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Michael Lawrence Morton's

Matrix Message 289

Right at the Peak .. Part 1

Michael Lawrence Morton
No Subject
Sat May 11 16:01:57 2002

This is the first in an intended series of articles (email postings) ..
involving several related aspects of my latest work pertaining to the "ASM".

Revising (Grid LONG / Grid LAT) of Peacock Star 

Yes .. I'm retaining the_Grid POINT Value_(GPV) of Peacock Star, in this
revision. I've found what seem to be more resonant (and appropriately intended)
Grid LAT and Grid LONG for this star's sky-location (2000 A.D. in the "ASM").

I'm beginning this "intended/envisioned" series of postings with Peacock Star,
because its GPV does definitely appear to_be_the actual_ratio_between the
*Apex GPV* {Morton, 2002, Internet} of The Great Pyramid of Giza and the
original {derived; Munck, 1993, "The Code", self-published; please see ..} *Apex Height* (including capstone) of The Great
Pyramid of Giza in terms of regular ("British") feet.
That is; (480.3471728 / 238.3004375) = 2.015720902 ..
where; 238.3004375 = (85788.15751 / 360) .. where 85788.15751 North ..
= 29(deg) * 58(min) * 51.00366083(sec) North.

I will pause, here, to point-out that I do suspect a historical-linguistic basis in 
reality involving the word/name "peacock" and the word "peak".
Also .. {R.Wiklie; personal email correspondence} the Peacock is associated
in ancient literature (and in so-called "ancient mythology") with connotations
of "the epitome of enlightenment". Of course, this is akin to .. "the peak
of enlightenment/wisdom/understanding". Very appropriate, it seems. 
Yes .. the figure 2.015720902 is apparently the_GPV_for 2000 A.D. Peacock
Star_in_the "ASM". Here are my revised "primary" Grid LAT and Grid LONG for
this star's "ASM" (2000 A.D.) sky-location ..
Grid LAT .. 36(deg) * 15(min) * 43.01744106(sec) South of ecliptic ..
= 23229.41817 South of ecliptic.
Grid LONG .. 150(deg) * 52(min) * 6.003079968 W.ALNITAK ..
= 46824.02375 W.ALNITAK.
GPV .. (46824.02375 / 23229.41817) = 2.015720902

I'm going to also point-out, here, something about Ed Leedskalnin's "Coral Castle".
I noticed that the_GPV_that I found {Morton, 1998, Internet} for an "ASM" center
(or likely 'primarily-resonant' center) for "Coral Castle" (based directly on the official
USGS topo map quad; 7.5-min Series, scale 1 : 24000) .. "happens" to reveal,
directly via the_GPV_of Peacock Star .. the *exact* multiplied-product (in terms of
a decimal-harmonic) of .. "FACE ONE"_times_"D&M Pyramid" at Cydonia on Mars.
Yes .. and please think about the implications of this *precision* implied, here ..
but_also_notice, please .. the specificity !! 

Here is the equation I found, expressing the very statement I just made, in the
preceeding sentence ..

(3.650200809 / 2.015720902) ..
= (27.58106915 * 656.56127) * (10^-4).

[ Munck (1993, "The Code") found 27.58106915 to be the GPV of "D&M Pyramid",
and he also found 656.56127 to be the GPV of "FACE ONE" @ Cydonia, as well ].
Do you notice the awesome set of correlations, here .. (?) .. not only the precision,
'alone' .. but the_specificity_involved, here .. including the two most-talked-about
structures at Cydonia on Mars ? I feel the need to emphasize this, here ..
partly because of the frustrating "deafening silence" I have received, in-general,
to email postings of mine of rather_similar_*magnitude-of-significance*, IMO.
When you consider the cumulative statistical_fact_that I have been posting
quite similar results of_comparable_magnitude-of-significance to this .. for about 
*four years*, now, on The Internet .. I cannot help but express some degree of
incredulity at the apparently-continuing_silence_in "response" to these findings
of mine. 

In spite of this silence .. rest-assured that I intend to go right-ahead with this work.

Resonance with an "Ideal" e Value

The "standard figure" for the e Value .. the base of so-called "natural logarithms",
is .. 2.718281828

I have already proposed {Morton, Internet, 2000, 2001} .. an "ideal natural limit"
for this parameter .. of .. 2.718263905

This "ideal" concept is really the same as the concept of an "ideal" value
(or an "ideal limit") for the Earth precession cycle in years .. 25920, for example.
And it is also the same concept as what I have proposed {Morton; 2000, 2001;
Internet} as .. an "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" .. [72 / (Pi^2)] / (10^3).

I think these "ideal limits" may very well be quite important. And I think they do
apparently resonate_precisely_with the "ASM-proper".

