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Michael Lawrence Morton's

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Re: [EGH] "It's a lock" .. and Redundantly-So ..

Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 23:47:34 EST 
Subject: Re: [EGH] "It's a lock" .. and Redundantly-So .. 

 Sent: Monday, February 04, 2002 11:36 PM
 Subject: Re: [EGH] "It's a lock" .. and Redundantly-So ..
 > In a message dated 02/04/2002 2:06:38 PM Pacific Standard Time,
 > writes:
 > << But if there IS a significant correlation between F-B and the 
 >  another story. Which needs to be told and understood. Since the F-B
 >  system is based on an ancient fudge of the longitudes of "Royal" 
 >  then this would be the clue -- the stars' harmonic relationship 
 >  Alnitak.. and every other ASM point of interest.
 >  And since there are many versions, using different stars, of 
 >  constellations, each could be compared with the ASM to see if they
 >  relate harmonically. Some or none could represent a system that is
 >  offset from the ASM by a significant harmonic. Actually, quite a 
 >  would -- those systems based on bright stars that are integral to 
 >  ASM grid.
 >  -=Rab >>
 MLM>  Rab ...
 > I would have to say .. that it seems as if there IS a significant
 > relationship  between this Fagan/Bradley-based database .. and the 
 .. otherwise,
 > I never would have_found_all these precise correlations I HAVE 
 Rab> Thank you, Michael for your fine response. The ASM correlations
 are not what I was wondering about -- they stand as they are, as 
 for the ASM. It's the relationship with the Fagan-Bradley calibration 
 drew my attention. It seems that what you and Mary Anne Weaver have
 in fact done is to show that the F-B calibration is off slightly -- 
but only
 slightly, by 3'10" -- from the ASM, which seems to be the original and
 truer system, based on the position of Alnitak alone and not by 
 the positions of the several stars used by Fagan & Bradley (who went 
 what they knew about Classical astrology, especially of ancient 
 & Persia).
 In other words, the F-B sidereal zodiac needs an adjustment. And
 any astrologer who uses a sidereal zodiac should be more than a
 little interested in your findings -- which, if they stand up to fair
 and closer scrutiny, would reveal the amazingly strong foundation of
 sidereal astrology. (And this is an understatement, which pertains
 not only to astrology. We could include every other field related to
 The relationship between F-B & ASM systems seems similar to that
 between a slightly out-of-focus image seen through an inappropriate
 lens, and the clear image seen directly by a good eye without glasses.
 The F-B database has been very helpful, and that's partly why you
 sense a connection, but this is a "relationship" quite unlike the
 mathematical and harmonic kind that informs the ASM itself. This
 may seem like splitting semantic hairs, but I think it's an important
 >  The correlations are the result of the "nearest arc-second" numbers 
 >  database .. adjusted no more than 1/4th of an arc-second .. and 
 >  less than 1/10th of an arc-second .. *amazingly* accurate .. for
 >  reason(s) .. as of Jan.1, 2000 A.D.  Just_extremely_uncanny, to say 
 > least.
 > And; this is WHEN .. a_*specific*_ecliptic prime meridian is used ..
 > "marked" by the ecliptic longitude position of ALNITAK .. of course
 > relative-to other 'prominent' stars in our Earth-sky .. and 
 Galactic Center
 > and to Galactic Anti-Center. And the ecliptic, itself, is used as 
 > referent, of course.
 Rab> It's important to note that these are ASM not F-B correlations.
 But also that what you have referenced above are all celestial points
 or objects whose spatial relationships do not change according to 
 So why mention 01Jan2000?
 Alnitak's position in any sidereal system -- ASM, F-B, astronomical-
 galactic, or other -- is static with respect to other stars. This 
 that the date (01Jan2000) is irrelevant with regard to the geometry &
 harmonics intrinsic to sky patterns alone. They don't change. So are
 you implicating here some other patterns, certain dynamic and
 interactive alignments of stars with terrestrial coordinates? Because
 it's the relationship between the celestial & terrestrial domains that
 undergoes constant change (precession) which can be linked with
 calendar dates.
 -=R  >>
   Rab ..
       First; I thank-you very much for your very helpful and 
 remarks, comments, and questions .. indeed.

