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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 288

1st & 2nd UK 2002 Crop-forms .. ASM ..

Michael Lawrence Morton
1st & 2nd UK 2002 Crop-forms .. ASM ..
Wed May 8 16:44:51 2002

Thanks to Paul Vigay .. I was alerted as to the 2nd UK year-2002
crop-formation, which was found on 6th May.
I now have an ASM comparison involving it and the 1st crop-form in the
UK of 2002 .. which was found on 12th April.

Please see Paul's website ..

The UK map-reference for this 2nd UK crop-form of 2002 is .. SU 061681

As always .. (as has been my procedure, so far, in this work) .. I use
the long 'strings' of decimal-fractional "degrees" figures provided by Paul's
database. I use about 9 or 10 of the digits in each "string" for latitude and longitude.
I have no input, whatsoever .. into the figures that are posted on this database.
(In fact .. I really_don't_know "how" the figures are even obtained. But I've
consistently used them. And I continue to use them). 

2nd UK 2002 Crop-form .. ASM figures 

Grid LAT ..
51(deg) * 24(min) * 39.38103454(sec) North ..
= 48202.38627 North.
Grid LONG ..
33(deg) * 02(min) * 45.10003881(sec) W.Giza ..
= 2976.602561 W.Giza ..
= 96 * (Pi^3).
Grid POINT Value (GPV) ..
(48202.38627 / 2976.602561) = 16.19375959

An "easy" .. (no-brainer) ASM assessment would have 16.2 as the GPV.
That would be a decimal-harmonic of the Bruce Cathie "ideal max" light-speed 
of 162,000 nautical miles per time-second. But something is telling me that 
the 16.2 is only a_"secondarily-intended"_GPV in this case.
[ I would keep the 96 * (Pi^3) Grid LONG, and pick 48220.96149 as the
'no-brainer' Grid LAT to fit the 'no-brainer' GPV of 16.2 ].

I'm more-and-more convinced that there is bonafide_communication_ going-on,
involving the "ASM" .. as I've been saying in my Internet postings and emails
lately .. and not-so-lately, as well. This communication involves crop-formations
as well as "relatively-important" sites/structures on Earth and on Mars ..
and it also involves_sky-locations_of "relatively-prominent" stars in the Earth-sky,
as well as sky-location-parameters including Galactic Center, Solar Apex,
South Galactic Node, and Galactic Anti-Center. 

This is a communication which is non-verbal. This is a communication
involving numbers. So it does, of course, involve math, and geometry,
and metrology .. and by 'metrology' I mean our dominant, current, 'consensus'
metrology that "we" have_been_using .. such as the statute mile of 5280
regular ("British") feet, the nautical mile equal to one arc-minute of Earth latitude,
and the regular ("British") foot. AND .. this_also_involves the 360 arc-degrees
"convention" .. as the_number_of equal arc-segments on a circumference.
In fact .. it_also_involves the "sub-divisions" of 60 arc-minutes in an arc-degree,
and 60 arc-seconds in an arc-minute. It's all_there_in the "ASM" .. as empirically
self-evident upon detailed, careful, methodical observation and evaluation.
The ASM, itself, "displays" all of these 'components' to be precisely in-sync,
as parts in a very comprehensive, whole organism. The ASM is the antithesis
of "randomness" and/or "entropy". Not only is the ASM intelligent .. it is
relatively_very_advanced in its intelligence .. that is to say, much more advanced
than "our" current Earth-human "manifested consensus" is indicating itself to be.
This "self-evidence" can, of course .. be checked-out .. and confirmed (and/or
falsified) .. by_any_"relatively-intelligent" current Earth-human. Isn't this what the
"scientific method" is based-on ? .. "empirical evidence .. which can be
independently observed and corroborated .. and/or 'falsified' .. by others" .. ?

Getting back, now, to this 2nd UK 2002 crop-form.

I decided to look beyond the 'no-brainer' ASM GPV of 16.2 .. not that 16.2
is "not intended" here. I just think that the 16.2 is "secondarily intended"
in this particular case.

I looked for an "ASM" connection to .. the GPV of the_First_UK crop-formation
of 2002 .. which I had found to be .. 1.531764208 .. and please see my write-up
of this, on Paul Vigay's website. 

