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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 233

Solar (Pyramid) Apex Crop-Formation .. Revisited

From:  milamo@a... 
Date:  Tue Nov 20, 2001  3:37 pm
Subject:  Solar (Pyramid) Apex Crop-Formation .. Revisited

   This is intended as a REVISION  .. of a certain year-2001-season
 UK crop formation's_correlations_to the solstice/solar eclipse
 of 21st June, 2001 .. and much more. 

 The reason for this_revision_is that I have (just-now) come-upon a more
 accurate_and_appropiate figure for the Grid LAT for the centered-latitude of 
 this crop-formation. I discovered this figure myself, when reviewing the 
 data, (thanks to Paul Vigay) for the latitude/longitude of the formation.  

 This particular June solstice (of 2001), and its solar eclipse, were_also_in
 ecliptic *longitudinal* opposition_to_SOLAR APEX, itself.

 You may recall that I've been writing about the "ASM"
 (Archaeo-sky Matrix) figures for January 1, 2000 SOLAR APEX
 and regarding GALACTIC CENTER .. for some time, now.
 Raw-data page for Jan.1, 2000 sky-positions, based on_sidereal_zodiac
 and on_ecliptic_latitudes and longitudes of sky-positions .. is at ..
                          TO ITS "ASM" CENTERED-LOCATION

 Photo of the formation by Lucy Pringle ..

 Raw-data latitude/longitude datapage for this formation ..

 Date of Formation .. discovered on 21st June, 2001 .. apparently
 created that_same_morning.  Wiltshire, UK.

 Please go to the photo, referenced above.  
 I see a "sun" depiction .. with the "sun" positioned
 behind the_'apex'_of a "pyramid". The "pyramid" appears
 as a "perspective-sketch" .. with a vertical "axis" down
 its middle .. which also would be one of (apparently) 
 four 'edges' to the "pyramid" .. indicating a 4-sided pyramid.

 I also sense that the "sun" disk could be a depiction
 of the_solar-eclipse_that did occur_on_this June (2001) solstice
 on the 21st .. very close to when this crop formation was evidently
 created, in Wiltshire, UK. 

 As I mentioned (above) .. this solar-eclipse/solstice was also
 in ecliptic_*longitudinal*_opposition_to_SOLAR APEX, itself.

 Obviously, it occurred to me to check out this crop formation's
 centered latitude/longitude location .. for possible apparently-intended
 correlations with my "ASM" Jan. 1, 2000 figures_for_SOLAR APEX,
 and possible additional significant correlations.

 I was not disappointed.  (And that is a HUGE understatement) !!

                               in ASTRONOMY    

 In astronomy, SOLAR APEX is that *point* in the sky, observed
 from Earth, that is the projected (observed 'currently', from Earth)
 *location* of our_Sun_at half-Pi Radians (Arc) of arc-distance *from*
 "now" .. on our Sun's_ rotation_around GALACTIC CENTER.
 This is_1/4th_of our Sun's projected rotation_around_GALACTIC CENTER.
 The Milky Way rotates in a "wheel-hub" fashion .. like a wheel .. like the
 steering-wheel of an automobile. Imagine our Sun on a certain 'rim' .. as
 on the rim of a "steering-wheel". Our Sun 'rotates' along with the *entire*
 "wheel-hub" system .. relative-to an "infinitely-small" center-"hole" at ..
 *Galactic Center*.  Could this be directly-related to the "toroid" model ? 
 Something is telling me .. that the_center-hole_of the TORUS model ..
 "infinitely-small" .. possibly also indicative of the "black-hole" model (?) 
 is a key to_understanding_the "dynamics" of *Galactic Center* .. as it might
 apply to R.C.Hoagland's "hyperdimensional physics" ramifications.   
 I'm also thinking of the_wheel-hub_design of the ship in the movie,
 "2001, A Space Odyssey". 
 The "half-Pi" Radians (Arc) is a major figure in the "ASM", itself.
 It is a 90 arc-degrees_rotation_of the Sun, relative-to the 
("infinitely-small" ?)
 center of The Milky Way .. that is; 90 degrees .. the "right angle",
 according to our conventional_360_arc-degrees on 'one circumference'. 
           To the Actual JANUARY 1, 2000 'SOLAR APEX' LOCATION .. 