 Well .. let's see .. might the 'appropriate' place for the 
cusp ..
 be .. ecliptically-aligned_with_ALNITAK, then ?  (adjusting the 03 min 
10 sec
 difference .. so that the sidereal zodiac's Taurus/Gemini cusp falls 
right on
 ALNITAK ?  Would this be helpful to sidereal astrology) ?

 Yes .. I would say, now .. that it would appear that the (adjusted) 
 zodiac is_interacting-with_the ASM .. with the ASM's 'methodology' ..
 rather self-evidently-so .. which seems quite "amazing", for lack of a 
better word.
 The "Jan.1, 2000 A.D." date .. is not a requisite for the basic
 *sidereal zodiac/ASM* interaction .. although my answer to your 
 as to whether-or-not I think there are 'other' dynamics evident, here 
.. is 
.. yes.
 I think the Earth-precession parameter is just 'such' a dynamic 
here ..
 presenting a sort of "central (movable) dial_within_a fixed circle" 
 if you will. The 'fixed circle' .. around and outside of the 'movable 
 would be the stars-backdrop .. or the relatively-static sidereal 
 as observed from Earth. The "movable dial" .. inside the 'fixed 
circle' ..
 would be Earth, itself .. its precessional wobble .. "moving" .. as a 
 at roughly one ecliptic-longitude_degree_per 72 Earth years.
 "We" .. observers "on the surface of the dial" .. can monitor the 
 movement of the 'dial' relative-to the 'fixed' sky-backdrop .. and the 
 sky-backdrop_itself_is 'calibrated' with an ecliptic prime meridian ..
 "through" (on line-of-sight_from_Earth) ALNITAK. 
 Further .. there are major "pyramids" .. 'marking' ASM prime meridians 
 given planets .. such as Earth and Mars .. being The Great Pyramid 
 and The D&M Pyramid (Cydonia, Mars). This provides 'markers' for 
 of *ground/sky* apparent 'movements' through time and space.
 And a_CALENDAR_can be (both theoretically and practically) calibrated 
 as another "fixed circle" around the 'movable dial' .. as "viewed from 
above" ..
 a "calendar circle" .. arranged in calibration .. around the 'dial'.
 So; 3 parts .. 2 of these parts 'fixed' and adjacent .. sidereal 
 a calendar-circle of DAYS. The 'movable' part is Earth .. its 
 that is .. and the observer is "on its surface".

 The sky-location database ..

 As I mentioned in some recent email posts on The Internet ..
 the research of Damon Elkins corroborates my calculations
 pertaining to a likely "marking" of the ecliptic-crossing points ..
 as observed on line-of-sight from Earth .. of the Nibiru system (see 
 of Z.Sitchin; "The Earth Chronicles" series of paperback books by
 Avon Publishing Co. of New York, USA).

 I am now on-record as predicting that it will be realized, sooner or 
 that the_sidereal zodiac_(think of the "fixed circle" around the 
'dial') ..
 has been "marked" (figuratively) at the ecliptic crossing-points of 
Nibiru ..
 again; on line-of-sight_from_Earth .. at .. 2.222222 .. (repeating 2s) 
 degrees Pisces and @ 2.222222 .. (repeating 2s) degrees Virgo ..
 *irrespective* of Earth's (think of the 'movable dial') equinoxial 
 points. I'm saying that as-of Circa 2000 A.D. on our current 
 our "dial" has *ticked* to those points .. aligning_with_our 
 equinoxial points. This is apparently quite intentional.
 This would be a prime example of "encoding" important information by 
 of the sidereal zodiac/ASM interaction.

 There is an equation, that I have noticed very recently .. that I 
think can
 describe some of the "Earth precession" parameter encoding involved, 
 Please notice ..

 (3600 / 12.5) * 2.222222222  =  640.

