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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 279

"Rock Eagle" and Galactic Center, & more ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Rock Eagle" and Galactic Center, & more ..
Tue Apr 30 13:08:30 2002

Chronos wrote ..
<< But it does seem to happen, every {sic} clearly... including that 14851.06605 x 1.269239249 = 6000 Pi... 
hits the Georgia Rock Eagle dead on, yes?... And if the (3.6 x Pi^2) figure is the going Grid Point for the 
Rock Eagle, (3.6 x Pi^2) / 1.269239249 = dh 108 x 25920... That sort of thing... I think there are more in 
that vein ... >>

I feel the need to take this as an opportunity to
clarify and to emphasize something that I've addressed
previously on The Internet .. regarding the "Rock Eagle"
site in Georgia, USA.

Although I do agree that "multiplicity" has its place in
the ASM .. I do also think there are cases of rather
clear-cut referencing to "relatively important" parameters
and such. In my opinion, the case of the "Rock Eagle" is
just such an example .. and I think it is clearly 
referencing Galactic Center and Antares, and this appears
to be involving Grid LATs and Grid LONGs .. as well as
the matching 35.53057584 GPVs of Galactic Center and
"Rock Eagle". Then; The Liberty Bell ("Americana",
Philadelphia, Founding Fathers, etc.)chimes-in, too.
{Pun retroactively intended}.. [see postings on "GridPoint
BBS" regarding placement of "The Liberty Bell" and the
center of the "Liberty Bell Building" .. as well as the
centered-location of Independence Hall, in Philadelphia.]

My take on "Rock Eagle" is that its Grid LAT is ..
1894.964044 .. WITH a GPV of .. 35.53057584 ..
giving a Grid LONG of .. 67329.16368 W.Giza. 

Notice that 35.53057584 .. is exactly DOUBLE 17.76528792,
the "Americana" dh. Antares is an "Eagle" motif, of
course. My Grid LONG for Antares is .. a dh of ..
the_GPV_of SOLAR APEX !!
Notice what happens here .. (67329.16368 / 28424.46068) ..
= 2.368705056 .. the_GPV_of SIRIUS !!

Now you've got the "aphelion marker-star" for Nibiru's
orbital path involved, here, too !!

Nibiru "becomes an Eagle" during its_perihelion_phase,
as-observed-from-Earth. It appears to "pass-by" Antares,
to the "north" of Antares, at the end of its "peak"
perihelion stage .. before it "appears" (*from Earth*)
to "cross" the solar ecliptic on its "apparent descent".

Notice this .. (127910.073 / 1894.964044) = 67.5 ..
where; 127910.073 is the Grid LONG of GALACTIC CENTER.

Then .. (67.5 / 12.5) = 5.4 ..
where; 12.5 is the_ratio_of Galactic Center to Solar Apex
of .. (35.53057584 / 2.842446068) = 12.5

I think the PEACOCK Star's_ecliptic longitude_"marks"
the real_"peak"_of Nibiru's perihelion phase, as-observed-
from-Earth. By "peak", here, I mean the "maximum latitude"
above the solar ecliptic on "line of sight" from Earth.
I could be wrong on this .. it could be_VEGA's_ecliptic
longitude that "marks" the 'peak'. VEGA's longitude is
more "opposite" the_SIRIUS_longitude, compared to
PEACOCK's longitude-versus-SIRIUS'-longitude.
But .. something "tells me" that the_GPV_of PEACOCK
Star .. being the "embodiment" of the *APEX* of ..
The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
(480.3471728 / 238.3004375) = 2.015720902 ..
is symbolically "displaying" (like a peacock 'displays'
its tail-feathers !?!) the 'fact' that the real "latitude
peak" of Nibiru is at the Peacock Star's ecliptic
longitude .. at 30 degrees north-of-the-solar-ecliptic
as 'viewed' from Earth. And what is PEACOCK Star's Grid
LONG, again ? 150(deg) * 52(min) * 6.000931577(sec)
W.ALNITAK = 46807.2663 W.ALNITAK.
Comparing_that_figure with Galactic Center and "Rock
Eagle" .. (46807.2663 / 35.53057584) ..
= [12500000 / (Pi^8)].
This is where; 12500000 = [12.5 * (10^6)].

Here's another "revealing" equation, I think ..

Taking the 1.44 GPV for RIGEL .. which is seen, literally,
at the *APEX* of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. when one
is standing at the center of the base-length at the
North Face .. looking straight-up-along the slope ..
at December solstice .. (assuming it's clear at night),
at a certain time of night .. {{Mark Vidler; see his
book; "The Star Mirror"}} .. here's the equation ..

In 3 steps, that is ..

(REGULUS / CAPELLA) = 1.97392088 ..
(1.97392088 * Pi * 2.015720902) = 12.5 ..

And, to "top it off" .. (12.5 * 1.44) = 18.

Yeahhh !!! Isis is revealed !!

What a thing of beauty !! 

-- Michael L.M.
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.