Carl Munck has always said to use the GPV of The Great Pyramid of Giza ..
{248.0502134} .. as a "measuring rod" .. numerically, mathematically .. 
to "test" GPVs. I've always tried to remember to do this.
(24.80502134 / 16.19375959) = 1.531764208

For me .. this was an indication that this 16.19375959 was probably intended ..
and probably primarily-so.

I then_tested_it against the ASM {Munck, 1993, "The Code", self-published,} original perimeter of The Great Pyramid of Giza
in_regular_("British") feet .. 3018.110298 ..

(3018.110298 / 16.19375959) / 1.531764208 = 121.6733603 ..
= (50 * 2.433467206) ..
= (Sumerian Number for "Kingship") * (GPV of Stonehenge).

This was quite dramatic. Not only is the_precise_GPV for Stonehenge
{Munck, 1993, Ibid} indicated here .. but you also have, here .. the number
of 50 .. the Sumerian pantheon number for "Kingship on Earth". {Z.Sitchin}.
And I emphasize that the most ancient connotation for "kingship" .. is of
"knowledge; wisdom; enlightenment; leadership in-service-to-The-People" ..
{Lawrence Gardner; "Genesis of the Grail Kings"}.

This "ASM" involves knowledge .. very ancient wisdom .. "enlightenment" ..
and very_advanced_(ancient) intelligence. We are being_enlightened-by_ the
discovery (re-discovery) of the ASM.

Notice, please .. that I used_both_GPVs of the first_two_crop-formations
in the UK of the 2002 season .. both 1.531764208_and_16.19375959 ..
in the above equation. This indicates an intentional ASM-continuity, here,
in my opinion .. involving these specific, precise GPVs.

Recently, as some of you know .. I've been able to find the apparent ASM
Grid LAT for the_*former*_(pre 'Zep-Tepi') location of The Akapana Pyramid
at Tiahuanaco in South America. Munck's {"Whispers From Time, Volume II"}
work pointed me to this conclusion .. because he gives very good evidence
for a "net 30 arc-degrees latitude shift" of the entire (whole) Earth .. *along*
the meridian which is "marking"_and_which is "marked-by" .. the centered-
location (current location, relative-to the_equator_of Earth) of Akapana Pyramid.

I thought to myself .. "I wonder if the creators of_at-least_this 2nd crop-formation,
are so intelligent and technologically-advanced .. that they could be *currently
monitoring* the re-discovery process of the ASM here on Earth".
Using the Grid LAT that I found for the *former* location, relative-to the *former*
(pre 'Zep-Tepi') equator .. for Akapana Pyramid ..

(17396.88899 / 16.19375959) = (3375 / Pi) = (15^3) / Pi.

And the number_15_is a very, very_major_number in the ASM.
The Pi constant, also .. is of primary significance in the ASM.

For example .. (15 / Pi) .. is the_GPV_of Galactic Anti-Center, in the ASM.
And (15 * Pi) sky-degrees is the figure I just found .. involving the complete
precessional cycle of_"sky-latitude"_for the Orion constellation .. with the
special "qualifying" piece-of-evidence regarding_Orion_being .. that MINTAKA .. 
one of the 3 belt-stars, is "now" (circa 2000 A.D.) the "bright star in the East" ..
(see Mark Vidler's book, "The Star Mirror") that_rises_*due East* at just-
before_June solstice_sunrise .. right on the celestial equator.
The GPV of Galactic Center (@ 2000 A.D.) in the ASM .. is numerically
equal to .. the multiplied-product of .. the GPV of SIRIUS_and_the number 15 ..
(2.368705056 * 15) = 35.53057584

Now .. please 'follow carefully', here, because the correlations are (frankly)
getting rather "mind-blowing" here .. {fair warning to all} .. so please do try to
focus as best as you can. I realize this is difficult .. especially for people who
are relatively "new to the ASM".

The "due-East" direction .. in terms of "azimuth" .. is .. the "right-angle".
The right-angle is commonly called "90 degrees" .. but that is only because
"we" are used to the_360_arc-degrees system .. 360 equal arc-segments
on a 'given' circumference. The formal "mathematical" expression for the
right-angle is .. "halfPi Radians-of-arc". Without getting into defining The
Radian-arc, here, (I have it described in my archives on The Internet, however) ..
just let me show you the_halfPi_(constant) figure .. 1.570796327

Note that I mentioned MINTAKA, above. When I looked for the mathematical
relationship(s) involving MINTAKA's 2000 A.D. sky-location in the ASM with
the 1.570796327 figure ..
(31.00627668 / 1.570796327) = 19.7392088 .. I get the_precise_ASM 2000 A.D.
GPV of .. REGULUS .. the Heart of the Lion. 
This relates_perfectly_with the discussion in the book ..
"The Message of the Sphinx" .. by R.Bauval and G.Hancock.

