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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 267

Re: The Ellipse ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
Re: The Ellipse ..
Fri Mar 1 00:48:47 2002

Chronos wrote, in the previous post to this one ..
Grid Latitude 76394.37267 or 38* 54' 37.93166468" N
Grid Longitude 13159.47254 or 108* 10' 12.1846968" W Giza
Grid Point 5.805276195 >>

The reciprocal of this GPV .. which Chronos discussed
in the previous post .. 
is a decimal-harmonic of the Grid LAT in the "ASM"
of .. ALTAIR .. in the Aquila constellation ..
another "Eagle". ALTAIR .. is the marker-star for
the *latitudinal* perihelion-point (max) of Nibiru's
orbital path, in its perihelion phase (M.L.Morton, 2001)
as observed in the Earth-sky. IMO, this star .. ALTAIR,
is "marking" (for Earth-bound observers) the point
at which Nibiru reaches its maximum "altitude" north
of the ecliptic .. in its perihelion phase.
(Yes, Damon Elkins and I are of the opinion that
Nibiru's perihelion is north of the ecliptic ..
returning, then, to an aphelion in the direction of

(1 / 5.8052762) = 0.172257093

17225.70927 North of ecliptic .. is the Grid LAT 
{Morton, 2001) of ALTAIR in Aquila ..
= 29(deg) * 18(min) * 32.99944305(sec) North of ecliptic.

This is the point in the sky .. right "on ALTAIR" ..
as observed from Earth .. WHERE Nibiru "levels-off"
in its *ascent* .. north of the eclipic in its perihelion
phase. When it reaches the "ASM" ecliptic_longitude_of
VEGA .. yet_another_"Eagle" .. it begins its "descent"
in terms of ecliptic latitude, as observed from Earth. 
-- Michael L.M.
P.S. Yes .. Nibiru's orbital path is .. an **ellipse**.


Michael Lawrence Morton
More re: Nibiru's Elliptical Orbit ..
Fri Mar 1 11:54:44 2002

Please recall, from the post immediately preceeding this
one, that I said the ecliptic_longitude_of VEGA ..
yet-another "Eagle" .. *marks* the point in the sky
as observed from Earth .. at-which Nibiru_begins_its
"descent" in terms of ecliptic latitude.
Thus, VEGA is not "crossed" by Nibiru (in terms of
appearance in the sky as observed from Earth).
But VEGA *does* mark the ecliptic_longitude_at-which
Nibiru_begins_its "descent" from its peak-latitude
("altitude") north of (again; on line-of-sight
appearance from Earth) the Solar ecliptic.

This "ASM" ecliptic Grid LONG .. marked by VEGA .. 
180000 W.ALNITAK ..
= 159(deg) * 21(min) * 53.9083558(sec) W.ALNITAK.

So; we can say that Nibiru's "peak perihelion" ecliptic
latitude is from "right-on" ALTAIR's location ..
to the ecliptic_longitude_of VEGA .. 
as observed from Earth.

Please notice the equation which indicates this "peak
phase" of its from-Earth-observed perihelion ..

(180000 / 17225.70927) = Pi * 3.326178251

Where; 3.326178251 = RATIO of "Eltanin Antenna"
locations on Earth .. (8.25059225 / 2.480502134) ..
where; 2.480502134 is the GPV of the actual "Eltanin
Antenna" on the ocean-floor SW of the tip of South
America .. and, where; 8.25059225 is the GPV of its
"northern-reciprocal node" in Siberia.
{Morton, 2001, Internet}.
Please also see page 12 of the book, "The Harmonic
Conquest of Space", by researcher/author Bruce Cathie.

This leads me to think that the "Eltanin Antenna" is
at least a "marker" .. in terms of "ASM"
latitude/longitude placement .. even if not an
actual "antenna" per se.

The "Small Oval" Noted by Chronos
(Washington, D.C.)

You will please recall the preceeding post by Chronos,
in which he discusses the "Small Oval".
He gives "ASM" figures for it, also ..
(56548.66776 / 13159.47253) = 4.297183463

Where; 56548.66776 = (18000 * Pi) .. which is not
only the Circumference of the 'Circle of Churches'
in the South of France in terms of_true_Royal Cubits
(of 1.718873386 regular British feet_per_Royal Cubit),
but is_ALSO_the Grid LAT of VEGA ..
= 61(deg) * 44(min) * 21.06880319(sec) North of ecliptic
= 56548.66776 North of ecliptic. 
{Morton, 2001, Internet}.

AND, where; 4.297183463 .. is the GPV in the "ASM"
of ANTARES .. yet-another "Eagle" .. as discussed in
earlier posts on this BBS. This relates back DIRECTLY
to the 3 Philadelphia "ASM" sites just recently
{Morton, R.Carl, 2001, 2002, Internet}.

AND, where; 13159.47253 .. is apparently the "designed"
(IMO) polar circumference of the planet Mars, itself ..
in terms of statute miles.
This is also, apparently, the *once-considered*
"God's Longitude" (see article by Bara/Hoagland on .. and also mentioned
by Robert Carl in the precessing post, if I'm not
mistaken. This is the "77" W.Greenwich longitude ..
which is the "108" W.Giza longitude.
Specifically .. this Grid LONG runs through the
center of The White House and through the center of
The Jefferson Memorial in D.C. {Morton, 1998, Internet},
and is .. 13159.47253 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg) * 10(min) * 12.18469679(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 11.38469679 sec ].

We are seeing 3 "Eagles" referenced, here ..
at very important sites in Washington, D.C. and
in Philadelphia. We are also seeing an encoded
system of references not only with respect to the
"ASM" .. but specifically regarding the orbital path
of Nibiru .. as it 'appears' against the sky-backdrop
as observed from Earth .. according to certain 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.