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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 234

A Tie to the Solar Dia./Lunar Dia. "Apparent Fit"

Michael Lawrence Morton
A Tie to the Solar Dia./Lunar Dia. "Apparent Fit"
Wed Nov 21 20:53:37 2001

In a very recent post on The Internet, I was discussing the very
curious "apparent fit" of The Moon .. directly "over" The Sun ..
as observed_from_Earth .. at the peak of a total solar eclipse. 

As observed from Earth, their diameters "appear" to perfectly match ..
leaving only the corona of The Sun around the "edges".
Quite a .. "coincidence", eh ?

In the ancient (now-reviving, somewhat ?) science of gematria ..
the "mean" diameters of The Sun and of The Moon are in a ratio of 400.

In terms of "mean" statute miles .. this would be .. (864,000 / 2160) = 400.

Recall, please, the figure of 13159.47253 .. which I think was/is .. 
the "originally-intended" polar circumference of Mars .. in terms of statute miles.
Yes .. this is beginning to "integrate" .. these figures; regarding at least a 
few of the major celestial bodies in our "Solar System" .. this is beginning
to "integrate", more-and-more .. into a possible theory that our Solar System,
itself, might have been literally_created_by intelligent, flesh-and-blood "people",
who of course had very advanced technology (and understanding; knowledge)
compared to what we "Earth humans" have been (so far) exposed-to in *this*
relatively_isolated_Earth-domain. And that needs qualifying, of course .. 
because "we" *used-to-be* exposed .. thousands of years ago, IMO, to 
certain ET "humanoids" as_rulers_here on Earth .. living amongst "us", etc. ..
the "Sitchin thesis", of course.

And I think these "people" were essentially *humans* .. not "aliens".
They were ETs, of course. But I think they were essentially *human*.
I mean .. not "100%" identical to what we "Earth humans" are right now, today,
but very close. No .. I don't want to "minimize" the genetic engineering that was
done .. but; at_this_stage .. IMO, "we" are essentially much, much, much more
like our Anunnaki ancestors/relatives .. than we are like chimps, or birds,
or lizards, or lions. Our primary_heritage_both genetic and cultural .. is ..

Somehow .. the polar circumference of Mars .. in statute miles ..
has "made it" all the way to the W.Giza longitude (centered-location)
of The White House in D.C. We've come a long way.
13159.47253 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg) * 10(min) * 12.18469679(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec ].

And The Jefferson Memorial is ALSO centered at that same longitude.
Yeah .. that memorial to the guy who penned The Declaration of Independence,
which was declared_as of_the annual longitudinal conjunction of SIRIUS (with Sol
and Earth, of course). (July 4th).

To cut to the chase of this post .. please recall the GPV I have found for
the UK crop-formation that I call, the "Solar (Pyramid) Apex" crop-formation ..
which was apparently created in the early-morning of 21 June, 2001 ..
at a_solstice_that included a total solar eclipse.

A total solar eclipse "displays" that "perfect fit" of The Moon and The Sun ..
in "apparent" size .. as *observed*_from_Earth. 
Gematria tells us that their diameter ratio is really 400.

(13159.47253 / 400) = 32.89868134

That figure .. 32.89868134 .. happens to precisely_match_the Grid LONG
of "FACE TWO" at Cydonia on Mars .. in terms of # of arc-minutes West of the
ASM prime meridian discovered by Munck, which passes through the center
of "The D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia.
5400 North ..
= 41(deg) * 03(min) * 43.90243902(sec) North .. which is the centered ASM 
latitude of "FACE TWO".
Its GPV = (5400 / 32.89868134) = 164.1403175 .. exactly_1/4th_of the
GPV of "FACE ONE" at Cydonia !! { 656.56127, Munck }. 

And, please recall, if you will, that 5400 is_also_the GPV of The Great Sphinx
of Giza on Earth. AND .. 5400 is_also_exactly *1/4th* of Earth's polar
circumference, in terms of _nautical_miles !!

I think a "resolution" .. metrologically-speaking .. is indicated, by the ratio of the
polar circumferii of Earth and Mars .. which_intentionally_IMO .. is suggesting
a "numerical functionality" of this_ratio_which "mixes" (resolves ?) nautical
miles and statute miles !! (21600 / 13159.47253) = 1.641403175

Yes .. you see, there, a decimal-harmonic of the_GPV_of "FACE TWO".

So; then .. 

400 * 1.641403175 = 656.56127 .. "FACE ONE" GPV @ Cydonia on Mars !!

Back, now, to the Grid LONG of "FACE TWO" .. 32.89868134 (min) W.Cydonia.

Notice what happens, when I multiply this figure by the GPV of the ..
"Solar (Pyramid) Apex" crop-formation of 21 June, 2001, in Wiltshire, UK ..

32.89868134 * 1.157407407 = 2.842446069 * 10.

There you see the_Jan.1, 2000_GPV of SOLAR APEX, *itself* .. 
times a power of 10. 

400 = 345.6 * 1.157407407

The figure .. 345.6 .. is the multiplied-product of .. the_Jan.1, 2000_GPVs of ..
3 particular stars that are_referenced_by a gigantic "layout" .. in France ..
of certain_ locations_as observed from "on-high" ... (say, from orbit) ..
of certain cathedrals, abbeys, basilicas, etc.
(See the book .. "On Earth As It Is In Heaven", by Greg Rigby)..

POLARIS * DUBHE * MERAK = 345.6 ..
= 21.6 * 1.396263402 * 11.4591559
(Morton, 2000, Internet). 

In the gigantic "ground-plan", described by Rigby in his book ..
the_church_@ Rennes-le-Chateau is representing POLARIS ..
Chartres Cathedral is corresponding to DUBHE .. and an ancient site 
known as "Bonne Mare" .. represents MERAK.
MERAK and DUBHE are "forming" one_'side'_of the "dipper" portion
of Ursa Major .. and they "point" toward POLARIS, which is at the very
end of the "handle" of the "Little Dipper" (Ursa Minor).
There is a (well, almost) straight line that can be "drawn" from the
church @ Rennes-le-Chateau .. through Chartres Cathedral .. and on to
the ancient Bonne Mare location. I think that particular _distance_is actually
*intended* as .. 444.132198 statute miles.

(444.132198 / 400) = 1.110330495

That figure .. 1.110330495 .. is a decimal-harmonic of the Grid LONG
(W.Giza) that I figured for the huge-and-spectacular "Milk Hill" crop-formation 
of 2001 in Wiltshire, UK. (Morton, 2001, Internet).
(111033.0495 / 49348.022) = 2.25 .. the_GPV_I figured for the apparently
*intended*, centered-location of that news-making crop-formation.
(Morton, 2001, Internet). 

I also think the_2.25_GPV of that awesome crop-formation .. is *intentionally*
referencing the 225,000,000 "Earth-years" of_one circumference_of the galactic
"merry-go-round" rotation of_The Sun_.. one full "ride" .. of .. 2Pi*Radians(arc) ..
around the Galactic "Hub" Center.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.