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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 272

Is this Union Station ?

Michael Lawrence Morton
Is this Union Station ?
Thu Mar 21 08:15:59 2002

Hopefully, this is Union Station .. that 
Chronos has done some work on.

It apparently is displaying another "face"
to our aerial view.

Chronos .. if I'm assuming correctly ..
has .. 38 deg 53' 49" North ..
and .. 77 deg 00' 23.3" W.Greenwich.

So; here's my take on this .. "Union Station", D.C. ..

(Pi^2) * (10^4) = 98696.04401 North ..
= 38(deg) * 53(min) * 49.0049871(sec) North.

(2Pi / 3) * (10^4) = 20943.95102 W.Giza ..
= 108(deg) * 08(min) * 24.24068405(sec) W.Giza.

GPV .. 4.71238898 = 1.5Pi = (Vol. TORUS / Vol. SPHERE). 

So; this is also the ratio of .. (Pi^2) / (2Pi / 3).

This fits nicely with the 1.23370055 GPV for "NASE FACE" ..
(4.71238898 * 1.23370055) = (12 / Pi) = 3.819718634

-- Michael L.M. 


Let's Look a Gift Face in the Mouth...
Thu Mar 21 23:33:15 2002

The point of Union Station is that you can see in the aerial photographs of D. C. 
(I discovered that I have been working with Terraserver imagery courtesy of Bullitt when I
went to Terraserver for more imagery yesterday...) that it seems to be another object that 
looks like a blocky stylized Face, just like the Cholula Pyramid (see explanatory notes with 
Nat. Academy Science & Engineering (N.A.S.E. Face postings)...

The mouth is a separate part, a plaza that contains the American Legion Freedom Bell and 
a Columbus Monument (those that have been following Enterprise Mission may know to sound the 
"yellow alert" at the very mention of Columbus or Columb- anything)...

I'm not 100% sure of the mapping, I did layer aerials over the topo map so I have this on 
the map although it's very hard to make out the individual small monuments at that scale. 
Taking hints from the NPS map of D.C. (which is not spatially correct), I call the Freedom 
Bell hopefully close to correct at, first, roughly

38* 53' 47.75" N = 96168.5
108* 8' 24.3" W Giza = 20995.2

I'm guessing that may be the first time in my life nearly that I've hit the nail on the head 
exactly... the coordinates after conversion to W Giza show 24.3" seconds longitude, and not 
only is 243 in the Matrix, but 20995.2 is precisely the Grid Latitude of "Face II", the ancient
Cydonia Face analog in New York as determined by Michael L. Morton.

In fact, it's probably pretty hard to get out of 
38* 53' 47.66633565" N = 96000

Which is a bit of a drift but it's amazing that that number occurs anywhere near the Plaza, 
let alone in it, since 9.6 is the Grid Point of the "D&M II Pyramid" which accompanies "Face 
II", known often as "Earthface" [Morton, B. Cornet] to distinguish it from a second face like
 object at Cydonia known as "Face II" [Morton, Elkins]... 

Giving into the temptation to invoke the decimal harmonic of the "D&M II" Grid Point produces 
a very interesting result...

96000 / 20995.2 = 4.572473708

(Grid Point Liberty Bell x 10 / Pi^4) x 1.315947254 =

That is, in spite of the burden of carrying some unusual figures concerning Face Monuments, 
the "Freedom Bell" still seems to be able to hold a recognizable conversation with the Liberty
Bell... via the Cholula Face / White House Longitude figure that the "D. C. Matrix" is 
saturated with...

It is subject to whatever kind of additional scrutiny can be applied, but I don't mind letting 
that stand for now.



(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.