 This is where; 3600 .. is the "ideal" number of Earth years for one
 orbital period of Nibiru (Z.Sitchin), and is_also_the Grid LAT of 
 and of Galactic Anti-Center .. (Morton, 2000, 2001, "ASM", Internet) 
 {{ 05(deg) * 40(min) * 18(sec) N/S of ecliptic ..
    =  3600 N/S of ecliptic }}.
 And, where; 12.5 .. is the_ratio_of SOLAR APEX to GALACTIC CENTER ..
 in terms of respective Grid POINT Values .. (35.53057584 / 
2.842446068) ..
 =  12.5 .. (Morton, 2000, "ASM", Internet).          
 And, where; 640 .. is the Grid LONG of POLARIS .. the_current_north 
 in the Earth precession cycle .. (Morton, 1999, "ASM", Internet) ..
 03(deg) * 53(min) * 4.025157233(sec) E.ALNITAK ..
 =  640 E.ALNITAK.

 Using the calendar year of 2000 A.D. .. that is .. the_number_2000 ..
 (2000 / 12.5)  =  160 .. the number of years from 2000 A.D. to 2160 
A.D. ..
 apparently indicating a "marked" beginning for the Age of Aquarius ..
 and also apparently indicating and_'calibrating'_the "year 00 
B.C./A.D." as 
 "Zero Degrees ARIES" on the_sidereal_zodiac.  
 It seems that the_true_sidereal zodiac can be a calendar-calibration 
 if you will, when compared with our equinoxial points .. which can 
 calibrate our_true_zodiacal Ages as precisely-referenced to the 
 Regarding the orbital path of Nibiru .. this would also appear to be 
 "confirming" that Nibiru last crossed the ecliptic .. its perihelion 
phase ..
 again; on line-of-sight_from_Earth) .. as of "00 B.C./A.D."

 Getting back to POLARIS .. its Grid LAT is 13824 North of ecliptic ..
 =  66(deg) * 05(min) * 41.89090909(sec) North of ecliptic.
 POLARIS' Grid POINT Value .. (13824 / 640)  =  21.6 ..
 (Morton, 1999, "ASM", Internet).
 Notice the decimal-harmonic, here, with the 21,600 nautical miles
 POLAR circumference of Earth. Again .. quite intentional, it would
 certainly appear.

 Using, again, the_number_2000 as referencing "2000 A.D." ..

 (21.6 * 2000)  =  43200  =  (2Pi * Earth's Polar Diameter).
 This is indicating the "length of the pole" .. Earth's pole .. by way 
 the "2Pi" constant .. which, itself, is encoded as the_ratio_of the 
 of The Great Pyramid of Giza to its original Apex height.

 The_number_160 .. as in years from 2000 A.D. to 2160 A.D. ..
 is directly-related to the Bruce Cathie (see his book .."The Harmonic 
 of Space") light-speed decimal-harmonic of 162 ..

 (160 * 162)  =  25920 .. the "ideal" Earth precession cycle in years.

  Also .. (25920 / 21.6)  =  1200 .. a reference to "12:00" .. 'true 
north' on
 a clock face.  

 Getting back to ALNITAK ..

 I think there is an "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" .. as I've written 
 on The Internet .. of .. [72 / (Pi^2) / (10^3)].
 (Morton, 2001, Internet).  I see this as its ideal limit .. in "free 
 free from the influence of a given gravity-well of a planet, for 
 So .. its "ideal" inverse is .. 137.0778389 .. as differentiating from 
 current "clinical" (in-laboratory) reported value of .. 137.036  
 My GPV for ALNITAK is .. 43.63323131 .. (Morton, 1999, "ASM", 

 Notice the following, please ..

 (137.0778389 / 43.63323131)  =  3.141592654 .. the Pi constant ..
 and a relatively-precise rendering of Pi, at that.
 Is the "Fine Structure Constant" important ? Yes .. according to 
 Is ALNITAK's precise Earth-sky sidereal zodiac location encoding, via 
the Pi
 constant, the "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" (inverse) ?
 And that would be in-addition-to ALNITAK's function as ecliptic prime 

 Besides POLARIS .. there are at least 3 other "north-pole" stars in 
 precession cycle .. VEGA, ALPHA DRACONIS, and GAMMA DRACONIS.

 Next .. is an equation .. actually, a few equations .. involving GPVs
 in the "ASM" .. that I think are very self-evidently significant ..

 (3.666929889 * 2.35619449)  =  8.64  =  (85788.15751 / 9929.184894) ..
 =  864000 * (10^-5) ..

