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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 264


Chronos ..
   I like your "Headed" pun-metaphor !!   Indeed.

 OK .. here's what I suggest at this juncture;
 I say we should explore the "6.890283706" azimuth possibility
 there, that you mention .. and .. the possibility of .. 6.944444444 .. 
repeating 4s,
 as well .. which is the Bruce Cathie figure .. decimal-harmonic .. 
 is the reciprocal of the "144" decimal-harmonic. Could be .. the 
 relationship is "involved" here, as part of the 'scenario'.

 Here's what I suggest, specifically ...

 Take the 6.890283706 and the 6.94444444 .. and play with them ..
 *with* your best assessments as to Le Serpent Rouge "Head" GPV, and
 also its Grid LAT & Grid LONG. THEN .. play with *300* azimuth .. for 
 Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau .. along-with .. your best assessments of
 GPV for Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau, as well as its Grid LONG and
 Grid LAT. THEN .. play with those TWO SETS .. *together-with* .. your
 best assessments for the values at CENTER-of-'Circle of Churches'.

 Now .. also .. I suggest .. play-with .. the_21.6_GPV of POLARIS ..
 because .. I am virtually_*certain*_that POLARIS is corresponding-with 
 Church @ Rennes-le-Chateau. That is pretty-much *certain*.
 So .. then .. I suggest playing with the 1.181810286 GPV of ALPHA 
 in-connection-with "Head" of Le Serpent Rouge, and with the 
 and 6.890283706 figures.

 Then .. you might care to look at some possibilities for .. VEGA's 
 viz-a-viz the 'Circle-of-Churches' .. even if it's not *on* the 
 that POLARIS is on. VEGA's GPV is (10 / Pi). And its Grid LAT is 
 numerically, to the_circumference_of the 'Circle of Churches' ... yeah 
!!! ...
 (18000 * Pi).   And VEGA's Grid LONG is .. 180000 W. ALNITAK .. recall 

 Then; you've got REGULUS .. up, "off" the 'Circle' .. due north, I'm 
 if POLARIS_is_at 300 azimuth on the_Church_@ Rennes-le-Chateau 
 So .. you have 19.7392088 .. REGULUS' GPV .. as a "big player", I 
think ..
 and you have its Grid LONG and Grid LAT, too, which could be really 
 ALSO .. not to burden you, but just to 'inform' you ...
 there is Fomalhaut .. .. "off" the 'Circle' .. to the Due South, 
 not *exactly* due south of REGULUS, but "generally" due south of 
 It COULD be .. "could be" .. that_Fomalhaut_is an *anchor* here, in 
 of being *due south* in this_particular_"picture" of the precession 
 If THAT is, in fact, the case .. "IF" ...... then;
 REGULUS may NOT be "exactly" DUE NORTH .. because Fomalhaut
 would be the primary "anchor" .. at due south.
 And .. *Fomalhaut* .. has the dramatic 177652.8792 Grid LONG, remember 
 And its GPV is .. exactly_1/4th_of .. 83.33333333 .. which, in turn, 
is the 
 of FACE ONE @ Cydonia and The White House !!
  Some more of my comments, below ....
   -- Michael L.M.  
In a message dated 02/18/2002 8:53:32 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Hi Michael,
 I'm looking at that "Rennes Zodiac" a little today, I
 ran another scan of the "Circle of Churches" map that
 I can work with graphics tools and stuff...
 I'm not sure what to think about the "Apex" and
 Ophiucus, that still seems remarkably close to "Le
 Serpent Rouge" making an issue about something in that
 general area...
 I mentioned that the outline of Rennes reminded me a
 bit of a feline head, if I line up a Zodiac that
 progresses clockwise with le Serpent around the
 Sag/Sco cusp, it places Rennes very near the Leo/Virg
 cusp, and if I adjust that so that the head of Le
 Serpent coincides with the longitude of the N.
 Galactic Node - 173* 13' 47.02552383" yes?- it does
 place Rennes fully into Leo on the "dial"...
     {{ Interesting !!  Hmmmmm.  You say, here .. with Le Serpent 
'Head' ..
       at .. about the Sag/Scorp cusp.  Hmmmm. Let's see ...
       If .. let's try this .. IF you can do it .. let's try this ...
       if you can .. see if you can look at a 'picture' of ..
       Le Serpent 'Head' .. at the 'exact' .. as close as you can get 
it ..
       to .. exactly the *Galactic Center* Grid LONG .. which is ..
       179.2950095 .. or, 179.3 ... W.ALNITAK.  And then see what you 
see. }}
  {{ Something, else, here.  You say .. "places Church @ 
     fully into Leo on the 'dial' ".  Hmmmm.  Can you tell me .. 
'where' ..
     in Leo, there ?  As in .. maybe .. the .. REGULUS_longitude_ spot 
??!!!!   (-; ..
     This would be .. longtitude-wise .. 65.145258824 E.ALNITAK or, 
approx. }}. 

 But if that's how it is those are the only clues I've
 had so far, other than Regulus talking to the circle
 and now that I think about it, from a heliocentric
 point of view anyway, that seems deliberate but
 I think Le Serpent is on an azimuth of about 6.9* east
 from the Center of the Circle of Churches, so if I
 calculated right, adjusting the Zodiac to that places
 the Sag/Sco cusp on a bearing of about 13.6727096* E
 of center (I have the N. Galactic Node in decimal mode
 at 173.2297293* W Alnitak)...
 I wondered if maybe that was 108 / 1.676727943^4 which
 is 13.66385824 but I haven't much clue really...
 Not only is this not terribly high precision (the most
 precise angle my software will draw is out to the
 first place after the decimal), and the diagram from
 Wood and Campbell is a bit small to work with, but as
 I mentioned, I'm pretty "astronomically challenged". 
 But maybe there is something suggestive in the numbers
 that would show justification for the alignment of
 such a zodiac to that azimuth?
 I've started to wonder if maybe "6.9" means
 6.890283706? That's a very head oriented number for an
 azimuth that finds the center of the head of "Le
 Serpent Rouge" from the center of the Circle maybe...
 (Again that's .22222222 x Pi^3 for the Grid Long. of
 the Cydonia Face, and as if by magic my Grid Point for
 Le Toustounes came to 2.2222222 x 1.177245771^2)...
    {{ Now .. yes .. this 2.22222222 figure is VERY *KEY*, IMO.
       I really_like_this 0.2222222 times Pi^3 .. and this 2.222222 
       the (1.177245771)^2 , here. Very good. }}

 And the Cydonia Face is pretty conversant with the
 Precessional Cycle of 25920...

     {{  Yes ... !!! .. very_much_resonates with 25920 .. FACE ONE GPV 
 But I don't find anything at all that would otherwise
 mark the ASM prime meridian of this proposed Circle of
 Churches Zodiac except possibly a couple of very
 modest landscape figure...
 I'm thinking it's probably valid... and that was some
 serious intrigue with the story of the Serpent Rouge
 document really... 
 But anyway, that's about as far as I've gotten, and
 I'm beginning to doubt I'll get any farther...
 Maybe there's something here that you'd recognize
 better than I would? Not at all unlikely since it
 concerns astronomy... not at all unlikely I made math
 mistakes here somewhere too...
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.