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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Getting an 'Eye' for The Big Picture

Subject: [M-I] Getting an 'Eye' for The Big Picture Maybe what I call "the birth (re-birth) of Horus" means we're getting an 'eye' for The Big Picture, so we can understand there's about to be a 're-synchronization'. Notice the root-syllable "chron", for "Chronos" ... 'Father Time' ... Saturn.

I looked at Gary Val Tenuta's "eye" being born, just under the vulva-point at the base of the axis of the 'extended star-pentagram' (D.Wood), in his recently developed graphic. We've been working on some things involving the 'archaeomatrix code', such as the numbers of some specific sites/structures, trying to come up with some 'accurate and meaningful' ways of illustrating some of our more recent work. And, BTW, I'm pleased to report that we think we've made some good progress toward that goal. Soon, we hope to have some of the fruits of these latest labors up on 'The Net'.

If this 'eye' of a newborn 'Horus' is "all-seeing", is it symbolic of the opening of "our" eyes to a greater awareness .. a greater understanding ... of a BIG Picture ? As in a big 'celestial' picture ... with "us" in it. Are "we" Earth Humans the collective about-to-be-newborn (again ? ... 'born again' ?) 'Horus' ?

There are exactly 270 Earth Days, *inclusive*, from the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999 .. to the grand celestial conjunction in our solar system on May 5, 2000. Yes ... the "270" total Days of 9 average 30-day months of the human gestation period. Yes ... the "270" of ... 15 X 18 .. the multiplied product of the sacred numbers of OSIRIS "Re-membered" and ISIS, respectively.

Gary and I have been discussing 'The Seal of Saturn' ... a particular configuration of the 9 integers in a square pattern, when lines are drawn from one consecutive integer-position (in the square) to the next. Yes ... this does figure-into the very work we're doing with the 'archaeomatrix code'.

Are we hopefully 'waking-up' and 'opening our eyes' in time to realize that a big re-setting of some celestial clocks may be in-order, in the not-too-distant future ? Will the actual rotational speeds and orbital speeds of certain bodies in our solar system be "re-set" ... 're-synchronized' ? By .... ?? Certain "EMVs" ?! Such as the ones literally manufacturing the rings of Saturn ? (Bergrun, Norman R., "Ringmakers of Saturn"). Will this 're-sync' resonate with our DNA ... such that we Earth Humans might 'experience' a kind of "new world" or ... "rebirth" ... after the big "maintenance job" is done ? Would this 'new DNA resonance with our celestial environment' allow us to be 'different' than we are now ? Will it "automatically" extend our lifespans ? (Not that our new, 'open eyes' won't allow us to do that anyway, for ourselves !!) Will we have to "get out of the way", somehow, while this 'big maintenance work' is done ... to avoid being killed ?

Maybe we'll need to get off-planet for awhile ? How ? In gigantic 'mother ships', I would think would be one possibility. [Either "ours" (secret), or those of certain ETs ?]. Is this a major part of what the "New Age" thing is ? Is this the beginning of a new collective awareness of a coming 'New Paradigm' ?

Will the "LOPER" that I've mentioned in some emails a while back ... "Lunar Orbits Per Earth Rotation" ... be re-set to "0.03650200809" ? And will Earth's orbital period be re-set to "365.0200809" Days in a Year ? That would bring the site of Coral Castle (Grid POINT Value 3.650200809 ; Morton, 1998) into perfect 'decimal harmony' with those periods of rotation and orbit !! AND ... that re-setting might (?) also bring a lot of ancient sites/structures into perfect 'decimal harmony', also (?), with those ("ideal" ?) rotation and orbital periods ?

Will there be a way for "us" to not have to get off-planet for the big "re-sync" ?

Is all this just a lot of 'crap' that I'm getting 'carried-away' with ? Was 'The First Time' ("Zep Tepi") 12960 years ago ? And if that was the First Time ... is this 'The Next Time' ? Is it a ... BIG RE-SYNC Time ? -- Michael