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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 268


Michael Lawrence Morton
Supreme Court .. ? ..
Wed Mar 13 12:59:49 2002

Here's what I now think is a better candidate
for Grid LAT & Grid LONG of this "building north
of the Library of congress" .. which could be the 
Supreme Court ..

And this_retains_the GPV of 3.655409037 ..

I found a figure for Grid LONG which not only
has a seconds-tag that seems functional, here ..
but that also (Grid LONG) is exactly 1/3rd of the
Grid LAT of The Washington Monument ..

108(deg) * 08(min) * 16.77940682(sec) W.Giza ..
= 14497.40749 W.Giza ..
= (43492.22248 / 3).

The GPV of REGULUS in the "ASM .. resonates nicely
with the seconds-tag of the W.Giza longitude ..
(19.7392088 / 16.77940682) = 114.591559 / (Pi^4).

REGULUS being a "regulator/ruler" .. an authority
figure .. like .. a "judge" .. (-;

Heh-heh .. as in "Supreme Court" judges .. 9 of them.

(9 * REGULUS) = 177.6528792 .. "Americana" strikes again.

And .. (9 * 3.655409037) = 32.89868134 ..
as in "min.W.Cydonia" .. the Grid LONG of "FACE TWO"
at Cydonia on Mars. 

So .. Grid LAT would be .. 52993.95435 North ..
= 38(deg) * 53(min) * 26.31278766(sec) North.

This strange-looking figure (to me) .. 52993.95435 ..
resolves to a dh of the 19.46773764 "Alternate 19.5"
figure .. by way of (Pi^2) and of the GPV of
The D&M Pyramid at Cydonia ..

(52993.95435 / 27.58106915 / Pi^2) = 194.6773764

-- Michael L.M.


That's as good as...
Wed Mar 13 15:28:55 2002

any guess of mine... seems like no matter what comes up here it may 
be something that only time will show the logic of... I even wondered 
if someone might take "Ruler and Regulator" into the context of measures,
 or like Thoth's involvement with the scales in Egyptian inconography (cf.
 "Ape of Thoth"), and use the opportunity to drop in a "matrix mile" and 
a "matrix tropical year". That's actually what I get if I "backhand" the 
Old Man of the Mountain (who shares a figure of 480 Pi^3 with Cholula with
 which D. C.'s matrix seems to be quite preoccupied) off that off the 
2.222222 that I was hoping would be consistently relevant to each of the 
D. C. figures...

22222.22222 / 15382.22771 = 1444.668713
1444.668713 x 36.55409038 = 5280.855644

That's a little tweaked on the end but it certainly a resembles Possible
 "matrix mile"- close matrix valid figure to 5280 found at Rennes

144000000 / (Grid Lat Circle of Churches 33664.58091 /
1.11111111^2) = 5280.855217

Also involving a "Thoth Number"... but I don't believe that 
36.55409038 is a "matrix tropical year" or "modern matrix year" as opposed 
to the (ancient) matrix solar year of 365.020081. I've generated similar 
Matrix valid figures that might look a lot more like a modern matrix year
but not even 365.020081 seems very responsive in that slot... ?
And that is the great problem with all of the wonderful possibilities is
that any set of equations only wants to embody any two of them, and then
seemingly refuses to resonate with 2.22222222, 1.315947254, (15 / Pi), 
.36 Pi^2, 1.688686394 and so on.

That probably goes for using the "Le Serpent Rouge" figure as the seconds 
of latitude also (108* x 08' x 16.76727943 = 1448.692943)... that might 
fit a symbolic pattern also but I'm just not sure how sensible and coherent
the outcome is really.

I'd have felt better about 3.655409038 if I thought it showed up twice at
 the Smithsonian... but then it *does* seem to talk well enough to 2.222222222 and 1.315947254

3.655409038 / 1.315947254 = 2.777777777
3.655409038 / 2.222222222 = 1.644934067 (I haven't quite got a grip on that one yet, but it's significant, isn't it?)
3.655409038 / 1.688686394 = 2.164646468 (= Grid Long. Cydonia Face x Pi / 10)
3.655409038 x (15 / Pi) = 1 / 57.29577951 / 100

So you know... unless something comes along that's dramatically convincing to some other effect, 
you're probably very right. Thanks.




Michael Lawrence Morton
Re: "Ape of Thoth" ..
Thu Mar 14 09:50:50 2002

Chronos wrote ..
<< time will show the logic of... I even wondered if someone might
 take "Ruler and Regulator" into the context of measures, or like Thoth's
 involvement with the scales in Egyptian inconography (cf. "Ape of Thoth"), .. >>

This expression caught my attention.
I'm wondering if this 'expression' .. might have
something to do with "FACE TWO" at Cydonia.

