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Re: Apparent Galactic Orientation of "ASM"

Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 17:16:32 EST  
Subject: Re: Apparent Galactic Orientation of "ASM" 

Andy ...
      Thanks for sending this info, here (please see, below).
 You'll notice, there, that  Earth's "24" hours axial rotation is 
mentioned ..
 as "staying averaged-out", 'somehow'. I find this quite interesting ..
 in the context of the "ASM". 

 Take the GPV of 30 .. at the PHOENIX UFO "hover-spot".
 (39478.4176 / 1315.947253)  =  30.

 Klaus Totzek (of Germany) has posted on The Internet .. as to the
 fact that the 4 time-minutes of "hover-time", of the famous PHOENIX 
 over the_30_GPV "hover-spot" .. as reported .. numerically references
 exactly one arc-degree of Earth's axial rotation. 4 time-minutes .. in 
 of time-hours .. is .. (4 / 60)  =  0.066666667 .. time-hours.
 24 time-hours in one Earth axial rotation. So .. (24 / 0.066666667)  =  
 arc-degrees in one Earth axial rotation. 
 K.Totzek also points-out that .. (360 / 30)  =  12 .. "one-half Beru" 
 what I will here refer to as .. "horizon/sky time" .. according to 
 rotation period. The "Beru", as Sitchin discusses in his work .. was a 
 term/unit of measure for "either 30 arc-degrees in celestial terms .. 
or .. 
 2 time-hours". This, essentially, unites the "time" and the 
 concepts .. at_least_as far back as the Sumerian society .. does it 
not ?

 And does this not relate to the idea of having a "center-dial" .. 
ticking-away ..
 at about 50 arc-sec of "horizon/sky" per Earth's_Solar_orbital period 
? ..
 "circumscribed" by a relatively-fixed sky backdrop ?  Isn't this 
involved in
 this "ASM" I've been writing about ?

 The number_50_comes into redundant "play", here, when you consider the
 3600 Earth-years "ideal" orbital period of "Nibiru" .. because, when 
 returns for its perihelion .. it will be _50_arc-degrees of 
 from its_previous_perihelion .. when it is_observed_on line-of-sight 
 *in the sky*_against_the "relatively-fixed" sky-backdrop. 

 So .. 50 arc-seconds (mean) of precession .. of "horizon/sky" ..
 per Earth's orbital period .. and; 50 arc-degrees (mean ?) of  .. (due 
 precession, again) .. "horizon/sky" .. per "Nibiru's" orbital period.
 What is the "constant", here ?  The_number_50. 

 And "50" is the Sumerian ("pantheon") number for .. "kingship on 
 This was the Sumerian "Rank Number" for .. EN.LIL. .. the political 
 of his half-brother .. EN.KI.  Yes .. the "kingship" on Earth 
 many millennia, according to the Sumerian accounts .. if, as Zecharia 
 has done so very admirably, one accepts the Sumerian accounts as 
 rather than as "fictional" and/or simply "mythological".    

 What if I take the inverse ratio of the "50" and the "30" .. the 30 of 
 "horizon/sky" arc-degrees-distance .. which is the "Beru" (Sumerian) 
 was apparently_encoded_at the "hover-spot".. 30 .. of the famous 
 of March 13, 1997 .. because the 4_time-minutes_of "hover-time", in 
*duration* ..
 was_demonstrating_one_arc-degree_of "horizon/sky" ..
 of Earth's AXIAL rotation period !! 
 2 time-hours is 15_arc-degrees_of Earth's axial rotation period.
 (360 deg / 24 hours)  =  15 .. the "Half-Beru" in terms of 
 So .. 2(hours) * 15(deg)  =  30 .. the "Beru" in terms of arc-degrees.
 It is a "hybrid" number-construct .. of .. (2 hours "times" 15 
 (30 / 50)  =  0.6 .. which is .. the mean_annual_arc-distance of 
 of the_main_obliquity cycle of Earth .. 0.6 arc-seconds (mean) per 
 orbital period !!  
 And what is the mean_ratio_of the mean Earth precession and the mean
 'main' Earth obliquity arc-distances, in terms of *arc-seconds* of 
 movement".. per Earth's orbital period ?  It is .. (50 / 0.6)  =  
 83.33333333  =  (656.56127 / 7.87873524).

 Do you recognize those figures .. ?? .. 656.56127 and 7.87873524 ?

 It's the GPV of "FACE ONE" @ Cydonia on Mars, and the GPV of ..
 The White House in Washington, D.C. on Earth.   
 And what was the_Grid LONG_W.Giza .. of the "hover-spot" of the
 famous PHOENIX UFO of March 13, 1997 ?
 It was, and still is .. 1315.947253 W.Giza ..
 =  143 (deg) * 13(min) * 0.707879103(sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich .. 112 deg  04 min  59.907879103 sec ].
 {Morton, 1998, Internet}.
 Do you recognize the_decimal-harmonic_of .. 1315.947253 ?
 It is .. exactly one power-of-10 less than .. the Grid LONG W.Giza of 
 The White House and The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. ..
 13159.47253 W.Giza ..
 =  108(deg) * 10(min) * 12.18469679(sec) W.Giza.
 [ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg  02 min  11.38469679 sec ].
 {Morton, 1998, Internet}.