 Before I examine this remarkable correlation, I need to give you
 the "ASM" numbers_for_Jan.1, 2000 SOLAR APEX, and, my 
 "ASM" numbers_for_this crop-formation.

 Grid LAT Jan.1, 2000 SOLAR APEX ..
 53 (deg)  X  26 (min)  X   27.00111177 (sec)  North of ecliptic ..
 =  37207.53202  North of ecliptic.
 Grid LONG Jan.1, 2000 SOLAR APEX ..
 173 (deg)  X  13 (min)  X  47.02552383 (sec)  W.ALNITAK ..
 =  105760.4031  W.ALNITAK.
 Grid POINT Value Jan.1, 2000 SOLAR APEX ..
 105760.4031 / 37207.53202  =  2.842446068
 (Morton, 2000, Internet). 

 "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" Crop Formation Grid LAT ..
 51 (deg)  X  21 (min)  X  44.23352113 (sec) North ..
 =  47374.10113  North.
 "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" Crop Formation Grid LONG ..
 32 (deg)  X  57 (min)  X  30.06092958 (sec)  W.Giza ..
 =  54831.13557  W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich  01 deg  49 min  29.26092958 sec ].
 Grid POINT Value "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" Crop Formation ..
 54831.13557 /  47374.10113  =  1.157407407
 (Morton, 2001, Internet).

 I also need to give you the "ASM" numbers, for the centered location
 of a certain major pyramid on Earth, which I think are/is being intentionally
 "referenced" by the intelligent entity(ies) who apparently_created_and
 who *timed-and-placed*, this crop formation. 

 Grid LAT "Great Pyramid of Giza" ..
 29 (deg)  X  58 (min)  X  53.09041429 (sec)  North ..
 =  89298.07684  North.
 Grid LONG "Great Pyramid of Giza" ..
 360 .. designated number for prime meridians in the "ASM".
 Grid POINT Value "Great Pyramid of Giza" ..
 89298.07684 / 360  =  248.0502134
 (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

               Of JAN.1, 2000 .. to the **SLOPE-ANGLE** of 
                 THE GREAT PYRAMID of GIZA 

 A very significant finding of mine (Morton, 2000, Internet)
 is that "37207.53202" .. the Jan.1, 2000 Grid LAT of SOLAR APEX,
 is a perfect numerical_match_of the "ASM" form of the base slope-
 angle of The Great Pyramid, itself, as found by Munck (1992, "The Code") !!
 37207.53202  =  51 (deg)  X  51 (min)  X  14.30508728 (sec).
 According to Munck, an actual original casing stone was found
 (mostly buried) near the base of The Great Pyramid, and was then
 sent to The British Museum in London, where its angle was very
 precisely measured. The measurement revealed an angle of ..
 51 deg  51'  14.305".
 Of course, the *apex* of a pyramid is its very tip-top ..
 at the summit of its_slope-angle_from any point on
 any of its sides. Please notice, again, the_design_of this
 crop formation. There is a prominent "sun", or, possibly
 a "solar-eclipse" depiction .. complete with solar "rays"
 emanating-out_from_the "disk" .. and, the "disk" is positioned
 directly behind the_"apex"_of a "pyramid".
 So; the fact that this crop formation appeared
 on the very_morning_of this solstice/solar-eclipse ..
 says a lot, in terms of timing .. obviously !!
 Are there any "signs", mathematically, of a possible
 "Lunar" component to the "disk" depicted in the
 design of this crop formation ?  Yes.

 Notice the following equation .. involving a simple
 comparison of this crop formation's Grid LONG
 with the Jan.1, 2000 SOLAR APEX Grid LAT ...

