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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 284

More, re: 19.5 & "Hyperdimensional ASM"

Michael Lawrence Morton
YES !! Definitely so !! ..
Thu Apr 25 12:14:44 2002

("Chronos wrote:
An "Alt Tetrahedral Grid Lat" Too?
Wed Apr 24 17:13:49 2002

Michael L. Morton wrote: "Technically, in the most "rigorous-possible" terms ..
the "perfect-geometrical" arc-seconds figure would be ..
16.39421112" .. BUT .. 
19(deg) * 28(min) * 16.39421112(sec) = 8721.720316 ..
and I haven't been able to reconcile that figure with
the "ASM". 

That's not surprising. That's not like the difference between e' and the Meg Yard 
where you can get out a "Gremlin" and reconcile them, that's no "Gremlin" I've ever 
seen this time. Trigonometry is not kind to this...

I'm still very much in favor of the idea that the sides of the Great Pyramid are notably 
truncated in order to get precise Pyramid Matrix figures around the stringent limits imposed
 by trigonometry. The Poussin Tomb is also this way. Its dimensions are 95% Pyramid Matrix 
and 5% approximation out of sheer necessity, because of this Pythagoras fellow...

I think this Tetrahedral Grid Latitude is absolutely valid... and...

"So .. I think the difference of ..
(16.46707132 - 16.39421112) = 0.0728602" .. is certainly
more-than-small-enough to warrant the assertion that
8760.48194 is apparently the intended "ASM" figure for
"Hyper-D-Tet Grid LAT". In fact, I suggest, here,
that this particular figure now be called ..
"Hyper-D-Tet Grid LAT" .. or .. "HD-Tet Grid LAT"." 

.... 0.0728602" could not even be detected on the smallest scale map available from the 
USGS... i.e., it's a neglible difference... 

But you know I am also partial to Munck's approximation of 19.5, which is the remarkably 
versatile and resonant 19.4677376...

And that is, coming out of decimal mode, if I'm not mistaken,

19* 28' 03.85536 = 2051.05152

And while the difference between that and what follows is frustratingly close to a dh of 
the Grid Lat. of the D & M / (Pi^2), but not equal, I'd about bet that that is equally 
irreconcilable... but...

look how close that is to 

2062.648062 = 19* 28' 03.877258013" 

Which is again not a difference in actual latitude you can spot even on an enlarged small 
scale topo map... nor with a differential GPS?... i.e., also neglible...?

And 2062.648062 would about give us every reason to overlook the difference and again allow 
the special case of an approximation...

Including that it is the Michael L. Morton Royal Cubit, expressed in inches, and that the 
mighty Grid Point of the Cydonia Face, times almighty Pi = 2062.648062... to name a couple 
of them...

I'm merely speculating of course, but do you suppose the "Alternate Tetrahedral Constant" 
got similar treatment?

I mean, I'm expecting we could go to some monuments, probably important ones, and find some 
feature that actually has both of these precise approximated latitudes actually marked, that
could be calculated from known reference points... although which those would be exactly does 
elude me offhand... 

Just curious... >>)

YES !! Definitely so !! I agree. 
This figure of_2062.648063_is a real "biggie" in the "ASM".
VERY much of a "biggie" !!

It's also the *side-length* of the "Miami Square" .. 
in terms of_regular_British feet .. (Morton, 2000, 

We continue to see more-and-more references .. 
"self-reference" .. embedded within this "ASM".
And in many cases, as pointed-out, above, by Chronos ..
there is very, very_little_"adjustment" necessary to
move certain "approximations" into precise, "perfect"
ASM-resonance. Actually, as Chronos points out .. the
"difference" is essentially "non-detectable" in practical

So .. yes .. I certainly agree that Munck's 19.4677376
is_right-there_with the 19.47122061 .. as indicated
by Chronos, 'above'.

I wonder what comparing the 2062.648063 and the
"HD-TET Grid LAT" of 8760.48194 .. would show ?

(8760.48194 / 2062.648063) = 4.247201497

Hmmmm .. ???

Well .. I'll try its reciprocal ..

(1 / 4.247201497) = 0.235449154

Ohhh !! A decimal-harmonic of .. the_sum_of the
Grid LONGs of The Great Sphinx and The Chephren Pyramid,
at Giza !! (11.77245771 + 11.77245771) = 23.5449154

An "ideal-mean" Earth obliquity angle, as I've already
proposed ? Or .. maybe .. the "ideal" Earth obliquity
angle_*at a certain time*_?? Or .. both ??

Certainly .. it_IS_the exact DOUBLE of the 11.77245771
(sec) East_and_West Giza longitudes of The Chephren
Pyramid and of The Great Sphinx. {Munck, 1993}.
This_alone_is amazingly 'non-random'_and_specifically-
and-precisely "ASM".

You have_both_19.4677376 *AND* 19.47122061 .. 
interacting in their "respective ASM formats" .. 
2062.648063 and 8760.48194 .. to DISPLAY a decimal-
harmonic of the SUM of the Grid LONGs of The Chephren
Pyramid and of The Great Sphinx, of Giza.
And this particular "interaction" is simply the_ratio_of
the 2 figures involved ..
(2062.648063 / 8760.48194) = 0.235449154

Please recall, now .. from a_very_recent post of mine ..
that the ASM-specific-and-precise_format_of the *base
slope-angle* of The Great Pyramid (and of The Mycerinus
Pyramid) of Giza .. DISPLAYS *exactly* the same figure,
when it is_divided-into_the "HD-TET Grid LAT" ..

(8760.48194 / 37207.53202) = 0.235449154

An absolutely stunning correlation, here.

The Apparent Grid LAT of the Galactic Nodes
@ 2000 A.D. in the "ASM"

Previously on The Internet, I have written that the
apparent_Grid LAT_for both the SOLAR APEX (North
Galactic Node) and for the South Galactic Node ..
is .. 37207.53202 .. "North and South of ecliptic" ..
= 53(deg) * 26(min) * 27.00111177(sec) .. "North and
South" of ecliptic .. {Morton, 2001, 2002, Internet}.

The *database-source* for this calculation is, as I have
consistently used_throughout_my work with the "ASM" .. 
At that website .. you will find "CENTRE" and "APEX"
listed at the end of the 'Astrolog' list.
That database is based on the_sidereal_zodiac work of
Cyril Fagan and his associates. For conversion of the
sidereal longitudes to "ASM" longitudes ..
you must add or subtract 03' 10" (to/from) the 'given'
longitude .. then_add_30 arc-deg for *each* zodiac
house between TAURUS/GEMINI_cusp_and your target
sky-location. Then .. you add or subtract the variance
[less than 30 deg] between (ALNITAK 29 TAU 56' 50")
and your target's given (sidereal) longitude.
How do you know whether to "add" or to "subtract" ?
If your target is within 180 ecliptic longitude degrees
of ALNITAK, to ALNITAK's West .. (toward Taurus) ..
you will subtract. If your target is within 180 ecliptic
longitude degrees of ALNITAK, to ALNITAK's East .. 
(toward Gemini) .. you will add.

So .. not only is the base slope-angle of The Great
Pyramid of Giza (and of The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza)
indicating a precise_ratio_of 2Pi between original
perimeter and original height of said 2 pyramids ..
it is_ALSO_now apparent that .. this precise base
slope-angle .. in its "ASM format" of 37207.53202 ..
is indicating the "ASM format" of the_ecliptic_latitude
of the GALACTIC NODES .. "as-observed-from-Earth", 
in_2000 A.D._in a deeply ancient "matrix". 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.