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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 239

And .. MORE .. Re: Mars Equatorial Circumference

Michael Lawrence Morton
A couple-a-typos, and ..
Mon Dec 17 17:42:30 2001

Chronos wrote ..
Re: Mars Equatorial Circumference
Sun Dec 16 16:46:21 2001

<< 13248.48859 is a pretty interesting figure...

(25920 : 13248.48859) x (Pi to the Ninth Power) = 
(360 x 162)

And naturally, since it answers the Megalithic Yard (which I've been telling people is from Mars) :-)

9929.184912 : (13248.48859 : 1.3519926225) = 
(10 : Pi Squared)

13248.48859 : 1.351926225 : (Pi Squared) = 9929.184912 

I have to work with it more, I'm sure there's some more that "sparkle", and I'd like to find one or two personally.

I *do* like this one, though, so far...

Grid Point "Face II" ("Earthface") at Cydonia II site
1.234567901 x 
Grid Latitude "D & M II" at Cydonia site 11162.2596 (: 100)
x (Pi to the Sixth Power)
11.1622596 x 1.234567901 x (Pi to the Sixth Power)=

Not that that helps me much to guess whether Cydonia or Cydonia II is older... :-) 

But I think I'd have to say that probably has a great deal to do with those particular figures are *doing* at the Cydonia II site in the first place.


Chronos >>

Just to correct a couple of "typos" for you, Chronos ..

9929.184894 / (13248.48859 / 1.351926225) ..
= 10 /(Pi^2).

After all .. you don't want to have a "typo" on your
favorite number go un-corrected, do you ? (-;

And, then ..

(13248.48859/1.351926225) / [Pi^2)/10] = 9929.184894 

There .. that's better. (-;

I DO like the way Chronos' favorite number fits in
there, so well, too !!

You know .. the more I work on all of this "ASM"
material .. the more I'm convinced that The Anunnaki,
themselves, were/are descended from humanoids who 
were/are more-advanced than The Anunnaki. 
There are just too many_precise_correlations involving
the now-apparent, self-evident polar and equatorial
circumferii of Mars and Earth .. and of The Moon ..
to support a "random-chance" creation of (at least)
these 3 celestial bodies. And, NO .. I'm_not_implying
a "creationist" alternative. I'm implying a very
advanced, high-tech alternative. I'm implying the
very wise, extremely intelligent use of "scalar
technologies", hyperdimensional-physics applications,
etc., by ancestors of The Anunnaki.

I'm implying that the "Elohim" .. were real, physical
people .. who had the ability to plan and construct
entire star systems .. possibly from very remote
locations, using gigantic programmed-robotic machines. 

Everything was "blue-printed" according to wholistic
mathematical systems .. recursive, fractally-embedded
decimal-harmonics of Pi, Phi, and_360_equal-segments
of arc on one circumference. 
-- Michael L.M. 


Michael Lawrence Morton
And .. MORE ..
Mon Dec 17 18:11:04 2001

AND ... in continuation of my last sentence in the
immediately-preceeding post ...

the_360_equal-segments of arc on a circumference ..
EACH sub-divided, then, into_60_equal-segments of arc.
And THEN, each of_THOSE_segments sub-divided into ..
60 equal-segments of arc.

So .. 360 degrees, each degree composed of 60 equal
minutes .. and, each minute composed of 60 equal seconds.

The_mumbers_of such degrees, minutes, and seconds ..
are then generally mathematically-workable within a
matrix .. known as .. the "Archaeo-sky Matrix", or ASM. 

An EQUATOR and a PRIME MERIDIAN are needed .. for 
any given "domain". An example of a "domain" is ..
The SKY, as it appears from Earth.
Another example .. The Surface of Mars.
Still another example .. The Surface of Earth.
-- Michael L.M. 

(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.