 (37207.53202 / 54831.13556)  =  0.678584013 ..
 a decimal harmonic of the "6785.84013" mean 
 circumference of The Moon in statute miles.

 What about some reference, mathematically, to
 either the size of The Sun, or to the distance (from Earth)
 of The Sun ?  Yes.

 864000 (mean statute-miles diameter of Sol) ..
 divided-by the Grid POINT Value (Munck, 1992, "The Code")
 of the Great Sphinx of Giza ..
 (864000 / 5400)  =  160 .. the number of Earth years from 2000 A.D.
 on the current "consensus calendar" of "Earth-Human civilization" ..
 to .. 2160 A.D., the regular (30 deg arc-segments-based) cusp of
 Pisces/Aquarius. (And; numerically matching the number of years
 in a "regular" zodiac age; and, numerically matching the mean diameter
 of The Moon in statute miles).

 The POLAR circumference of Earth is 21,600 nautical miles_and_
 latitude arc-minutes .. the identical number to the # of arc-minutes on one
 circumference in the_360_system. 
 (21600 / 5400)  =  4 .. a decimal-harmonic of the_ratio_of the 'mean' 
 of The Sun and The Moon .. (864000 / 2160)  =  400.
 If you then look at a "gematrian" mean figure for the AU .. the "Astronomical
 Unit" (Earth's orbital radius around Sol) .. in statute miles ..
 (93,312,000 / 400)  =  233280  =  (25920 / 9) .. where 25920 is the "ideal"
 mean Earth precession cycle in years, and where 9 is our highest integer. 

 And isn't it interesting .. how .. during a total solar eclipse ..
 The Moon just happens to_precisely_fit "over" The Sun, except
 for The Sun's corona ?! 

 [ This is such a .. "rational" .. "ordered" .. "System", it seems ].   (-;

 Just suppose, for a minute .. that "The Anunnaki" are .. "only the very
 most-recent" group of_ancestors_of ours .. to have been involved in
 relatively-local (at least) "cosmic" activity .. and by that, I mean ..
 "traveling in space" .. such as, between Mars and Earth, for example ..
 having_that_sort of routine capability. Yes .. "routine".
 Then .. imagine where "they" might have been "coming-from".

 Now .. regarding Cremo & Thompson's research .. see their book,
 "Forbidden Archaeology" .. maybe "humans" are, in fact, a relatively
 "universal" form of intelligent being .. from many different galaxies.
 (Yes .. you're 'outside the box', I know .. but, don't worry .. you'll be
 back in there soon enough, I'm sure .. won't you ?).   

 Now; imagine what "universal humans" could have been up-to,
 if you think of Tom Bearden's "scalar physics" .. where "size doesn't
 matter any more" .. and; if you assume "billions-and-billions" of years
 for all sorts of "universal-humans" to spread-out in all directions ..
 encompassing an enormous amount of galaxies .. 
 can you imagine the possibility that 'some' of those universal-humans
 could have literally_created_entire galaxies .. such as the galaxy "we"
 are in .. known as The Milky Way ??!!   OK .. well .. then; how about ..
 "just this Solar System" ??!!  Why not ??!!  
 What if .. "Elohim" .. are_actually_just relatively-advanced 
universal-humans ?
 (Who haven't been "cut-off"-from, or "devolved"-from, or "re-engineered"-by 
 via a combination of universal-human and certain "non-human" 
 creatures ... an "older, more-advanced" group ?).   

 [ "OK .. back in your box". ]  Oh.  I .. uh .. kinda .. like it out here 
 "85788.15748" .. is the **Apex** Grid LAT (alternate) for ..
 The Great Pyramid of Giza. (Morton, 2001, Internet).
 85788.157481  North ..
 =  29 (deg)  X  58 (min)  X  51.00366081 (sec)  North.

