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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Washington Monument; U.S. Naval Observatory ...

I can't afford to put out a newsletter to show topo-map close-ups, and I don't have a scanner to try to get topo-map closeups online, but I'll try to work on getting "something" together in the way of maps.

You can always order the maps yourself(s) from USGS. Series 7.5-minutes .. scale 1: 24000 .. Quadrangles. Topographical. Maybe I'll photocopy a few on paper, and snail-mail them to The Code Gang members, and to a few other people.

Meanwhile ..... I was just reviewing some of my notes on Washington, D.C. monuments and buildings that are positioned in the archaeomatrix. And I've also just noticed that several of these Washington, D.C. landmarks are AMAZINGLY in-resonance-with ... well ... here .. I'll show you ..

The Washington Monument

I've already put this material .... the coordinates, everything ... out on The Internet, a couple of years ago ... if any of you might recall. I sent them to The Code Gang, specifically, too. Grid LONG 108 (deg) X 10 (min) X 7.441506403 (sec) W.Giza ... = 8036.826915 W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 02 min 6.641506403 sec ].

Notice the "108" degrees .... a direct match with the 108 deg "external" angle at the base of the axis of the 'extended star-pentagram' ... within 'The Circle of Churches' in the South of France. And the "10" (minutes) times "108" (degrees) gives "1080" ... the female number of the alchemical fusion, and the average radius of The Moon in statute miles. Then ... to top it off .. the number of arc-seconds is a precise decimal harmonic of the Area of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge in Square Feet !!! (Munck, 1992). You can't GET much more dramatic that THAT .. when we're dealing with a famous modern landmark such as "The Washington Monument" !! Plus ... it is displaying the use of the Giza prime meridian ... for one of THE most prominent monuments in the modern world .. and, an *obelisk* to boot.

And there's more, here. Just divide that "7.441506403" number of arc-seconds by Pi ... and we have my Grid POINT Value for the star SIRIUS in the current, year-2000, "Sky Matrix". [ ]. And, of course, SIRIUS relates directly to ISIS ... which refers directly to the 'extended star-pentagram' (D.Wood), Rennes-le-Chateau, and 'The Circle of Churches'. My SIRIUS Grid POINT Value in the "The Sky Matrix" is ... 2.368705056 ... (7.441506403 / 3.141592654) = 2.368705056 The Grid POINT Value of SIRIUS (Morton, 1999) is a decimal harmonic of the Square of the radius of The Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge, in Feet (Munck, 1992) .. (48.66943311 Squared) = 2368.705056 ... times Pi ... = 7441.506403 Square Feet.

The U.S. Naval Observatory

Grid LONG 108 (deg) X 12 (min) X 1.827704519 (sec) W.Giza ... = 2368.705056 W.Giza. [ WHERE have I seen that number ??!!!! ]. [ W.Greenwich 77 deg 04 min 1.027704519 sec ]. Grid LAT 38 (deg) X 55 (min) X 17.00027552 (sec) North ... = 35530.57584 North ... = 3600 X (Pi Squared).

Let's see .... "3600" ... hmmmm .. orbital period, in Earth Years, of ... "Nibiru", according to Sitchin's interpretation of ancient Sumerian tablet writings. Grid POINT Value 35530.57584 / 2368.705056 ... = 15.

And we've been finding "15" all over the place. It is the sacred number of OSIRIS .. "Re-membered". It is the Square of "3.872983346" ... my Grid POINT Value for The Miami Circle. It is the Square Root of the orbital period of VENUS .. in terms of the length of time equal to 225 Earth Days. It is the "number of divisions" of 'The Circle of Churches'.

Sitchin interviewed the late Dr.Harrington .. astronomer .. at The U.S. Naval Observatory. This interview is on video ... recorded for posterity, thankfully. In that interview, Dr. Harrington essentially admits to the reality of "Nibiru", directly to Sitchin .. in front of the video camera. Not too terribly long after that ... Dr. Harrington was dead.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) copyright 2000
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