 Where; 3.666929889 is GPV of Gamma Draconis, 2.35619449 is GPV of
 Center-Point of 'Circle of Churches' in the South of France, 
85788.15751 is
 APEX Grid LAT of The Great Pyramid of Giza, 9929.184894 is APEX Grid 
 of The D&M Pyramid of Cydonia (on Mars), and 864000 is the "gematrian" 
 for the "ideal/mean" diameter of The Sun (Sol) in statute miles.

 I include the 2.35619449 Center-point of the 'Circle of Churches', 
 because I think the 'Circle of Churches' is, in fact, 
a_representation_of ..
 Earth's precession circle. In-addition .. I think the location of 
 Rennes-le-Chateau .. ON the 'Circle of Churches' .. is an encoded 
 to POLARIS_on_Earth's precession circle. Further .. I think that the 
 of the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau .. is_indicating_a particular 
 perspective" angle .. from "on-high" .. as if "looking-down" onto a 
"map" of
 the celestial sphere .. such that .. the "viewer" is "standing" 180 
 across the sidereal zodiac_from_REGULUS .. with REGULUS at 'true 
 direction (ecliptic longitude) on this celestial sphere "map". 
 Drawing a straight line from the Center-point of the 'Circle of 
Churches' .. 
 which is_also_the center-point of Earth's precession circle, keep in 
mind ..
 to the "Head" of "Le Serpent Rouge" (see D.Wood's book, "Genisis") ..
 this line passes through the_location_of ALPHA DRACONIS in the tail
 of Draco .. relative-to the location of POLARIS.    

 Continuing with this series of equations ..

 (21.6 / 8.64) * (10 / Pi)  =  7.957747155 ..

 Where; (10 / Pi) is the GPV of VEGA .. (Morton, 2000, "ASM", Internet) 
 and where; 7.957747155 .. is the Orion Belt-Stars Composite ..
 = (ALNITAK * MINTAKA) / ALNILAM .. (Morton, 1999, "ASM", Internet) ..
 = (43.63323131 * 31.00627668) / 170.010936 

 Continuing ..

 (1.181810286 / 7.957747155)  =  14851.06606 * (10^-5) ..

 Where; 14851.06606 North ..
 =  51(deg) * 08(min) * 36.39967172(sec) North .. the Grid 
 latitude_SHARED_by 2 major crop-formations in Hampshire, England ..
 near the Chilbolton Radio Observatory. These particular 
crop-formations are 
 the year-2000 "Chilbolton" formation .. and, the year-2001 "Crop-Face" 
 These formations were one-year apart in their creation.
 (Morton, 2000, 2001, "ASM", Internet) .. 

 And, where;  1.181810286 .. is the GPV of ALPHA DRACONIS ..
 (Morton, 1999, "ASM", Internet).
 Continuing .. with the GPV of "The Great Serpent Mound" in Ohio, USA 
 (45Pi) .. (see the work of Ross Hamilton and Patricia Mason .. .. because they show very detailed,
  specific correlations of this famous mound to .. the Draco 
constellation ..
  which occupies the_center_of Earth's precession circle in the 
Earth-sky ..

 (45Pi) * 14851.06606  =  2099520 .. which is (10^2) times the Grid LAT 
of ..
 "Earthface" in Middletown, New York, USA .. an_analogue_of "THE FACE"
 on Mars .. (actually "Face One" @ Cydonia) ..  20995.2 North ..
 =  41(deg) * 24(min) * 21.33658537(sec) North.     
 {Morton, 1998, Internet}.

 Guess what the Grid LONG of "Earthface" is .. if you can't recall it. 
(?) ..

 25920 W.Giza .. referencing Earth's_precession_cycle "ideal" in years 
 =  105(deg) * 31(min) * 7.963133641(sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich .. 74 deg  23 min  7.163133641 sec ].

 And now .. guess what the Grid LONG of "Chilbolton 2000" 
crop-formation is 
 if you can't recall it .. ? ..

 25920 W.Giza .. again ..
 =  32(deg) * 34(min) * 23.82352941(sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich .. 01 deg  26 min  23.02352941 sec ].
  -- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.