 "9929.184894" .. is the Grid LAT of The D&M Pyramid ..
 @ Cydonia on Mars. (Munck, 1992, "The Code", self-published).
 9929.184894  North ..
 =  40 (deg)  X  52 (min)  X  4.773646584 (sec)  North.

 Then .. 

 (85788.15748 / 9929.184894)  =  8.64 .. a decimal-harmonic of the
 "mean" diameter, in statute miles .. of .. The Sun .. "our" star.      

 Recall, please .. from earlier in this post .. the (revised) Grid LAT
 for the "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" crop-formation of June 21, 2001 ..
 in Wiltshire, UK .. (apparently created_on_that June solstice early-morning 
 during-which there_was_a total solar eclipse) .. of .. 47374.10113 North ..
 =  51(deg) * 21(min) * 44.23352113(sec) North.
 And also please recall .. the ASM-form of the base slope-angle of 
 The Great Pyramid of Giza .. 37207.53202 ..
 =  51(deg) * 51(min) * 14.30508728(sec).
 Then, also please keep in mind that the actual Grid LAT of SOLAR APEX
 of Jan.1, 2000 .. *itself* .. is .. 37207.53202 North of ecliptic ..
 =  53(deg) * 26(min) * 27.00111177(sec) North of ecliptic.

 Please notice ..

 (47374.10113 / 37207.53202)  =  1.273239545

 That figure .. 1.273239545 .. is 'exactly' equivalent to .. (4 / Pi) .. and 
 is also 'exactly' equivalent to .. the TANGENT of .. the 'precise' base 
 of The Great Pyramid of Giza !!   
 TAN  51.853974 (deg)  =  (4 / Pi)  =  1.273239545

 IN-ADDITION .. please note .. that I have found the apparently-intended GPV 
 Chartres Cathedral .. its centered location (in the ASM) .. to be indicated 
as ..
 1.273239545 .. the ratio of  (56890.03884 / 44681.33201) .. 
 the 56890.03884 being its Grid LAT ..
 =  48(deg) * 26(min) * 45.58496702(sec) North.
 And the 44681.33201 being its Grid LONG W.Giza ..
 =  29(deg) * 38(min) * 40.54567333(sec) W.Giza.
 [ E.Greenwich .. 01 deg  29 min  20.25432667 sec ].
 {{ Giza-to-Greenwich longitude variance is .. 31 deg  08 min  0.8 sec }}. 
 GPV Chartres Cathedral ..
 (56890.03884 / 44681.33201)  =  1.273239545 

              Claims of Possible "Hoaxing" of this Particular Crop-Formation
                Are Rendered Irrelevant .. **Totally Irrelevant** ..      

 Yes, of course there were claims that this June 21, 2001 crop-formation
 was "hoaxed" .. mainly because (allegedly) there was evidence of some
 "walking or stomping" in the formation .. and/or "some sloppiness" apparent.
 These claims are hereby rendered totally_irrelevant_ by 2 obvious factors;
 1.) the obvious design/depiction of the "4-sided pyramid" and of the "sun" ..
 complete with "rays" emanating outward from the "sun", as if to show ..
 a "solar eclipse" .. !!! .. and; with the "sun" depicted as being directly 
 the_*apex*_of the "4-sided pyramid" .. to the viewer's perspective !! 
                                --- {{ AND }} ---
 2.) the obvious numerical and mathematically-precise correlation involving
 the centered_*placement*_of this particular crop-formation .. correlating 
 with the Jan.1, 2000 "ASM" sky-location of SOLAR APEX, itself !!   

 This, plus many other correlative examples .. involving the centered 
 of various crop-formations .. ought to be self-evident enough .. to 
 show that a very_important_criterion for "genuineness" of these 
 is whether-or-not the given formation is displaying an obviously-meaningful
 correlation_involving_the "Archaeo-sky Matrix".
 This ought to be, it seems to me .. a_very_reasonable criterion ..
 indeed, a_primary_criterion .. for determining "genuineness" of these
 crop-formations. AND; no .. I'm not saying this is "the only" 
 I saying this is "the_only_important" criterion.
 FURTHERMORE .. I think the "ASM criterion" should play a_major_role
 in assessments as-to whether-or-not given structures/sites on Mars ..
 are "artificial".
 What are the 2 major "parameters" of our (consensus) reality ?
 TIME and SPACE, I would say. I think this is probably of consensus
 agreement, currently, among most Earth humans.

