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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 278

ALTAIR referenced by "Cropface" Glyph ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
ALTAIR referenced by "Cropface" Glyph ..
Tue Apr 30 13:54:12 2002

OK ... 

"Avian" motifs .. why looking for connections
involving this realm with the "Chilbolton Glyphs" ?

My reply will also involve what I found .. yes, using
Paul Vigay's database .. well .. hey .. if it works ..
it works .. ?? .. I don't mean to 'dismiss' your point
regarding this .. but just to say that I've "apparently'
found some remarkably consistent ASM correlations ..

As I was saying .. my reply will also involve ..
what I found to be the GPV of "CropFace" .. 2.117510841 ..
and; the "Milk Hill" formation .. the huge "Galaxy"
spiral .. GPV of .. 2.25

Taking my GPV for ALTAIR of 2000 A.D. in the ASM ..
9.288441917 .. (and ALTAIR is a major "Eagle" motif) ..
which I think is a "marker-star" .. as-observed-from-
Earth .. for the "beginning of the_peak_perihelion phase"
of Nibiru's orbital path as seen against the back-drop
of the stars ..

9.288441917 = (2.117510841 / 2.25) * (Pi^2).

There you have a very direct equation ..
tying ALTAIR to 2_major_crop-formations in England in
August of the year-2001 season.

NOW .. I point-out something that I think is very
significant, here, indeed ..
and that is .. that there are_exactly_160 DAYS from
14th August to 21st January.
Those are the dates of the appearance of the "Cropface"
formation in England of 2001 .. and; the date of the
annual_longitudinal_conjunction with .. ALTAIR !! 

The figure_160_is a decimal-harmonic of .. 160,000 ..
the_ecliptic-longitude_Grid LONG of .. ALTAIR !!
160000 W.ALNITAK ..
= 142(deg) * 54(min) * 20.86593636(sec) W.ALNITAK. 

And now please notice, also .. the obvious resonance
with ARCTURUS, here ..

My GPV for ARCTURUS is 6.652356505 .. for 2000 A.D.,
in the ASM. ARCTURUS is another star that Nibiru "appears
to pass-by" in the_latter_part of its "apparent peak"
in its perihelion phase .. as-observed-from-Earth. 
In fact, this happens_after_Nibiru "appears to pass-by"
ANTARES. ARCTURUS, though, is much "higher in the sky"
than ANTARES. HOWEVER .. ARCTURUS is 'almost' ecliptically
*due north* of SPICA .. and SPICA is very close to the
solar ecliptic. AND .. SPICA is to The Washington
Monument, as ARCTURUS is to The White House .. in the
*layout* of Washington, D.C. !! {D.Ovason, by way of David
Hudgins, Ph.D., in personal correspondence}.

(6.652356505 / 2.117510841) = Pi.

This, IMO .. is WAY, WAY beyond "random chance" ..
and is also, I think .. way beyond mere "synchronicity".
Yes .. this does_involve_synchronicity, of course ..
but I think this is_beyond_mere synchronicity.

This is a form of communication .. with "ETI".
And "we" are literally_related_to ETI, IMO.

Speaking of 160 and 160000 .. what is the "street address"
of The White House ? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ..
correct? Again .. I think this is_beyond_mere ..

-- Michael L.M. 
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.