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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 222

Major Metrological Discovery ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
Major Metrological Discovery ?
Fri Nov 2 14:25:00 2001

I've just now (minutes before beginning this writing)
made what I think could be a major discovery involving

And you can refer (please) to the previous article
on the BBS ("GridPoint") .. "Another Take on
Le Serpent".

I thank Mr. Len Keane .. ( telling 
me about the "Celtic-Unit" .. discovered by a 
Mr. Martin Brennan .. who discovered it while
researching Newgrange, Ireland.

The "Celtic-Unit", or "C-Unit" .. is exactly ..
1.6875 regular ("British") feet in length, as 
determined by Martin Brennan in his research.

As I "hint-at" in my previous post, I have proposed the
true-and-intended length of The Royal Cubit as having
been directly based (since_deep_antiquity) on the
57.29577951 (arc-degrees) numerical_value_of the
Radian-arc constant .. assuming 360 arc-degrees on 
a 'given' circumference. Yes .. my proposal includes
the implication that the people who employed this
intended length for The Royal (Egyptian) Cubit ..
were using a 360 arc-degrees system, in general. 

I have stated, since 1998 on The internet, that the
true-and-intended length of The Royal Cubit is apparently
20.62648063 regular ("British") inches. Why that "exact"
figure ? Because .. it is_directly_based on standard
volume and area formulas, using a numerical_value_of ..
57.29577951 .. as the "generic" or 'given' RADIUS ..
the_IDENTICAL_figure for the numerical value of the
Radian-Arc constant in a system of, or on a 'given'
circumference of, 360 equal arc-segments.
[360 / 2Pi = 57.29577951 (deg)].

For Area on the surface of a Hemisphere ..
= [2Pi * (radius squared)].
Substituting 57.29577951 as a "given" numerical
value for the RADIUS ..
[2Pi * (57.29577951)^2] = 20626.48063 "Square arc-
degrees". That's the_decimal-harmonic_for the true
and intended length of The Royal Cubit .. in regular
("British") inches .. 20.62648063 !! 

To the South of France ..

The preceeding description is 'why' and 'how' I was
able to find the following ..

When it was declared on The Internet, by a "Mr. Miles",
that he had found the diameter of "The Circle of Churches"
in the South of France, to be "18000 Royal Cubits" ..
it got my attention, of course. However, Mr. Miles
did not have the correct length for The Royal Cubit,
itself .. and that was obvious in his Internet report.
So; I applied the 20.62648063 regular inches length ..
and found .. (18000 * 20.62648063) = 371276.6512 ..
regular inches, for the diameter of "The Circle of 
Churches" .. which is, in_regular_feet ..
(371276.6512 / 12) = 30939.72095 .. which then means
that the_circumference_is .. (Pi * 30939.72095) ..
= 97200 regular ("British") feet !!
This figure .. 97200 .. is a decimal harmonic of the
gematrian number 972 .. with the tangent of ..
+3.077683537 .. same tangent as that of 72.

Meanwhile, I had found a GPV (Grid POINT Value) for
the Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau .. which is located *on*
The-Circle-of-Churches .. of (2Pi) .. the exact constant
used in the calculation of Area on the surface of a
Hemisphere. (Morton, 1998, Internet).
And; I found a Grid LAT for that Church of ..
103680 North ..
= 42(deg) * 55(min) * 44.88311688(sec) North.

Notice, please ..

38(deg) * 53(min) * 51.4796425(sec) North ..
= 103680 North.
What is this ? 
It is the Grid LAT at the_center_of The White House,
in Washington, D.C. (Morton, 1998, Internet).

(97200 / 20.62648063) = 4712.388979 = 1500Pi.
This is exactly 10 times the original and intended
height, in_regular_feet .. of The Chephren Pyramid
of Giza (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

The figure 4712.388979 .. is_also_a decimal harmonic
of the generic_*ratio*_of the Volume of a Sphere ..
to the Volume of a Torus ..

(3712766.512 / 787873.524) = 4.71238898 = (1.5Pi).
[Morton, 2001, Internet].

Yes .. please recall .. earlier in this posting ..
a_decimal-harmonic_for "Volume of a Torus" ..
the_diameter_of "The Circle of Churches", itself ..
in_regular_inches !! (371276.6512).