 Involving SPACE .. there are the 6 "basic" directions .. ahead, back,
 left, right, up, and down. This is relative to the "self-perspective".
 My friend Neil Freer gave me a good verbal description of a "system
 of criteria" for assessments involving space/time. He called it ..
 "self-referentiality".  It seems to me that this is a very good way of
 describing what a basically-effective "system" would be "based upon" ..
 in terms of "assessing, measuring, and evaluating" elements of space/time.
 The "ASM", itself .. is based upon this very premise and concept.
 On a planetary scale .. you have an equator (assuming the planet is a
 rotating celestial body) and a prime meridian. If the planet is tilted, in 
 of its own polar rotation-axis with respect to the planet's orbital path 
 its star, then you have an "ecliptic" axis, also, to "figure-in".
 The next "level" is the "galactic wheel-hub" .. with the planet's_star_going
 around the_hub_of its galaxy .. rather similar to the "ponies" on a 
 ride. And some of the "ponies" move a little 'up-and-down' as they go around 
 hub along with all the other "ponies". 
 So .. there is a "Galactic Center" location that can be observed_from_the 
 which can be_expressed_in terms of its "sky-position" relative-to the 
 This is all part of the "ASM". Then; there is the concept of metaphor .. and 
 the_involvement_of metaphor, itself .. as *part of the system*. An example 
of this,
 would be .. "as above, so below" .. in the sense of "ground" and "sky" .. 
 an "ecliptic-as-equator" and, with a "prime meridian-as-ecliptic-prime 
 Munck has found "ASM" ground-prime meridians on Earth and Mars.
 I have found a self-referential ecliptic-prime meridian in our (Earth) sky.
 At that website .. please read the articles linked at the_top_of the page ..
 beginning with "Part 1" of "SKY MATRIX".
 In addition, I have found an apparent "difference" in ground-prime meridian
 variances, between Earth and Mars .. of_21.6_longitude degrees .. a very
 conspicuous and "significant" number within the context of the "ASM".
 (I have posted details of this "conspicuous variance", on The Internet, over
 the last one to 2 years). Then; there is a_Solar Apex_reference .. which
 expresses the directional arc-distance projected-location of our star (Sol) 
 in our 'current' sky, as observed from Earth .. as of half-Pi Radians(arc) 
 Sol's present location. This projected-location of Sol would be 1/4th of the
 way around one rotation of the galactic merry-go-round .. or 1/4th of what
 appears to be 225,000,000 Earth-years of time.
 This would be .. (225,000,000 / 4)  =  56,250,000 Earth-years .. to go
 a quarter-of-the-way around the galactic hub. 
 Envision a Circle .. and at the_center_of that Circle is Galactic-Hub-Center.
 Now .. mentally draw a straight line to the_right_of that center-point ..
 and stop. That straight_line_you just drew the RADIUS of that Circle.
 Now .. envision drawing a_curved_line .. keeping the RADIUS constant .. 
 up .. counterclockwise .. from_where_you stopped .. to the "12:00" position 
 and stop, again. You've now just drawn a right-angle_arc_of half-Pi 
 On the galactic merry-go-round, you've just taken a ride of 56,250,000 Earth-
 years of time .. and you've only gone a quarter-of-the way around the 
 As of Jan.1, 2000 .. the_database_I use for the_sky-locations_in this ASM ..
 says, that Galactic Center's Grid LAT .. relative to the ecliptic .. is ..
 05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) South of ecliptic ..
 =  3600 South of ecliptic.

