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Re: A Better Probable for Einstein ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
A Better Probable for Einstein ..
Tue Mar 19 09:39:33 2002

Yes .. I think the following is a better "probability" 
for the "Einstein Statue".

BTW .. is this the same thing as the "Einstein Zodiac" ?

I think a better "true-and-intended" GPV for it would be ..

1.077363736 ..

AND .. I also think 60276.20186 W.Giza is a good
choice for its Grid LONG, here .. because it resonates so
very well with REGULUS and with the 1776.528792
decimal-harmonic .. a figure I call "Americana".
(60276.20186 / 1776.528792) = (19.7392088 * 1.718873386).

And the 1.718873386 .. is my "true-and-intended"
(proposed) length for The Royal Cubit in terms of
'regular' ("British") feet. And; please notice the
word "regular" .. as in .. REG-U-LAR .. similar to ..
REG-U-LUS, I would say. 

So; my suggested Grid LAT for "Einstein", here ..
would be .. 64939.39403 North ..
= 38(deg)* 53(min)* 32.24398909(sec) North.

Again; Grid LONG would be ..
60276.20186 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg)* 10(min)* 55.81129802(sec) W.Giza.
[ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 55.01129802 sec ].

Please notice the 'seconds-tag' on the W.Giza
longitude .. 55.81129802 .. this is exactly Pi times
17.76528792 .. a dh of the "Americana".

Again; GPV = 1.077363736

This GPV_finds_the GPV of The Pentagon ..
via .. the GPV of (apparently) the N.A.S.E. Building's
"face" from aerial-view .. 
(1.234567901 / 1.077363736) = 1.14591559 ..
{Morton, 1998, Internet}.

-- Michael L.M. 


Re: A Better Probable for Einstein ..
Tue Mar 19 14:33:21 2002

"Yes .. I think the following is a better "probability" 
for the "Einstein Statue".

BTW .. is this the same thing as the "Einstein Zodiac" ?"

Ah... okay, I'm about to mixed up myself here... let me look this up again...

Apparently the circular feature is just that, a circular feature. The photograph shows a close up of the Einstein statue so I don't have a great perspective where it fits in with its surroundings. Einstein (the statue) is seated on the rim of the circular feature. Photo caption: "Statue of Albert Einstien by the modern sculptor Robert Berks. Einstien is seated before a granite horoscope of the heavens, cast for noon of April 22, 1979 - the day on which the statue was dedicated. It is located to the southwest of the National Academy of Sciences".

So we are looking thus far at this circular granite "horoscope" rather than
the Einstien sculpture seated on the rim. It's possible that the statue 
itself is another "ASM" "node" - particularly in such astronomical context-
but I don't have any materials yet that allow me to sort out the statue 
specifically from the granite "horoscope" itself.

I hope I didn't call this the "Einstien Zodiac Fountain" at some point, the 
"fountain Zodiac" or "Mellon Fountain" (Zodiac) is "down the road a peck", 
at the tip of the "Federal Triangle", across the street to the east from the
Federal Trade commission, although its latitude is slightly off-center south 
from the tip of the triangle. I'm hoping that can be spotted in the aerials 
also on closer examination so it can be mapped more accurately onto the topographic

Says Ovason, "It will be noted that the Mellon Fountain zodiac stands out 
somewhat from the general orientation of the Federal Triangle- presumably 
in order to align its Aries-Libra orientation directly due east-west, along
the axis of Constitution Avenue. In the way, the zodiac invests the length
of the avenue with stellar power. As I have observed, an alternative orientation- 
that of Pisces-Virgo- is projected visually, if not geometrically, along Pennsylvania

I don't know if that will bear out or not but that seems to be Ovason's take on the Mellon Fountain.



(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.