Now, please notice ..

The GPV at the_center_of The White House, in D.C.,
is .. 7.87873524 .. (Morton, 1998, Internet) ..
a_decimal-harmonic_of the generic Volume of a Sphere !! 

Please recall, from my previous post ..
the_GPV_I have predicted for "Le Serpent Rouge" ..
located in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau.
(See the book, "GenIsis", by David Wood).

The_GPV_I have predicted for the_head_(center) of
"Le Serpent Rouge" .. 1.809557368

Now .. please recall the 97200 regular feet, as the
circumference of "The Circle of Churches".
And; please also recall, from early in this post ..
the "Celtic-Unit" .. found by Martin Brennan ..
(and thanks, again, Len Keane) .. of 1.6875 regular feet.

[(0.972 / 1.809557368) * 3.1415926540] = 1.6875

I think I have found strong evidence, here .. albeit
includes a 'prediction' of particular ASM values for "Le
Serpent Rouge" (head) .. 
I think I've found strong evidence for a mathematical,
numerical, metrological_link_among the regular 
("British") foot, The Royal (Egyptian) Cubit, 
the "Celtic-Unit", the Pi constant, and the 360
arc-degrees_system_of geometry.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 


Michael Lawrence Morton
A follow-up ..
Sat Nov 3 12:45:31 2001

Chronos writes;

<< So far, I observe the Celtic Unit, precisely as it is given, 
can be linked to the Megalithic Yard and the foot
using more rational numbers, for example

Megalithic Yard Squared x "Alternate Tetrahedral Constant" = 144; 
144 : 1.6875 = 85.33333... : 1.111111... = 78.6; 
786 : 8 = 9.6 >>

Well .. !! .. I really like this "9.6" ..
it's the_GPV_I found for "D&M Pyramid II" .. its
remains, at Warwick, New York, USA. Dr. Bruce Cornet,
the discoverer of the "Cydonian Analogues" in that
area of the lower Hudson River Valley, also discovered
"Earthface", which is .. as Dr. Cornet described it,
on his website devoted to the subject in 1998 ..
"a mirror-image analogue of FACE ONE @ Cydonia on Mars".

There is also the "Tholus II" .. which Dr. Cornet
discovered .. located just south of the runways of
Stewart Airforce Base. Its GPV (Morton, 1998, Internet)
is the_square-root_of the GPV of "Earthface".
(1.111111111 ...)^2 = 1.234567901 (Morton, 1998,

Note: this "megalithic yard" is a number derived by
Munck (1992, "The Code", self-published). It is very
close (corroborative, actually) to Alexander Thom's
length for the Megalithic Yard in regular feet.
Munck's value, squared, is .. 7.396853329 .. which is
encoded (marked) as the "Giza Grid LONG" in number of
arc-seconds East of the Giza prime meridian (that passes
through the center of The Great Pyramid).

(144 / 7.396853329) = 19.46773764 .. 
which Chronos calls, "alternate tetrahedral constant".
This figure is "relatively" close to ..
19.47122061 (deg) .. the_ideal_"tetrahedral angle" ..
referencing the R.C.Hoagland work.
The nice thing about this_ideal_tetrahedral angle ..
is its Sine .. 0.333333333 .. or 1/3rd.
Yes .. the "alternate" figure_does_work in the ASM;
and yet, so does the "ideal" figure .. IF it is
converted to its "ASM format" in (deg * min * sec).

I found that (Morton, 1999, Internet) if you use
a figure that is_extremely_close to 19.47122061 ..
you get an ASM value of .. 8760.48194 .. 
= 19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.46707132(sec) .. north and
south latitude.

The 8760.48194 is exactly 1/6th of the major ASM
figure 52562.89164 .. Grid LONG of Stonehenge,
and, of The Kukulkan Pyramid (Mayan) in The Yucatan 
of Mexico. (Munck, 1992). 

I call this value .. 8760.48194 .. the "Tetrahedral
Grid LAT". If this value is 'given' to the diameter
of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge ..
(in regular British feet) ..
(8760.48194 / 97.33868822) = 90 .. the numerical value
in degrees, of the *Right Angle*, in the_360_system !!

-- Michael L.M.


(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton  ~