 3600 .. is already "conspicuous" with me, at least, because Sitchin's work
 says that Nibiru's orbital period is "ideally" 3600 Earth-years.
 But 3600 is a conspicuous number just in-and-of the fact that it's a decimal
 harmonic of 360 .. the number of equal arc-segments conventionally on one
 complete circumference. Within the context of the ASM, a Grid LAT (at exactly
 Jan.1, 2000) of 3600 for Galactic Center .. is_quite_significant .. even 
 the Nibiru factor. (But don't throw the Nibiru factor away, if you please 
!!)   (-;     
 Please recall .. the figure 1.273239545 .. from earlier in this post.
 And; please recall .. some of you .. the "Riddle-of-the-Sphinx" Composite
 figure I found .. 162860.1632 .. which I've written-about on The Internet.
 Notice what happens, when I put these 2 figures together in this way ..

 (162860.1632 / 1.273239545)  =  127910.073

 That happens to be .. the Jan.1, 2000 Galactic Center Grid LONG ..
 =  179(deg) * 17(min) * 42.03420079(sec) W.ALNITAK .. or, west of the
 ALNITAK ecliptic-prime meridian "marker-star" in the belt of Orion.
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 So .. Galactic Center GPV at Jan.1, 2000 ..
 (127910.073 / 3600)  =  35.53057584
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 Recall, now, please, the *APEX* Grid LAT (alternate)
 of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) ..
 85788.15748 North ..
 =  29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366081(sec) North.

 I will now use a decimal-harmonic of the (revised) Grid LAT of
 the crop-formation under discussion .. and I'll divide it into the
 *APEX* Grid LAT of The Great Pyramid .. and then multiply by Pi ..
 (85788.15748 / 4.737410113) * 3.141592654  =  56890.03884 .. 
 Grid LAT of .. Chartres Cathedral .. its (predicted) centered latitude, in 
the ASM !! 
 (Morton, 2000, Internet).

 Suppose .. that I had NOT taken the step of multiplying by Pi ?
 (85788.15748 / 4.737410113)  =  18108.66179

 What might_that_figure encode ?

 (18108.66179 / 27.58106915)  =  656.56127

 Well .. other than the GPV of "The D&M Pyramid"_and_the GPV of ..
 "FACE ONE" .. both @ Cydonia on Mars .. it really doesn't show much.

 Suppose .. that I had_divided-by_Pi .. instead of multiplying ?

 (85788.15748 / 4.737410113) / 3.141592654  =  5764.166073

 All that really shows is .. the original-and-intended *APEX-HEIGHT* .. 
 in regular British inches .. of The Great Pyramid of Giza.  
 { 5764.166073 / 12  =  480.3471728 regular British feet }. (Munck, 1992).
 Oh .. yes .. it does also show, simultaneously ..
 the GPV of The Chephren Pyramid of Giza .. (5764.166073). Big deal.
 In closing this post, I will mention the following ..

 If I was to calculate an "APEX GPV" for The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
 I would theoretically use the Grid LONG of 360 .. because Earth's ASM
 ground-prime meridian would run through the_apex_of The Great Pyramid,
 of course. So; (85788.15748 / 360)  =  238.3004375

 If I now multiply_that_figure by the GPV of this_crop-formation_under 
 I get ..  (238.3004375 * 1.157407407)  =  10 * 27.58106915

 OK .. it just happens that the_Mars_ASM ground-prime meridian runs through
 the center of "The D&M Pyramid" .. so .. that means that the Grid LONG of
 the "D&M" is ALSO going to be 360.  Heh-heh .. nothing but coincidence !!   

 So .. the fact that I just found the figure .. 27.58106915 .. which happens 
 be the GPV of the "D&M" .. and that I found it "times" a power of 10 ..
 hey !! .. so what ??!!  Another coincidence, no doubt.
 I mean .. 10 is a common number, right ??!!     (-;

     -- Michael Lawrence Morton                

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.