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Messages from Michael L. Morton

Re: Phi Angle >> 432

Raphiem wrote:

quickly ...was having a play with my little calc ... and found the following .... am sure others may have discovered this .. so i probably as Michael would say "re-discovered it" or self-discovered it..

Phi, the golden ratio or know as the fibonacci ratio

= (sqrt5 - 1)/2
= 0.618033988

now i thought why not for the hell of it just multiply it by 360degrees to get a portion of the circle ..

Phi angle = 0.618033988 x 360 = 222.4922359 (approx 222.5 degrees)

to get the remaining angle of the circle we just minus it from 360deg
= 360 - 222.4922359
= 137.5077641 degrees (approx 137.5)

what do we call these ... well perhaps Phi angles

now what is interesting is 137.5077641 x PI = 431.9933815

how close is this to "432" the A-tone freq of the Giza pyramid...obviously a relationship..

Michael wrote:

Yeah ... that "222.492236" is called "The Golden Section of The Circle". D.Wood and I.Campbell discuss it in their pamphlet, "Poussin's Secret" ... which gets into Rennes-le-Chateau, the extended star-pentagram, etc. Poussin did the painting, "Les Bergeres D'Arcadie" ... "The Shepherds of Arcadia". The painting includes a stone sarcophagus ... which actually was situated near Rennes-le-Chateau. I heard that this stone sarcophagus was "blown-up" by a bomb ... sometime within the last few years. Has anyone heard about this ... and can anyone confirm this ? -- Michael