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The Seal of Saturn

Subject: [M-I] Re: In the Beginning was the CODE Michael Morton's "The Seal of Saturn

Raphiem, thanks much, for giving out that URL ... and a special thanks, also, to Gary Val Tenuta, who did the graphics. He and I are still working on this new website, and on additional graphics, plus working out some bugs ... so please bear with us. Also ... if you happen to look at the "Great Pyramid/Circle-of-Churches/ 'Extended Star-Pentagram' Overlay" graphic ... I want to at least point-out, now ..

the 90-degree angles formed by 2 of the 'leg-arm lines' (red dashed lines) running up to the base-corners of The Great Pyramid. Those two 90-degree angles ... "form" the true, accurate Base Slope Angle for The Great Pyramid. And that can be verified with a protractor, if you download and print-out the graphic.

It's just a little less than 52 degrees ... 51.853974 degrees is the true base slope angle, measured on an actual casing stone recovered from some rubble at the base of The Great Pyramid. The casing stone was meticulously measured at The British Museum in London. The angle found was ... 51 deg 51 min 14.305 sec. -- Michael L. M.