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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 242

Back to Plate 10 in "Monuments" ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Back to Plate 10 in "Monuments" ..
Mon Jan 7 06:26:43 2002

Well .. upon further investigation .. I'm going to_have_to again ask
that you refer to Plate 10 in the_4th Edition_of "The Monuments of Mars",
by R.C.Hoagland. It is the "closest thing" I know of .. to serve as a "certified
orthorectified" overhead view of Cydonia.

This is about "Dolphin I" and the "tetrahedral structure" just_slightly_to
the northeast of the body-center of "Dolphin I". Chronos calls this tetrahedral
structure, the "dorsal fin" of "Dolphin I". 

The key, here, IMO, is to first clearly note the_true_E-W parallel .. which is
indicated on Plate 10 .. and which extends from "The Tholus" .. to "City
Square-Center". There is also printed, on Plate 10, an "arrow-line" with an "N" 
(for True North) .. perpendicular to the true E-W parallel I just identified.
This provides a true perpendicular .. for cardinal directions at Cydonia ..
as long as one sticks to using Plate 10, when measuring, calculating, and
projecting ASM values for various structures/sites at Cydonia.

In re-examining the area of "Dolphin I" and the accompanying "tetrahedral
structure" .. after having carefully noted the true cardinal orientations,
relative to FACE ONE and relative to 'THE D&M Pyramid' .. **on Plate 10, itself** ..
I then focus on the_peak_of the "tetrahedral structure" in question. It clearly
stands-out as the local "high-point" in elevation .. as seen on Plate 10 ..
in the_immediate_area of "Dolphin I". In focusing on that_peak_I am getting
an E.Cydonia longitude of roughly 9.1 minutes E. 
This is_due_ to the ortho-rectification. It "appears", in some other images ..
that this "tetrahedral structure" is roughly similar in longitude to the nose
of FACE ONE .. or even slightly_west_of the nose of FACE ONE.
This is why I have been_"harping"_on this "Plate 10" .. because it IS
orthorectified, and, IMO, it is showing that "Dolphin I" and its "dorsal fin/
tetrahedral structure" .. are, in fact .. about 2.2 minutes_further-east_than
the nose of FACE ONE. This is what I'm getting .. when I put a ruler to Plate 10
and I measure and compare the_peak_of the "tetrahedral structure" .. its
longitude from the_true_meridian through the center of 'The D&M Pyramid' ..
when I compare that with the longitude of the nose of FACE ONE from that
same D&M meridian. Again .. the key is the true cardinal orientation ..
indicated on_Plate 10_by the "arrow-line" w/"N"_through_the Tholus/City
Square-Center latitude line .. directly due to the ortho-rectification process, IMO. 

With this as the basis for my latest assessment of this case ..
I will here offer my latest proposed ASM figures for only the "tetrahedral
structure/dorsal fin" of "Dolphin I".
As yet, at least .. I can't_see_the "Dolphin I" proper, per se .. on Plate 10,
so I hesitate, at least at_this_time, to speculate on possible ASM figures for
the "body-center" of "Dolphin I".

As for LATITUDE considerations ..
I'm seeing .. on Plate 10 .. the peak of the "tetrahedral structure"
as just a "hair" north of_halfway_between the latitude of the D&M Apex,
and the Tholus/City Square-Center latitude parallel.

Grid LAT "Tetrahedral Structure/Dorsal Fin" ..
40(deg) * 57(min) * 37.92214522(sec) North ..
= 86462.49111 North ..
= (Tetrahedral Grid LAT) * (Pi^2) ..
= 8760.48194 * (Pi^2).
Grid LONG ..
9.118906529(min) E.Cydonia ..
= numerical match of GPV of "The Quetzalcoatl Complex" 
@ Teotihuacan, Mexico .. (Munck, 1994, "The Code", self-published).
Grid POINT Value ..
(86462.49111 / 9.118906529) = 9481.673141 ..
= (Eltanin Antenna Grid LAT) * (D&M Grid LAT) * (10^-4) ..
= (30000 / Pi) * 9929.184894 * (0.0001).

Note the apparent factor in this proposed Grid LAT .. of the "Tetrahedral Grid LAT" ..
(Morton, 1999, Internet). Obviously, this would "fit well" with a "tetrahedral

I do need to admit, here, that there would seem to be some other possibilities,
such as .. a Grid LAT of 86400 .. and/or .. a Grid LONG of .. 9(min) E.Cydonia ..
or; maybe .. 9.047786841(min) E.Cydonia.

The "4" sides (total) of a tetrahedron .. times 9 .. is 36 .. such a tempting
clue, here .. while (86400 / 4) = 21600 .. polar circumference of Earth in
nautical miles, and the Grid LAT of Stonehenge.

The (86400 / 9) combo would give a nice 'round' GPV of 9600 .. exactly (10^3)
times the GPV of "D&M II" at Warwick, NY, USA. 
But that almost seems too easy.

I can't help but like the idea of the 8760.48194 figure .. times a Pi exponential
multiple .. as a way of calling attention to .. "Tetrahedral Latitude".
And the D&M Grid LAT, there, is quite impressive .. in-combo with the
Eltanin Antenna Grid LAT .. as a "one-two" punch in the suggested GPV.

I'll just leave this "as is", for the moment.

Wait. There's something else I noticed, that I'm impressed with ..
in the proposed GPV .. and that is ..

(9481.673141 / 19.7392088) = 480.3471728

The Jan.1, 2000 GPV of REGULUS .. finding the original apex-height,
including capstone .. of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. in regular British feet. 

And; I'll point-out here, also .. that .. the proposed Grid LONG finds
Jan.1, 2000 POLARIS .. via .. Jan.1, 2000 SIRIUS ..

(9.118906529 * 2.368705056) = 21.6 .. Jan.1, 2000 POLARIS GPV.

And .. *then* .. I just can't resist acknowledging the DIFFERENCE ..
that I discovered .. between the prime meridian longitude_variances_on Mars
and on Earth ..

31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec
09 deg 32 min 0.8 sec
21 deg 36 min 0.0 sec ... which is equal to .. 21.6 arc-degrees of longitude.

What if I now took a kind of "Composite Ratio" among Jan.1, 2000 SIRIUS,

(21.6 * 19.7392088) / 2.368705056 = 180 = Pi * Radian(deg), where
the numerical value of The Radian Arc constant is 57.29577951 .. a function
of using_360_equal segments of arc on a given circumference. 

Using, again, the "4" sides of a tetrahedron ..

180 * 4 = 720 .. number of corner-angle arc-degrees on a TETRAHEDRON,
assuming the geometric_system_of 360 arc-degrees. 

Ok .. that's a nice place to stop, here.
-- Michael L.M.
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.