !!   (
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).
 [ 173(deg) * 13(min) * 47.02552383(sec)  =  105760.4031 W.ALNITAK ]. 
 There is even a "play-on-words" happening, here, in this case (pun intended).

 The word "Apex" .. is being played-upon.  I hope you can "see" that,
 at least in your mind's eye.
 As I have stated on The Internet many months ago ..
 "we" (Earth humans) are being_contacted_by ETI .. and "they" are
 actually USING what I have been calling .. the "Archaeo-sky Matrix"
 (ASM) .. to facilitate "their" contact attempt.

 The key is for "us" .. to recognize the communication attempt.
 I have been trying to help "us" to recognize many examples of this
 communication attempt .. including non-crop-formation structures/sites, etc.
 Much of this communication was "sent" long ago, when various structures
 and artifacts were created and_placed_in precise locations, on more than
 one planet. In our solar system.
    -- Michael Lawrence Morton 
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.