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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Earth & Venus .. Orbital Periods ..

I just realized that the number "225" is not only the Square of "15" ... and resonant to the "Seal of Saturn" pattern and to the 'geometry' of 'The Square' itself ... (tangent of a 225-deg angle is equal to the tangent of a 45-degree angle) ...

The number "225" is the orbital period of VENUS in "Earth Days" ... in terms of its 'time length'. Venus orbits our Sun in 225 of our (Earth) Days.

Then, I realized the following ... using the redundantly-encoded number of "365.0200809" ... indicating an ancient orbital period in Days for Earth itself.

This is not to be confused with "today's" orbital period in Days ... of about ... "365.242" .... but it is evidently an ancient orbital period in Days that was (or maybe still is, "ideally") very important. One question is ... "when" in the ancient past was this "365.0200809 Days" the actual orbital period of Earth ? Or .. is it only an "ideal" value .... ? Something, maybe, to have as a 'goal' .. possibly never having been the actual case, yet ?

Notice this equation ... (365.0200809 / 225) = 1.622311471 ... this is the Grid POINT Value (Morton, 1999) for "The Water Well" at the southwestern corner of what I call the "Miami Square". When this figure is multiplied by the Grid POINT Value of The Miami Circle (Morton, 1999) ... we get exactly .. 2Pi ... (1.622311471 X 3.872983346) = 6.283185307

My Grid POINT Value for The Miami Circle is ... the Square Root of "15" ... and 15 is the Square Root of 225.

Miguel wrote:
Very fascinating. Michael, allow me a seemingly digression... Now there's a point when sound waves become light waves and also when numbers become letters and "speak"

I515 is precisely the number of ISIS

then 1+5+1+5 = 12 = 12 planets

also 1+2 = 3 = ISIS/OSIRIS/HORUS number

15 x 15 = 225 = 2+2+5 = 9 = 9 central suns

Venus = Isis

So, not surprisingly, the Miami Circle is fractally resonant with ISIS. -Miguel Usodimare

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
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