 AND .. 13159.47253 .. in *statute miles* .. is apparently the 
 POLAR circumference of Mars. If you compare it with the 21,600 polar
 circumference of Earth .. in **nautical miles** .. 
 (21600 / 13159.47253)  =  164.1403175 * (10^-2).
 What is "164.1403175" ?
 It is .. the_GPV_of .. "FACE TWO" @ Cydonia on Mars.
 {Morton, 2001, Internet; assistance from D.Elkins}.
 (5400 / 32.89868134)  =  164.1403175 

 Yes .. the so-called "mixing", there, of measurement 'units' .. 
 is apparently quite *intentional* within the parameters of the "ASM".
 It is, actually, rather akin to the "horizon/sky" concept (hybrid ?) 
 involving the "Beru" .. a quite-intentional "hybrid" reference, IMO. 

 Do you recall the Grid LAT of the "hover-spot" of the famous PHOENIX
 UFO of March 13, 1997 ? 
 It was, and still is .. 39478.4176 North ..
 =  33(deg) * 29(min) * 41.25226499(sec) North.
 This Grid LAT  =  (2Pi)^2 * (10^3).
 And this is exactly_3_times the apparently-designed polar 
circumference of
 Mars in statute miles .. 13159.47253 .. which is also in-evidence as 
 Grid LONG of The White House and The Jefferson Memorial, in D.C.

 As I have written before, several times on The Internet .. what you
 are witnessing, if you care to truly look .. can be called .. 
 with ETs". It is also involving "self-referentiality", in more ways 
one, IMO.

 This is also the "concept" and the "number-construct" .. behind the
 *calendar-significance* of our equinoxial points .. at "horizon/sky", 
if you 
 Apparently, based on the work of Damon Elkins .. along with my 
 "ASM" calculations involving sky-locations and ground-locations .. it 
 that .. and I certainly do not think this is "random chance" ..
 it happens that our "dial" is_now_at the *ecliptic-crossing-points* of 
 "perihelion phase" of Nibiru .. in terms of our_horizon_*equinoxial 
 due to Earth's precession. Evidently .. the "year-2000" on our 
 calendar .. is a very, very special "horizon/sky" node .. i.e. 
"marking" ..
 "indicating" .. as on a "dial" .. the *relatively-constant* 
 of Nibiru's perihelion phase .. at 2.22222222 degrees Pisces and at ..
 2.22222222 degrees Virgo .. on the_sidereal_zodiac. (NOT the 
"tropical" !!) 
 which is EXACTLY WHERE our year-2000 equinoxial-points_are_in terms
 of "horizon/sky" interaction due to Earth's precession .. AT .. 
    -- Michael Lawrence Morton 
 In a message dated 02/16/2002 4:23:02 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Subj:     Re: Apparent Galactic Orientation of "ASM"
 Date:  02/16/2002 4:23:02 AM Pacific Standard Time
 From: (Andy Z)
 by Eduard Puzyrev, RIA "Novosti"
 MOSCOW, February 13
 Geomagnetic pole of Earth shifted at 200 kilometers.
 Such are the testimonies of instruments of Central Military
 Technical Institute of Land Forces - according to words of
 the Institute's chief employee Eugeny Shalamberidze.
 He said also that similar magnetic pole shifts take place
 on other planets of our Solar system as well.
 The scientist thinks that the most probable reason is that
 Solar system moves through "definite area of galactic space
 and experiences geomagnetic influence from the side of other
 nearby cosmic systems". Otherwise "it would be hard to explain
 this phenomenon" according to words of Shalamberidze.
 He noted, that this "pole switch" had influence for some processes
 occurred on Earth. "The Earth throws its superfluous charge through
 earth crust breakings and so-called geomagnetic points off into outer
 space. Which in turn affects weather phenomenons as well as people's
 state of health" - Shalamberidze stressed. He said that the Institute
 had passed this data to ROSGIDROMET /Russian Weather Service/.
 Besides, as the scientist informed, "superfluous wave processes 
 Earth's energy dump affect the speed of our planet's rotation".
 According to the statistic of Central Military Technical Institute,
 "approximately every two weeks this rotational speed slows down,
 but during next two weeks we observe certain acceleration of rotation,
 leveling our day up to the average 24 hours."
 These changes require a comprehension for consideration in practical
 activity. Particularly, in opinion of Eugeny Shalamberidze, the rise
 of plane crush accidents in the world could have connection to this 
 The scientist also noted that this Earth's geomagnetic pole shift
 does not affect geographical poles of the planet, i.e. points of
 the North and South poles remain at the same places.
 The URL of original article (in Russian):

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