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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 262

The "Holy Cross" .. etc. ..

Chronos wrote ..

I was impressed with the "Holy Cross" c.a. 2000 AD, and...
is this what I think it is?

"* The Ayanamsha @ 2000 AD can be used to convert tropical longitudes to sidereal longitudes. 
For example if your Sun resides at 0 00' 00" Aries (exactly on the vernal point) subtract 24 44' 12" 
to get your sun's sidereal location using the Fagan-Bradley ayanamsha. Or subtract 25 00' 00" 
to get your sun's sidereal location using the Galactic Ayanamsha."

Fingers crossed (especially since I checked Astrolog again because I was going to post data for
stars not covered on the standard list in question. It turns out the newer model in fact
lists 80 bodies, but only 47 fixed stars, actually less than before >>

Well .. 
I'm using, I suppose I could say .. my "ASM"
Ayanamsha .. of .. 27.7777777 .. repeating 7s ..
degrees "from" Zero Degrees Aries .. or .. I actually
prefer to notate it as .. 2.22222222 .. repeating 2s ..
degrees Pisces (and Virgo).

So .. I don't use the 24 deg & something, or the 25
deg that this guy uses. I use what I see indicated in
the "ASM", brotha !! That is .. what I just noted, 
above, sez me. 
-- Michael L.M.

P.S. Yeah .. I do agree that our Galactic Nodes
are aligned "now" .. well .. as of 2000 A.D. ..
in terms of ecliptic longitude .. with our solstices.
So .. yeah .. the "cross" .. *4 right-angles* ..
is there !! .. because our equinoxial points are at 
*right-angles* to the Galactic Nodes, as of circa 
2000 A.D., yeah !!! That lends credence, I would say .. 
to this "2000 A.D." thing I've been harping about ..
the main "time/date node" of the "ASM" !!! Right-on !!
-- Michael L.M. 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.