Some of you may recall the figure 17225.70927 .. which I found as the
Grid LAT for 2000 A.D. (in the "ASM") ALTAIR .. in the Aquila constellation ..
as-observed-from-Earth, of course. This ecliptic-latitude "marks" (according to my
research, and also according to the research of Damon Elkins) the point in
the_Earth-sky_at which "Nibiru" {Z.Sitchin}_levels-off_in its "apparent" (as viewed
from Earth-perspective) "altitude-climb" in the_perihelion-phase_of its very elliptical
orbit around Sol. "Nibiru" apparently then levels-off at a_perceived_"altitude"
(hence the_name_"ALTAIR"_ALT - AIR) .. *north* of the ecliptic .. of 30 degrees.
And ALTAIR is an "Eagle" .. with the appropriate metaphor to the "winged-disk"
symbology .. the grand "eagle" reaching its_peak_of flight. "Nibiru" apparently
crosses-over ALTAIR (again; in terms of "appearance" from Earth-perspective) ..
just as it_begins_to "level-off" in its "ascent" north of the ecliptic. 
This "marks" the_beginning_of Nibiru's_*peak*_perihelion-phase.

The ecliptic-latitude of ALTAIR in the "ASM" of 2000 A.D. is .. 
29(deg) * 18(min) * 32.99944305(sec) North of ecliptic ..
= 17225.70927 North of ecliptic.
Grid LONG ..
142(deg) * 54(min) * 20.86593636(sec) W.ALNITAK ..
= 160,000 W.ALNITAK.
(160000 / 17225.70927) = 9.288441917

The "160,000" is a very important decimal-harmonic in this scenario, indeed.

Please now notice the following ..

(46824.02375 / 17225.70927) = 2.718263905

The proposed "Ideal" e Value is_found_by this ratio of the Grid LONG of PEACOCK
and the Grid LAT of ALTAIR. I think the_ecliptic-longitude_of PEACOCK is
"marking" the real_*peak*_of Nibiru's orbital path, as-perceived-from-Earth ..
about 7 ecliptic-longitude degrees-of-arc_after_Nibiru "crosses-over" ALTAIR. 
So; the actual_peak_of Nibiru's "perceived-from-Earth" orbital path would
occur at the_ecliptic-longitude_of PEACOCK .. or, at_roughly_the *sidereal
zodiac* cusp of Sagittarius-Capricorn.

By the way .. here {again} is the database for the sky-locations ..

Resonance with "Ideal" Fine Structure Constant 

Please recall, now, the TANGENT which is an effective "ASM signature"
for the base slope-angle of both The Great Pyramid of Giza and The Mycerinus
Pyramid of Giza .. (4 / Pi) = 1.273239545 = TAN 51.853974 deg.
This tangent serves as an ASM signature for the very_precise_base slope-angle
of these two Giza pyramids .. {Munck, 1993, "The Code"} ..
51(deg) * 51(min) * 14.30508728(sec) ..
= 37207.53202 .. the "ASM format" of this precise angle.

Notice what is revealed by the_ratio_of this TANGENT and the Grid LAT of
(17225.70927 / 1.273239545) = 137.0778389 * (Pi^2) * 10.

The figure 137.0778389 is the proposed "Ideal" Fine Structure Constant
"inverse" or reciprocal .. 
1 / {[(72 / Pi^2)] / (10^3)} = 137.0778389

In recent laboratory findings .. this value has been observed/calculated
at 'roughly' .. 137.036 .. {J.Iuliano; personal email correspondence}.

Also .. the Pi value I am using, consistently, is accurate to 9 decimal places ..
or .. 3.141592654

The_GPV_of ALTAIR is actually_found_by using a decimal-harmonic of the
proposed "Ideal" Fine Structure Constant, itself .. along with the tangent of
the base slope-angle of these two major Giza pyramids ..

9.288441917 = [72 / (Pi^2)] / (10^3) * [1.273239545 * (10^3)].

So .. the (10^3) cancels-out .. and you have a nice, neat equation ..

9.288441917 = [72 / (Pi^2)] * 1.273239545

And; notice that the base slope-angle for these Giza pyramids .. "leads-up-to" ..
their *Apexes*, of course .. {"apex .. peak"}.

And; again .. the very_GPV_of Peacock Star is the actual_ratio_of ..
the_*Apex GPV*_of The Great Pyramid of Giza {Morton, 2002, Internet} and
the original {derived; Munck; 1993, "The Code"}_*Apex Height*_(including capstone)
of The Great Pyramid of Giza in terms of regular ("British") feet.. as I mentioned
earlier in this email posting .. 
2.015720902 = (480.3471728 / 238.3004375).

Now .. please recall (or notice, as of now) the Grid LAT in the "ASM" of 2000 A.D.,
that I found for .. "SOLAR APEX" .. (another name for North Galactic Node) ..
of .. 53(deg) * 26(min) * 27.00111177(sec) North of ecliptic ..
= 37207.53202 North of ecliptic. 

We're talking "Apex" again. And I found the_same_figure as the Grid LAT
for South Galactic Node in the "ASM" .. showing apparent 'symmetry' intended
and encoded re: the North and South Galactic Nodes. 

Obviously .. this_encoding_is using the_identical_figure to the "ASM format"
of the base slope-angle of both The Great Pyramid of Giza and The Mycerinus
Pyramid of Giza. 

[ Sky-location figures for SOLAR APEX are in the_database_referenced above ..
at the end of the list .. {scroll down} .. listed as "APEX STAR" .. even though
this 'particular' sky-location is not a star .. ]

To be continued .. in Part Two ..

-- Michael Lawrence Morton
(c) 2002 by Michael Lawrence Morton ~ Archeocryptographer.