Now .. please notice .. 

(31.00627668 / 15) = 2.067085111 .. which is a_decimal-harmonic_of ..
the_precise_Grid LONG (West of the_Giza_prime meridian) .. of ..
The Mycerinus Pyramid of Giza .. [20.67085111 (sec) W.Giza; Munck, 1993].

The Mycerinus Pyramid is an_analog_of .. MINTAKA. {R.Bauval}. 

Please bear with me, here.

Many of you will (hopefully) recall the figure 83.33333333 .. the_ratio_of the
*annual* mean ("ideal")_angular_rates-of-movements of Earth precession
and main Earth obliquity (to the ecliptic) cycles .. in terms of arc-seconds ..
(50 / 0.6) = 83.33333333

Please also recall (or know, now) .. that 83.33333333 .. is_also_the ratio of ..
(656.56127 / 7.87873524) .. the ASM GPVs of .. "FACE ONE" at Cydonia
on Mars {Munck, 1993} and of The White House {Morton, 1998, Internet} in
Washington, D.C. 

Notice, now, the following equation ..

(83.33333333 * 16.19375959 * 1.531764208) = 20.67085111 * (10^2).

You have, here .. *both* UK crop-formations (reported so-far in 2002) ..
(their GPVs) .. plus the_ratio_of the GPVs of "FACE ONE" at Cydonia on Mars
and of The White House in D.C. .. multiplying-together to give a decimal-
harmonic of the precise_W.Giza_longitude of the "Giza-analog" of the Orion
belt-star MINTAKA.

We are not through, yet.

Take exactly 1/10th of the "ideal" Earth precession cycle figure in years .. 
2592 .. and_divide_it by the right-hand side of the equation immediately 'above' ;

(2592 / 2067.085111) = 1.253939659

That figure .. is .. the_GPV_that I found {Morton, 2001, Internet} ..
for the centered-location of .. the "Arecibo-Reply" crop-formation in the
field next to the Chilbolton Radio Observatory .. Hampshire, England .. 
which was found on the 19th August of 2001. I wrote-up an article on that,
as to the ASM findings .. which should still be posted on ..

I counted the number of Days .. from 19th August of 2001 to 6th May, 2002 ..
{which is (recall) when the_2nd_UK 2002 crop-form was found} ..
and that number of Days is .. 260 .. matching the number of days in 
the Mayan Tzolkin calendar cycle.
Meanwhile .. I had noticed the number of days from_14th_August of 2001 ..
when the_"CropFace"_crop-form was found ... in that_same_field next to the
Chilbolton Radio Observatory .. to .. 21st January of 2002 .. which is the date
of the annual_longitudinal_conjunction with ALTAIR (in the Aquila constellation) ..
to be .. 160 days. The number 160 is a decimal-harmonic of the_160,000_Grid
LONG (W.ALNITAK) of ALTAIR in the 2000 A.D. ASM .. as well as a decimal-
harmonic of the_1600_street address (Pennsylvania Avenue) of The White House.
Notice, too, that (2000 + 1600) = 3600. What is 3600 ? It is not only the
Grid LAT of both Galactic Center_and_Galactic Anti-Center in the 2000 A.D. ASM;
it is_also_the "ideal" number of Earth years in the {Z.Sitchin} orbital period of ..

I then counted the number of Days from 6th May of 2002 .. to .. the up-coming
first anniversary of the finding of "CropFace" .. and I get .. 100 Days.
Adding 100 plus 160 = 260. Adding 100 plus 260 = 360. 
Ahh !! 360 .. the_number_of equal arc-segments "we" are accustomed to
using on one full circumference. 

Could_this_be a "reason" for "CropFace" and "Arecibo-Reply" being
formed (apparently) 5_Days_apart ? Because .. (365 - 360) = 5 .. ? 
(I think so). 

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.