Damon Elkins assisted me in getting an accurate 
reading on "FACE TWO" .. through his computer graphics 
and mapping. I then came up with ASM figures for it of ..
5400 Grid LAT ..
= 41(deg) * 03(min) * 43.90243902(sec) North ..
Grid LONG of 32.89868134(min) W.Cydonia ..
GPV of .. (5400 / 32.89868134) = 164.1403175

This GPV is exactly 1/4th of 656.56127 .. 

Anyway .. when Damon Elkins showed me his "closeup" 
(on his computer screen) of the NASA image of "FACE TWO",
I could actually_see_the eyes and mouth, at least.
And .. I must say .. it looked quite .. "apelike",
kind of like a chimp.

Have you .. or has anyone 'else' .. been able to
see eyes and mouth, etc., on this feature ?
I know that "Mark, the Webmeister" .. was a big
proponent of "FACE TWO" (its artificiality) for quite 
a while .. but he seems to have gone underground, 
so to speak. But I wasn't able to 'see' "FACE TWO"
until early September of 2001, thanks to Damon.

The GPV of "FACE TWO" is a dh of 1.641403175 ..
the ratio of .. (21600 / 13159.47253) .. the_numbers_of
the polar circumferences of Earth and Mars ..
in nautical miles_and_in statute miles, respectively ..
and as I have previously speculated .. I do think this
"mixing" of nautical and statute, here, is quite
intentional. I think this is an example of a "unified
field", if you will .. at least within the specific
context of the ASM itself.
I think both statute mile and nautical mile were/are
used in the ASM .. and their_numerical values_relate
in an intentionally-specific integration .. in this
case, with respect to Earth/Mars .. the *polar* arc-
distances around these two planets. IMO, this is an
example of specifically-intentional design by an
advanced intelligence.

Thoth/Ningishzidda/Quetzalcoatl .. a son of Ptah/Enki,
(Z.Sitchin) .. was associated with "measures" ..
etc, mathematics, "communication tools", etc.
This would be both "numbers" and "writing" .. or ..
"hieroglyphics", in the Egyptian sense.

In "FACE TWO", there appears to be a GPV self-evident,
which is a decimal-harmonic of the 1.641403175 ratio
of the polar circumferences of Earth and Mars .. in
terms of nautical_and_statute mileage.
A kind of "lesson in measurement-integration" ..
at least within the context of the ASM.

-- Michael L.M. 


Michael Lawrence Morton
Checks, Balances, and Enlightenment ..
Fri Mar 15 09:44:30 2002

What would an ideal government "be" ?

I pose this idea ..

Legislative, Judicial, Executive, and an Esoteric ingredient ..
*Enlightenment* .. Understanding, from whence we came, the Cosmos.

I propose that .. somehow .. there is an existing frame, or blueprint ..
upon which such an ideal could be conceived, and even manifested.

The Washington Monument points straight up, and out to the Beyond ..
to that Cosmos from which we have all come.

It is, IMO, the pillar of this Enlightenment component .. the esoteric
inspirational nodal pillar, in this ideal government conceptual blueprint.

And three other Washington, D.C buildings represent the 3 current "branches".

And it is the ASM that indicates .. somehow .. the Nature of this ideal matrix.
These very particular "pieces" .. are apparently "already in place". Somehow.
And their discernment has been driven through empirical observation.
So beware .. to those critics who deem to "challenge" reality.
These monuments are quite heavy to move.
Or .. can you move the very Earth, itself, only to continue to deceive ?

The Ideal Government Equation 

(1.591549431 * 3.655409037 * 7.87873524 * 5.411616169) = 248.0502134

This is the Cubing of the Circle, if you will.

It is the cube of 2Pi .. and 2Pi is the_number_constant of any true circumference,
in terms of The Radian Arc. And seeing as 2Pi is the_number_of Radians(arc)
on any true circumference .. I say this is the Cubing of the Circle.

This is a step up .. "quantum leap" ?? .. (well, who knows) .. 
the main intent of the phrase being metaphorical .. a step-up from ..
"Squaring the Circle".

And it "so happens" .. that the Cube of (2Pi) is also the Grid POINT Value
of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. (Munck, 1993, "The Code", self-published,

Now .. back to the above equation.
There stand the 4 ingredients of the "ideal" government.
Where; 1.591549431 is GPV of The Capitol Rotunda .. legislative.
Where; 3.655409037 is GPV of The Supreme Court .. judicial.
Where; 7.87873524 is GPV of The White House .. executive.
Where; 5.411616169 is GPV of The Washington Monument .. Understanding.

They all together manifest the Cubing of the Circle, a 3-D blossoming of
the Fruit of The Tree of Life that is Watered by the Eternal Fountain
that Cascades from the Hyperdimensional 4-D Truth of Nature.

Let all good students set upon a study of the ASM.
It is There, in Truth.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton 

(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.