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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 256

A Double-Take on Chronos' Rennes ..

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 13:52:43 EST 
Subject: A Double-Take on Chronos' Rennes .. 
 Yes .. I'm doing a double-take, of sorts, on Chronos' recent
 work on the "Rennes-le-Chateau" area in the South of France ..
 his bravo excursions into European Mapdom.

 Something truly remarkable is afoot, here, I think.
 And though I fear I must soon let-go of my 2Pi icon 
 at the church, and the splendid (in its own right, at least)
 2.35619449 at the_center_of the 'Circle of Churches' ..
 these knights of the ASM stand, ever-ready, ensconced in
 the ASM, for all time's sake.

 After all .. if the ASM is true and strong .. it surely will welcome
 any diligent scrutiny brought to bear on it. And it is the diligence
 of Chronos of which I speak at the moment. Such a Knight of Mapdom
 serves the ASM so very well. The truth of a thing should become 
 upon due diligence, if one's mind and spirit are alert and attuned .. 
 if that truth is real.
 I hail The Great Sphinx of Giza, and its so-called Riddle.
 For there, within, is much wisdom. And this wisdom sheds
 light on the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau.

 When the Grid LONGs of the Riddle come together .. they
 enlighten such important realms.

 That of Antares with Regulus .. glorifying the TANGENT of
 the great base slope-angle of Cheops and Mycerinus at Giza ..
 (Antares Grid LONG / Regulus Grid LONG)  = Four over Pi.

 (28424.46068 / 22324.51921)  =  1.273239545

 And that of Fomalhaut with Aldebaran .. lending a rare
 and as-yet-unrecognized Key .. 
 (Fomalhaut Grid LONG / Aldebaran Grid LONG)  = 5.699316579

 And when presented back to The Great Sphinx, they show us the
 very Center and Antithesis of our Place in The Milky Way ..

 5400 / (1.273238545 * 5.699316579)  =  7.441506403 * (10^2).
 The very_ratio_of Galactic Center and Galactic Anti-Center ..
 in the ASM .. (35.53057584 / 4.774648293).

 And now I hear Venus say, "You could mention the connection to my
 Path of Destiny". And, so, I will. The Square of 15 is her path around 
Sol ..
 in days of Earth measure, approximately so. And it is with Mintaka 
 she makes this connection .. and she sends it down here, to us, below.
 225 / (Pi^3)  =  (1.273239545 * 5.699316579).

 And now, the great opposition of Antares and Aldebaran come to the 
 and what a sight to behold .. presenting their Grid LONGs ..
 (31170.90913 / 28424.46068)  =  1.096622711 .. something special,
 which the Loch Nell Serpent may very well know. It could reside in the
 lake, itself .. who knows ?  

 And, now .. Fomalhaut .. with Regulus .. step forward ..
 to give us "The Orion Belt Composite" .. wouldn't you know ?! 
 By their Grid LONGs, of course, to keep ducks in a row ..
 (177652.8792 / 22324.51921)  =  7.957747155

 Venus, Mintaka, and Alnitak .. all beaming with pride ..
 as the Key from Loch Nell approaches, astride;
 "I'm very delighted to unlock this treasure, for All of you",
 said the Key. 

 (7.957747155 / 1.096622711)  =  225 /  (Pi^3).

 (7.957747155 * 1.096622711)  =  (43.63323131 / 5).

 Then; The Great Sphinx began to speak .. and everyone 'froze' ..
 out of sheer respect. "Do you recall the product of my Riddle", 
 asked the Lordly Mandate. And it was the Key .. who stepped forward
 for them All, and stated, assuredly .. "Indeed, we do, Great Sphinx".
 The Great Sphinx smiled, and asked .. "And what, then, dear Key ..
 is the product of my Riddle?". And Key replied, "It is Half-Pi times
 ten-thousand". And with that .. The Great Sphinx erupted into an
 Earth-shaking belly-laugh of pure gladness and joy, and clapped
 his paws together .. once .. in a ringing peal of thunder.        
 Everyone then broke into embraces, hearty laughter, and much
 back-slapping. Such a day had not been known in this kingdom,
 until now.

 [15707.96327 / (43.63323131 / 5)]  =  1800  =  (5400 / 3).

 And it was_then_that I knew .. that Chronos' Rennes figures
 were surely on-track.

 I recalled the [7.441506403 * (10^2)] and I beheld the 1800 in front 
of me,
 and I saw the Light shining upon the_church_at Rennes-le-Chateau ..
 illuminated by Half-Pi ..

 (1800 / 744.1506403)  =  (3.79954438 / 1.570796327).

 Then; I saw the Square Root of the 60 perimeter stones of the Sarsen 
 of Stonehenge, as they held aloft the banner of Pi .. and they were 
 a great beam toward the Center of the 'Circle of Churches'.
 And the numbers of Chronos became apparent.

 (3.799544387 / 7.745966692) * Pi  =  1.54101111

 Lo and Behold !!  And I still wonder .. how was it ever done ?!

 And I knew that the very Places of the Celestial Orbs were designed
 by true intelligence and knowing and understanding .. and so long ago,
 it would seem. And I knew this was designed for us to see, at this 
 Did we do this ourselves ?  I can't see why not.

 And then I saw the (18000 * Pi) .. how it was both a Circle and
 the Latitude at the Center of the Circle. 
 (18000 * Pi) / (7441.506403 * 2)  =  3.799544387

 (18000 * Pi) / 36695.82094  =  1.54101111    
  -- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2001 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.