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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 266

YES !! This is Even BETTER ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
YES !! This is Even BETTER ..
Fri Mar 1 22:43:20 2002

Ohh .. yeah !!! This is even BETTER !!!
I've just checked out Chronos' alternative ..
which makes The Liberty Bell 3.384637998 ..
with a Grid LAT of .. 1454.441043 North.

And it retains the 429.7183463 Grid LONG W.Giza ..
for the powerful ANTARES !!

I'll take it !! I went through Chronos' calculations ..
involving such gems as the GPV of ALPHA DRACONIS ..
a major player, here, IMO.
And the number "4" pops out ..
(1.181810286 * 3.384637998) = 4. Very nice !
And 4 .. is the number of "entities" in the
"Sphinx Riddle" .. the 4 "Holy Cross" stars .. 
of-which ANTARES is one.

And then .. when Chronos showed this one ..
(2222.222222 / 656.56127) = 3.384637998

Ohhh, how delightful !!

The figure 2.222222222 .. repeating 2s .. is the 
"crossing-points" marker, IMO, for "Nibiru" ..
meaning its "apparent" crossing of the Solar ecliptic,
as_seen_in the sky *from* Earth .. against the sky-
backdrop. What do I mean by "marker" ?
I mean .. the_number_of arc-degrees .. "into" the
SIDEREAL zodiac houses of Pisces and of Virgo.
These points, on the Solar ecliptic, as viewed on
line-of-sight from Earth .. in the_sidereal_zodiac ..
"happen" to be **ecliptic-longitudinally-aligned** ..
AS OF CIRCA 2000 A.D. .. to Earth's (land-horizon)
**EQUINOXIAL POINTS**. IMO .. this particular ecliptic-
longitudinal alignment .. is quite intentional ..
"showing" the ecliptic-crossing-points of Nibiru ..
as viewed from Earth. Earth's_precession_has caused
this particular alignment as of circa 2000 A.D.
This particular alignment happens only twice every
("ideally"-speaking) 25920 years.

IMO, it also appears that our current consensus calendar
is being "calibration-confirmed" .. as of circa 2000 A.D.
This is because our (Earth's) *solstices* .. as of 
circa 2000 A.D. .. again; due to Earth's
precession cycle .. "happen" .. !! .. to be ecliptic-
longitudinally-aligned with the Galactic Nodes.
In-turn, this also means that our equinoxial points
AND Nibiru's ecliptic-crossing-points .. "happen" to
be .. as of circa 2000 A.D. .. ecliptic-
longitudinally-aligned at_right-angles_to the
Galactic Nodes (in terms of the_sidereal_zodiac).

This also perfectly_fits_the apparently-correct
historical time-line involving what Laurence Gardner
calls .. "Kingship-on-Earth".
This correlates with the "year" 00 B.C./A.D. as
"Zero Degrees Aries" on the sidereal zodiac ..
and this also indicates the most-recent perihelion
passage of Nibiru at that time .. with the next
"scheduled" passage at 3600 A.D. ... and indicates
that aphelion was circa 1800 A.D. .. aligned in the
line-of-sight direction of SIRIUS .. as observed
from Earth. This also marks the year 2160 A.D. as
"Zero Degrees Pisces" .. or, the "official"
beginning of the Age of Aquarius.
-- Michael L.M. 


The Lady and the Bell...
Sat Mar 2 00:22:02 2002

I just can't resist seeing if there's any connection provided between the Liberty Bell and 
the Statue of Liberty...

Grid Point Statue of Liberty [Morton] 1.24025106
Revised Suggested Grid Point Liberty Bell 3.384637997

1.24025106 / 3.384637997 / Pi = .11664
Decimal harmonic of 11664, decimal harmonic of 108^2,
25950 / 11664 = 2.222222222...

Works for me...


Combined multiplied Grid Points for Liberty Bell (revised), Liberty Bell Bldg., and 
Independence Hall (respectively) again

3.384637997 x 4.523893421 x 30.93972095 = 473.7410113

473.7410113 x Grid Point Stat. Liberty 1.24025106 = 587.5577947, decimal harmonic of Grid
 Latitude Sirius [Morton]

473.7410113 x suggested "collective" [i.e., single spot marked on USGS map for Rushmore 
monuments, cf. Borglum affiliations Blavatsky, Noguchi, etc.] Grid Point Mt. Rushmore 
1.623484839 (["Alternate Phi" 1.62231147 x "Gremlin 1" 1.00072327], or [Pi / (60 / Pi^3)])
 = 768 ( 768 / 8 = 96 decimal harmonic Grid Point "D & M II" [Morton] 9.6)

473.7410113 / Grid Point Stat. Liberty 1.24025106 = 381.9718635 (see Code Newsletter 
#66, pg 14), also one of the Grid Values of Ogden-Fettie Mound [Munck] (Code Newletter #48).

That's so far a very light look at Grid Points... there may also be things in the 
Grid Latitudes, Grid Longitudes, and their relationships with one another's Grid Points.




Michael Lawrence Morton
Yes .. I like it .. and more ..
Sat Mar 2 23:21:09 2002

Yes .. I like that Grid LAT for SIRIUS that Chronos
found there (preceeding post).

SIRIUS is such a biggie, now .. well .. it WAS a
biggie .. but now it's REALLY taken-on, IMO, a
superstar (heh-heh) status .. with its emergence
as the aphelion marker-star for Nibiru's orbit.
{D.Elkins, Morton, 2001}. Indeed .. this is probably
the main reason it was such a supremely important star
to the ancient Egyptians. 

And notice that 381.9718634 Chronos found ?

The multiplied-product of (ANTARES * ALDEBARAN) ..
= (4.297183463 * 8.888888889) = 38.19718634

The ANTARES/ALDEBARAN "axis" is prominent in
astrological studies .. going "way-back" into the
very ancient Vedic astrology.
Cyril Fagan and his associates studied the ancient
Vedic astrology. The ANTARES/ALDEBARAN axis is also
involved in the "Sphinx Riddle".

-- Michael L.M.

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.